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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list

Feature Name Latitude Longitude Additional
Andrist Cemetery (historical) 441210N 0924550W  
Aspelund Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 441939N 0925217W  
Belvidere Union Cemetery 442655N 0922931W  
Burnside Cemetery 443404N 0923702W  
Calvary Cemetery 443235N 0923117W  
Cannon Falls Cemetery 443034N 0925330W  
Cannon River Cemetery 443208N 0925029W  
Cannon River Church Cemetery 443235N 0924838W  
Comstock Cemetery 441353N 0924950W  
Corles Private Cemetery 442732N 0922439W  
County Line Cemetery 442716N 0922210W  
County Line Cemetery 441147N 0924241W  
Dale Cemetery 441605N 0925050W  
Eidsvold Cemetery 442239N 0925326W  
Episcopal Cemetery 443109N 0921946W  
Episcopal Church 442422N 0924714W  
Evergreen Cemetery 442355N 0923750W  
Fairpoint Cemetery 441214N 0925151W  
Free Mission Cemetery 441215N 0924242W  
German Evangelical Cemetery 442725N 0923530W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 442925N 0923206W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 442507N 0922702W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 442117N 0924350W  
German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 442045N 0930002W  
German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 442930N 0923235W  
Goodhue County Poor Farm Cemetery 443430N 0923535W  
Goodhue Presbyterian Cemetery 442354N 0923533W  
Grace Cemetery 442222N 0923513W  
Hauge Cemetery 441520N 0930117W  
Hegre Church Cemetery 441151N 0925532W  
Hof Norwegian Lutheran Church 442518N 0923300W  
Holden Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 441915N 0925334W  
Hope Cemetery 442859N 0923813W  
Jempland Cemetery 442903N 0924517W  
Kelsey Family Cemetery 441310N 0924945W  
Knoll Cemetery 441937N 0930132W  
Land Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 441734N 0924208W  
Little Cannon Cemetery 441938N 0925850W  
Messiah Episcopal Cemetery 443234N 0923854W  
Minneola German Methodist Cemetery 442118N 0924720W  
Minneola Lutheran Cemetery 442210N 0924537W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 443548N 0923942W  
Nazareth Lutheran Church 442204N 0924800W  
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 441615N 0930037W  
Norwegian Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 442442N 0923058W  
Oakwood Cemetery 443302N 0923110W  
Old Cemetery 442430N 0925055W  
Old German Evangelical Cemetery 442612N 0922600W  
Oxford Cemetery 442801N 0925718W  
Pine Island Cemetery 441219N 0923817W  
Prairie Island Cemetery 443841N 0924040W  
Saint Anscars Cemetery 442955N 0925419W  
Saint Columbkill's Catholic Church Cemetery 442513N 0924201W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 443357N 0923412W  
Saint John's Cemetery 442118N 0924312W  
Saint John's German Lutheran Cemetery 442507N 0923503W  
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery 442207N 0923052W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 441753N 0925813W  
Saint Peter's German Lutheran Cemetery 441424N 0923525W  
Saint Rose Cemetery 441306N 0925121W  
Scherf Cemetery 443040N 0922840W  
Spring Garden Cemetery 442539N 0924938W  
Stordahl Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 441541N 0924348W  
Swedish Cemetery 442512N 0923903W  
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 443010N 0924300W  
Synod Cemetery 441715N 0924113W  
Trinity Cemetery 441908N 0924730W  
United Cemetery 441755N 0924053W  
Urland Cemetery 442355N 0925333W  
Vasa Cemetery 443014N 0924330W  
Villa Marie Academy Cemetery 443048N 0921950W  
Vining Cemetery 442927N 0922021W  
Wacouta Cemetery 443252N 0922545W  
Wanamingo Cemetery 441856N 0924840W  
Wangen Prairie Cemetery 442710N 0925718W  
Wangs Cemetery 442124N 0925957W  
Welch Cemetery 443600N 0924350W  
Wells Creek Cemetery 442905N 0922636W  
West Florence Cemetery 442759N 0922439W  
Zion Cemetery 442537N 0923912W  
Zumbrota Cemetery 441818N 0924036W  
Zumbrota East Cemetery 442000N 0923620W  

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