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JUNE 2018
OBITS: Mrs. Philip Chmelik, Mary Chmelik & Rose Chmelik
FAMILY: Research-Ira Hughes Family submitted by Peter L. Sjoberg
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. and Mrs. Grube
NEWS-CRIME: Thomas Carberry
OFFICIALS: News Items - Hans O. Hankness

MARCH 2018
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes - Mry Armstrong, Patrick Cashman, George Claywell, George Cookpiter, Christian Larson, William A. Morin, Lewis Nasby, Heinrich Schnieder, A. H. Strut, Alice I. Todd, Albert C. Wedge.

OBITS: Mary Carey
FAMILY: News-Descendants of Dennis Carey and Mary Swift
MILITARY: Soldiers-Robert Brown, Ed Gallagher, L. C. Prentice, Steven L. Green, Glenn Cottrell
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Leo Martin Carey, Orin A. Overlie
MILITARY: News-1917-Soldiers Depart
OBITS: Edwin Evenson, Martin Mickelson, Mrs. Charles Skinner-submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Joshua Tressler, Herbert Mahaffey - submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Krugers Infant, Mrs. Peter Clausen, William Bliss, Anna Nelson, Sidney Partridge, Elizabeth Dearmin - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Joseph Chmelik, Mrs. Philip Chmelik, Mary Chmelik and Rose Chmelik, William Wilson, Frank Davenport, Lucy J. Ackley
NEWS-VISIT: Henry Brady, R. L. Nelson, Virlie Smith
OFFICIALS: 1878 County Official Directory
OFFICIALS: News Items - S. Batchelder, John A. Lovely
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

OBITS: Boetner Children, Anna Anderson - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: Light Penalty for Chicken Thievery - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1866-Courthouse
NEWS-CRIME: Mrs. Nellie Kassa - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-WEATHER: 1919-Eight Foot Drifts

MAY 2016
NEWS-ILLNESS: Daniel and Alvin Hall, contributed by the Alberti's
BIOS: William Morin, Albert C. Wedge
OBITS: Mrs. William Wilde, Harry Tracy, Sanford Tanner
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. and Mrs. Andy Beckage, Myrtle Raymond, Max Bridgeman, Mrs. John Golnick, Josephine Schumacher, Lillian Schumacher, Lela and Anna Brady, Mrs. A. J. Gordon
PEOPLE: S. J. Bowers
NEWS-ILLNESS & INJURY: Ladonna May Becker, Charles and Clarence Yocum

OBITS: O. B. Ricker, contributed by Jim Dezotell
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Ricker, Ida Ricker, contributed by Jim Dezotell
MARRIAGES: Licenses Issued - Myhre - Erickson, Schinger - Gustafson, Peterson - Anderson, Mathieson - Ricker, Demmon - Hammond, Patton - Cavangh, contributed by Jim Dezotell

NEWS-EXECUTIONS: Nelson Broughton murdered by Henry Kriegler - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: Dorothy Nystuen, Dwight Daughter
FAMILIES: Ishmael Family Reunion
COURT & LEGAL: F. M. Roach, Thomas Christensen, Ed Gilbert, Niebuhr vs. Gage, Underdahl vs. Frondahl, Thompson vs. Thompson
CHURCHES: 1906-Albert Lea Church Dedicated

OBITS: Aronimus D. Miller, Ralph Nelson, Melvin Klitzke, Bobolink
MARRIAGES: Hauff-Wright
NEWS: (community) 1900-Resolutions Vetoed
NEWS: (people) Jessie A. Rulston

NEWS-VISIT: Paul Guvo, Mea Perkins
NEWS-CRIME: Brothers Anton, Joe and Lewis Lukes Slain

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch Obit: Baker - transcribed by Nancy Piper

April 2014: Bios: Hayes, Hibbs - transcribed by Glenda Stevens Bios: Hurd, Hurley - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

Feb. 2014: Bio: Edwards - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Nov. 2013: Obits: Alvenson, Burns, Clark, Crane, Eaton, Gardner (2), Giles, Jensen, Johnson (3), Kincaid, Larson, Lovely (new source), Tanner
Marriages: Berthiaume - Knapp; Blekeberg - Thorson; Breitenstein - Lorentzen; Day - Day; Handy - Baer; Killmer - Williams; Nelson - Tellett; Pederson - Hougaard; Stark - Anderson; Ward - Manly
Bios: Abbott (2), Anderson

July 2013: Obit: Gilbert; 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Nov. 2012: Obits: Armstrong, Flindt, Hayes, Hindon, Lovely, Lundberg, Nienhaff, Tellett, Wanger
Marriages: Belsheim Blacklin; Hewe - Wilcox; Bessinger - Boals; Chapman - Hill; Swanson - Blacklin; Winjun Hammer; Reichenbach Stadhem; Rasmussen - Olson
Bios: Anderson, Dahl, Jacobson, Jahr

July 2012: Bio: Carlson

June 2012: Bios: Clementson, Greene, Larson, Thomas

May 2012: Obit: Thorson; Bios: Angus, Armstrong, Bahe

Apr. 2012: Bios: Dwyer, Edwards, Fosburg, Gibbs, Gordon, Greene, Morgan, Ransom

Mar. 2012: Obits: Austin, Bong, Brady, Buckley, Haar, Hall, Howard, Keefe, Lightly, Morgan, Olson, Roberts, Stamm;
Bios: Chamberlain, Clement, Flatness, Griffin, Gulbrandson, Hammond, Harrison

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; obit for Young children; bios: Bessesen, Biornstad, Blackner, Blunt, Brainerd, Day, Dunn, Kittelson; Crime News: Lovely's House Robbed; Schools: Glenville School Report

Previous Updates:
Bio for STRAND; Partial listings for Alden, Carlston & Greenwood Cemeteries Obits for: Dills, Gay, Hall, Johnson, Krebs, Lemke, Noble, Orrie & Williams Marriage announcements for: Robinson, Reynolds, Larson, Olson, Knudson & Mauseth Deaths notices for: Christenson, Davis, Gilmore & Walaski
List of Cemeteries; 14 Vanished Communities; Communities and their histories; Town Histories

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