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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

In the southwestern part of Goodhue county, about ten miles southwest of Red Wing which is the county seat, and probably the most convenient railroad town.

A mile or two west of the center of Goodhue county, and 25 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and most convenient railroad point. Contains a Lutheran church and district school. Stage to red Wing and Faribault semi-weekly. Daily mail. O. J. Wing, postmaster.

A small settlement and wheat district in the township of Cherry Grove, in the southwestern part of Goodhue county, about 50 miles south of St. Paul in a direct line, 15 miles from Dodge Center on the C. & N. W. Ry., 25 miles from Red WIng, on the C., M. & St. P. Ry. Mail by stage, tri-weekly, to Zumbrota and Concord. John J. Bjorgo, postmaster.

Bjorgo & Catteye, general store.
Catlin Henry, blacksmith.
Winston E J, physician.

A settlement of 25 persons in the southwestern part of Goodhue county, 17 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and most convenient railroad station. Contains an Episcopal church and district school. Stage to Red Wing and Faribault daily and daily mail. W. J. Rice, postmaster.

Boyd Henry, blacksmith.
Chandler Rev S P, (Episcopal).
Nelson John, boot and shoemaker.
Rice W J, general store.
Schweiger Thomas, harnessmaker and agricultural impts.

In the eastern part of Goodhue county. (See Belivdere Mills).

A settlement of 28 persons in the eastern part of Goodhue county, 10 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 60 miles from St. Paul. Also located upon Wells creek, which furnishes power to drive a flouring mill. Contains a Methodist church and district school. Exports flour and wheat. Stage and mail to Red Wing every Friday. N. B. Gaylord, postmaster.

Gaylord N B, general store.

In the northeastern part of Goodhue county, 12 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad station. Contains a church each of the Methodists, Lutherans and Catholics and district schools. Mail from Goodhue Center once a week. Exports wheat. O. S. Rosing, postmaster.

Anderson Ole, blacksmith.
Rosing & Doyle, general store.

Is so named after the falls in Cannon river, on which stream the village stands. THis river affords an immense power for manufacturing purposes, which is at present only utilized by 3 flour mills. It is situated in the northwestern part of Goodhue county, the nearest railroad depot is Northfield, on the C. M. & St. P. Ry, but the m ost convenient shipping point is Hastings the junction of the C. M. & St. P. and the H. & D. R. Rs., the shipments being principally flour and wheat. Two banks, 3 hotels, 3 flour and 1 planing mill, the latter run by steam, consitute the principal business interests. The schools are public with 6 teachers, and the churches are Lutheran, Episcopal, Congregational, Methodist and Catholic. Populatin at present, 1,400, which bids fair to increase rapidly when the advantes of the town for manufacturing purposes are considered. Stage to Red Wing daily. Mail daily. W. H. Schofield, postmaster.

Bank of Cannon Falls, B C Hawes, pres.
Bell & Thorsdell, furniture.
Carlson & Co, blacksmiths.
Clifford A L, general store.
Conley A T, physician.
Daniel C R, physician.
Davis D L, Propr Falls House.
Feiker E, blacksmith.
First National Bank, Stephen Gardner, pres.
Gardner & Moore, flouring mill.
Gibbs M D, propr European Hotel.
Graves C T, Laawyer.
Gregg R & Co, flouring mill.
Hansen John J, Hardware.
Harnish E, saddle and harnessmaker.
Hawkins O J, saddle and harnessmaker.
Johnson P C, blacksmith.
Johnson & Swanson, tailors.
Lee A J & Co, general store.
Manning H H, saddle and harnessmaker.
Murphy Edward, flouring mill.
Palmer L F, barber.
Parks C, lawyer.
Parks Mrs C, milliner and dressmaker.
Platt D, propr New England House.
Post & Hagg, boots and shoes.
Sandberg Bros, Druggists.
Sather & Bargen, general store.
Schofield Bros, drugs, jewelry and notions.
Slocum & Knox, general store.
Smith & Co, Meat Market.
Stone Henry, blacksmith.
Swanson C P, boots and shoes.
Tanner & Seager, meat market.
Tebbetts J E, physician.
Van Campen H A, general store.
Westman & Holing, boots and shoes.
Westman G & Co, general store.
Woodard A P, physician.
Yale D E, Hardware.
Zimmerman & Co, planing mill.

In Welch township, northern part of Goodhue county, 8 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, and 33 miles from St. Paul. It is also a statin on the C., M. & St. P. Ry. Express, American. Mails twice daily. Frank M. Allen, postmaster.

Anderson Rev John, (Methodist).
Peterson R, merchant.
Rosby J & Bros, general store.

In the township of Holden, southwestern part of Goodhue county, 30 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, and 50 miles from St. Paul. Faribault, the nearest railroad point, is 17 miles off. It is an agricultural region. Stage to red Wing and Faribault 3 times a week. Daily mail. Hans Christensen, postmaster.

Forening Dovre Handels, general store.
Bokman Rev M O, (Evangelican Lutheran).

In the southeastern part of Goodhue county, 2 miles east of Zumbrota station, and about 15 miles due south of Red Wing, the county seat.

A village of about 200 inhabitants in the southern part of Goodhue county, 13 miles from Dodge Center, the nearest railroad point, and 34 from Red Wing, the county seat. Contains a German Lutheran and a Wesleyan Methodist church and a district school. Exports wheat. Stage to Zumbrota and Concord. Mail tri-weekly. J. H. Kelsey, postmaster.

Abelson & Skybere, general store.
Garrison E, wagonmaker and blacksmith.
Kelsey J H & Bro, general store.
Kelsey Wilson, hotel propr.
Morrell Alfred, photographer.
Russell E, horseshoer.
Scofield M G, pump mnfr.
Sterling V W, blacksmith.
Taft A W, blacksmith.

In the northeastern part of Goodhue county. Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad town, is 6 miles northeast.

In the northwestern part of Goodhue county, 1 mile south of Stanton, and about 25 west of Red Wing, the county seat.

In the township and county of the same name, near the center of the county, 11 miles distant from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad point. Contains a Scandinavian Presbyterian church and a district school. Settled in 1856. Is a wheat district. Stage to Red Wing and Zumbrota. Daily mail. John Gleason, postmaster.

Chuyworth & Lavarney, hotel proprs.
Holts Henry, merchant.

In Wanaminga township, near the center of Goodhue county, 21 miles from Red Wing, the county seat. It is a station on the Midland R. R. The population of the village is about 60. Has a Lutheran church and district school. Settled in 1858. Stages to Faribault and Red Wing on alternate days. Daily mail. John Ryden, postmaster.

Dahl P E, general store.
Goxal J L, blacksmith.
Halvorson B, carpenter.
Harrison Hans, blacksmith.
Hoeem C, physician.
Jaishow H O, general store.
Purdy Wm, Hotel Propr.
Ryden John, general store.
Storseth Thomas P, shoemaker.

In Peterson township, in the northern part of Goodhue county, 7 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad station. The stream, Hay creek, affords power for operating a flouring mill here. The settlement was made in 1854, and contains a population of about 150 souls, has a German Lutheran and a German Methodist church; also, a German and English school. Stage and mail from Red Wing daily. A. A. Burkard, postmaster.

Augustin Rev H, (Lutheran).
Banforth J, physician.
Barghusen John, carpenter.
Behrens Edward, shoemaker.
Burkard A A, General Store and Hotel Propr.
Feredoville Paul, stonemason.
Horst Rev John, (Lutheran).
Lomeyer George, carpenter.
Meier G F, flouring mill.
Neuenstadt - , shoemaker.
Oelkers Diedrich, blacksmith.
Peasch Christopher, stonemason.
Roeder J & Son, blacksmiths.
Schoefler & Alms, Wagon and Blacksmiths Shop.
Schroeder John, carpenter.
Schubert Anton, carpenter.
Voth Christopher, shoemaker.
Walser John, painter.
Walter Frank, stonemason.
Wohlers Martin, wagonmkr.

In the western part of Goodhue county, 30 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, and 13 from Northfield, the nearest railroad station. Population about 50 souls. Contains a Norwegian Lutheran church and district school. Exports wheat, pork and wool. Stage to Kenyon. Mail, semi-weekly. Thomas E. Lajord, postmaster.

Boeckman Rev M.
Haugen K P, hotel propr.
Hollen Jens H, wagonmaker.
Homand H O, blacksmith.
Lajord Thomas E, General Store.
Royne Trond K, boot and shoemaker.
Strand Ole O, painter.
Troldhouse Knud, physician.
Widmey John E, tailor.

In Kenyon township, southwest corner of Goodhue county, 34 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, and about 60 from St. Paul. Faribault, 14 miles distant, is the nearest railroad station. Also, located on the Zumbro river, whence a flouring mill obtains its motive power. The village has a populatin of 150, an Episcopal church and a district school. First settled in 1856. Stage daily to Faribault and Red Wing. Daily mail. Wm. Greaves, postmaster.

Blinn H H, hotel propr.
Bullis S, hotel propr.
Greaves William, Physician and druggist.
Marble & McReynolds, flouring mill.
Overholt G, physician.
Peck & Carleson, Wagonmkrs.
Slee Bros, general store.

In the northwestern part of Goodhue county, 5 miles south of Stanton. Northfield is the most convenient railroad station.

In Goodhue county, a few miles southeast of Goodhue Center.

Near the center of Goodhue county, 6 miles east of Aspelund.

In Wanaminga township, southwestern part of Goodhue county, 28 miles from Red Wing, which is the county seat and the most convenient railroad point. Population 28 souls. First settled in 1853. Has a Lutheran church and common school. Wheat is the export product. Stages to Red Wing and Faribault three times per week. Daily mail. Botolf J. Borland, postmaster.

Anseby B R, blacksmith
Borlang B J, General Store.
Grenvold Christopher, physician.
Sterladen Christopher, shoemaker.

An incorporated village of 600 or mor inhabitants in the southeastern part of Goodhue county, 30 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, 16 miles from Rochester the most convenient railroad point, and 65 miles from St. Paul. Also on the Zumbro river which drives a saw mill and two grist mills here. Another grist mill is operated by steam. Exports, wheat, flour, and lumber. Contains a Methodist and an Episcopal church and graded school of three departments. Daily stage and mail to and from Red Wing and Rochester. Fletcher hager, postmaster.

Cron G P, genral store.
Cutshall W, lumber mnfrs.
Denison E, butcher.
Dorman J B, general store.
Duffin J, B, general store.
Ferber J M, brewer.
Fingal M, blacksmith.

In the southeastern part of Goodhue county, four miles southeast of Zumbrota.

In the northwestern part of Goodhue county, 4 miles northeast of Stanton.

A vigorous and growing city of about 7,000 inhabitants, incorporated in 1850, located on the Mississippi river, and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry, in the township of Red Wing, northern part of Goodhue county, of which it is the seat, and 41 miles from St. Paul. Contains 3 steam flouring mills, 2 steam saw mills, 5 hotels, 4 banks, 4 graded public schools, an Episcopalian academy and 12 churches, the latter representing all the leading denominations of Christians, and several weekly newspapers. There are so many extensive business houses, manufacturing establishments and mechanic's shops, the whole forming a rare picture of activity and thrift. Principal exports of the city, wheat and flour. Express, American. Telegraph, Northwestern. Stage communicatin with Zumbrota, Cannon Falls, Minn., Ellsworth, and Diamond BLuffs, Wis., besides mail from the east and west by rail daily. A. F. Graves, postmaster.

Advance Publishing Co, Benjamin B Herbert, John A Leonard, Tams Bixby, Phil Skillman, publishers.
Advance, (The) Advance Publishing Co, proprs, Bush.
Anderberg John A, livery, Plumb.
Anderson Matthew, confectioner, Main.
Alexander & Gross, general store, Bush.
Allen Charles D M, Lawyer and Notary, Bush.
Alley & Jensen, agtl impts, Main.
Altmeyer Caspar, saloon and billiards, Plumb.
Ashelman & Skoglund, harness, Plumb.
Bachrach Charles, clothier, Main.
Baker Edward L, hardware, Main.
Baldwin Dwight M, constable.
Batchelor Bros, boat builders, Levee.
Batlo Joseph, Propr Hotel de Batlo, cor Plumb and 4th.
Belanger Clifford, dry goods, Main.
Benham Albert, real estate loans, Main.
Bennewitz J C, grain, Levee.
Benson Ole, blacksmith, Plumb.
Berg Matthias H, mcht tailor, 3d.
Betcher Charles, lumber mnfr, Levee.
Betcher C & Co, hardware, Main.
Bisonnett Mrs Philomene, millinery, Main.
Bissell Hiram H, veterinary surgeon, Plumb.
Bixby T & Co, bakery and restaurant, Main.
Blood Egbert J, Propr St. James Hotel, cor Bush and Main.
Bohmbach Heinrich, saloon, Plumb.
Bohmbach John, grocer, Plumb.
Bolander Charles E, physician, Main.
Bowman J A, agtl impts, Plumb.
Boxrud Bros, general store, Plumb.
Brecher Gottlieb, meat market, Plumb.
Brooks Edmund W, Agtl Impts, General Agt McCormick's Harvesters and Self-Binders, Main.
Brown & Johnson, saloon, Bush.
Carlson Gustave A, building stone and lime, 3d.
Carlson & Anderson, grocers, Main.
Carlson & McRostie, marble works, 3d.
Cornelius Wm. L, jeweler, Main.
Charles Mrs Sarah E, millinery, 3d.
Clauson Claus, general store, Main.
Cole F A, sewing machines, Bush.
Colvill & Akers, lawyers, 3d.
Comer E J, boots and shoes, Main.
Crary G H & W H, dentists, Bush.
Culbertson Mrs. Sarah, boarding, Plumb.
Dahlgren John F, saloon and boarding, Porter.
Danforth Wm, city and county surveyor, cor 3d and Bush.
Daniels Joseph, general store, Plumb.
Daniels & Childs, lumber, Broadway.
Danielson & Seeback, coal and wood, Bush.
Davis George W, grain, Levee.
Day John, fruits, Main.
De Kay Willett W, street comnr, cor 3d and Bush
Delaine Charles, physician, Bush.
Delano John W, stoves and tinware, 3d.
Densmore Bros, founders and machinists, cor Bush and Levee.
De Remee Aoke C, job printer, 3d.
Diepenbrock John G, general store, Main.
Dodge Elbridge F, station agt C M & St P Ry.
Dodge Wesley O, agt K N L Packet Co, Levee.
Dow & Guptill, meat market, 3d.
Downing Richard H, agricultural implements, Plumb.
Duncan Joshua, dry goods, Bush.
Eames & Neudeck, meat market, 3d.
Eisenbrand William, clothier, Main.
Erickson, Newstrom & Co, carriage mnfrs, Main.
Erickson & Swanson, furniture, Plumb.
Farrall Edward K, blacksmith, Bush.
Fifield Moses C, confectioner, 3d.
First National Bank, Theodore B Sheldon, pres, Jesse McIntyre, cashier, cor Main and Plumb.
Fogg Henry, barber and baths, Bush.
Fohsum & Dannum, meat market, cor 5th and Plumb.
Friedrich & Hack, grocers, Bush.
Gaylor Frederick C. news depot, postoffice.
Gerken Peter, saloon and billiards, Main.
Goodhue County Bank, Theodore B Sheldon, Pres, Joseph S. Hoard, Cashier, 3d.
Goodhue County Savings Bank, Edmund W Brooks, Pres, Josseph S Hoard, Treas, 3d.
Graham Christopher, justice of peace, Main.
Graham John A, dry goods, Bush.
Graves Amherst F, meat market, and postmaster, 3d.
Hall George W, restaurant, Main.
Hambleton W H, physician, Main.
Hanscom A Morris, saloon, Main.
Hanson & Peterson, grocers, Main.
Hartmann Frank, blacksmith, Bush.
Hasler & McKennan, insurance agents, 3d.
Hastings John L, machinist, 3d.
Hawkanson J & Co, grocers, Plumb.
Hawkins Wm E, paints and oils, painting and wall paper, Bush.
Hawley Augustine B, druggist, Main.
Hayes James, pumps, Main.
Heald John, saloon, Plumb.
Heffelfinger & Kingman, boots and shoes, Main.
Helmeke Henry J, carriage mnfr, Plumb.
Henderson & Ellingson, clothiers, Plumb.
Herbert Benjamin B, lawyer, Bush.
Herschler Morris, grain, Levee.
Hewitt Charles N, physician, Main.
Hickman House, Heinrich Hickman, propr, Bush.
Hickman Michael, saloon and billiards, Main.
Hickman Peter, carriagemkr, Bush.
Hill Daniel C, sash, doors, and blinds, Main.
Himmelman Charles, pianos, organs and sewing mach's, Main.
Hisler John, boots and shoes, Red Wing.
Hoard Joseph S, Insurance Agent, 3d.
Hoard & Hoyt, Proprs Minn Loan Agency, 3d.
Hodgman Jesse M, mayor, cor 3d and Bush.
Hoffmann Lorenz, brewery and saloon, Bush.
Hotel de Batlo, Joseph Batlo, propr, cor Plumb and 4th.
Hotel Svea, John Carlson, propr, Main.
Howe Allen, grocer, 7th
Hoyt Frederick W, lawyer, 3d.
Hubbard & Brown, grain and commission, Levee.
Hudson & Co, plumbers and gas fitters, 3d.
Ives F & R R, grain, Levee.
Jacobson Andrew M, merchant tailor, Plumb.
Jaehnig Bruno, physician, Bush.
Jansen Henry G, harness, Bush.
Jellinek Francis, cigar mnfr, Main.
Johnson E, livery, Main.
Johnson Bros, druggists and jewelers, Main.
Kappel M & J, carriage mnfrs, 3d.
Kellogg John D, photographer, Main.
Kemp David, city marshal, cor 3d and Bush.
Kempe J & Co, groceries, Plumb.
Kissinger George, shoemaker, Plumb.
Knight Christian, saloon and boarding, Plumb.
Kohn J B, music teacher, Bush.
Kreiger Robert, tailor, 3d.
Kruger Theodore, harness, Plumb.
Krutzkopf Isaac, fancy goods, Main.
Kuhn William, bakery, Plumb.
La Grange Mills, Edward W. Brooks, pres, Geo H. Malcomson, sec'y flouring mills, Levee.
Landauer & Fox, wines and liquors, Plumb.
Lawrence & Co, books and stationery, Bush.
Lawther James, real estate, Main.
Lillyblad Gust & Co, grocers, Plumb.
Lindberg Hokan, saloon, Plumb.
Lindboe Ottel K, physician, Main.
Lindgren Gustave, shoemaker, 3d.
Lindquist Malcus L, jeweler, Plumb.
Linne Frank J, grocer, Plumb.
Little Thomas J, grocer, Broadway.
Lovgren Nicholas, sr., mnfrs carriages and machinist, 5th.
Lowater Elias P, grocer, Broadway.
Luce William L, grocer, Main.
Lyons House, Mrs. B Sexton, Propr, cor Plumb and 3d.
McCart Thomas S, veterinary surgeon, Bush.
McClure John C, lawyer, Bush.
McCormick John, saloon, Plumb.
McDonald William, furniture, Main.
McIntyre Frederick J, grocer, Bush.
McSorley Thomas, crockery, Main.
Martinson, Anderson & Co, agricultural implements, Plumb.
Martinson & Anderson, hardware, Plumb.
Martinson & VanDoren, agricultural implements, Plumb.
Matthews & Robertson, blacksmiths, Bush.
Miller & Ellsworth, Samuel B Stevens, agt, grain, Levee.
Minnesota Loan Agency, Hoard & Hoyt, Proprs, Real Estate Loans, 3d.
Mueller John, saloon, Main.
Munson Erick, hatter and gents furnishings, Bush.
National Hotel, Frank F Field, propr, Boradway.
Nelson & Peterson, hardware, Bush.
Nelson & Winchester, ddry goods and hats, Bush.
Newquist Mrs Clara & Co, laundry, Broadway.
Newstrom Andrew, Carriage and Wagon Mnfr, Plumb.
Noesen & Funk, druggists, Bush.
Norquist John, merchant tailor, Bush.
Northwestern Telegraph Co, Plumb.
Nystrom & Anderson, saloon, 4th.
Obrecht Christian, barber, Main.
O'Hagan Lewis, saloon, Main.
Olson Martin, shoemaker, Plumb.
Olund & Josephson, clothiers, Main.
Oswald Hermann, saloon and restaurant, cor 3d and Broad.
Park Hiram A, grocer, Plumb.
Paulsen Mrs Eliza, druggist and physician, Main.
Peterson Hermann, saloon, Main.
Peterson Nils P, jeweler, Main.
Peterson Olf, machinist, Plumb.
Peterson Oscar F, shoemaker, Plumb.
Peterson C & Co, furniture, Main.
Phillips Christie, justice of the peace, Bush.
Pierce, Simmons & Co, bankers, Main.
Poole Franklin A, druggist, Bush.
Preusser Carl, bakery, Plumb.
Purdy Samuel H, livery, Bush.
Raymond Stile, constable.
Red Wing Argus, Chas L Davis, propr, Bush.
Red WIng Mills, Edward L Baker, pres and supt, Edward B Philleo, sec, flouring mills and lumber mnfrs, Main.
Red Wing Printing Co, B B Herbert and J A Leonard, job printers, Bush.
Red Wing Stone Ware Co, Peter Daniels, pres, E T Howard, Sec, treas and mngr, mnfrs stone ware.
Redmond Miss Helen, millinery, 3d.
Reichert George, cooper, 3d.
Reihart Charles, carriage mnfr4, 3d.
Remmler Adolph, brewery and saloon, Bush.
Renshardt J Frederick, meat market, 3d.
Rice Mrs. Christina, boarding, Bush.
Richter Albert C, groder, 3d.
Roath Samuel V, grocer, 3d.
Roseboom & Sheldon, jewelers and stationers, 3d.
Rudborg Gustavus, saloon, Main.
St James Hotel, Egbert J Blood, Propr, cor Bush and Main.
Sanbourg Frederick, grain, Levee.
Sanford Philander, lawyer and insurance agent, Main.
Scherf Frederick, saloon and billiards, Main.
Seeback Fred, grocer, Bush.
Sexton & Veeder, grocers, Plumb.
Sheldon T B & B F, general store, Main.
Shelton T B & Co, grain and commission, and American Express agents, Levee.
Sherman Watts, grocer, 3d.
Sievers & Tolv, blacksmiths, Plumb.
Simmons Jorgen, general store, Main.
Skillman Phil, city recorder, cor 3d and Bush.
Smith Caleb J F, grocer, 3d.
Smith Henry A, livery, Main.
Sprake O M, sewing machines, Bush.
Stearns & Graves, grocers, 3d.
Steege Heinrich, saloon and billiards, Main.
Steffens August, saloon, Plumb.
Sterling G R & Co, mnfrs boots and shoes, and leather an.d findings, Main
Sundberg and Lindell, saloon and boarding, Broadway.
Swanson Andrew, saloon, Main.
Taake & Ladd, dry goods, Main.
Taber David M, lawyer, Main.
Thompson Ole, saloon, Plumb.
Thurber & Wooldridge, saloon and billiards, Broadway.
Walser & Lyngoos, painters, Main.
Ward Seymour J, jeweler, Bush.
Warner & Foote, surveyors, 3d.
Watson Elijah P, harness, Bush.
Waullauer Paul, meat market, Bush.
Webster John, billiard hall, Plumb.
Webster & Co, livery, 3d.
Wellner George C, physician, Main.
Wendler Berthold, saloon, Main.
Wilder Eli T. lawyer, Main.
Wilkinson & Hodgman, general store, Main.
Williamson Frank A, dentist, 3d.
Williston & Hall, lawyers, Main.
Williston & Joss, insurance agents and abstracts of title, Main.
Wilson Frank M, lawyer, Bush.
Wing Bros, clothiers, Plumb.
Winter John, saloon and billiards, Plumb.
Witney Charles, gunsmith, Main
Wunderlich George, harness, Main.
Young Charles T, variety store, Plumb.
Youngdahl Ake, painter, Plumb.

In the southern part of Goodhue county, 30 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, and 7 miles from Zumborta, the nearest railroad point. Contains a Methodist church and district school. Exports, wheat and pork. Stage to Zumbrota and Dodge Centre tri-weekly. Mail, six times a week. M. L. Webb, postmaster.

Druel D L, justice of the peace.
Elliott Joseph, blacksmith.
Hepner John, blacksmith.
Shneebeli Caspar, carpenter.
Webb M L, general store.
Word L T, constable

In the township of Roscoe, southwestern part of Goodhue county, 26 miles from Red Wing, which is the county seat and most convenient railroad point. Has a Lutheran church and common school. Exports, wheat. Stage to Zumbrota and Dodge Center. Mail, six times per week. Wm. P.. Smith, postmaster.

Bemis George, school teacher.
Harrison John O, blacksmith.
Smith Sykes, school teacher.
Smith Wm P, merchant and hotel propr.

In Cherry Grove township, in the southwesterly part of Goodhue county, 28 miles from Red Wing, the county seat. Zumbrota, on the Midland R. R., is 9 miles distant. Mail, semi-weekly. J. O. Strandness, postmaster.

A postoffice in the northwestern part of Goodhue county, 10 miles west of Northfield, on the C. M. & St. P. Ry.

In the northern central part of Goodhue county, four miles south of Vasa, and about 12 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad point.

In the western part of Goodhue county, 8 miles south of Stanton.

In Vasa township, central northern part of Goodhue county, 12 1/2 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 50 miles from St. Paul. Bell creek, in the neighborhood, furnishes power for driving a flouring mill. The village contains 3 churches - Methodist Episcopal, Lutheran and Baptist, and a Lutheran parish and district school. Stage daily to Red WIng. Lewis Engberg, postmaster.

Anderson Rev. A, (Lutheran).
Brynildson H L, physician.
Eneberg & Johnson, general store.
Forsberg Rev C G, (Methodist).
Frobing Charles, painter and paper hanger.
Hoffland D, music teacher.
Lindquist D, blacksmith.
Nelson S & Co, millers.
Norelius Rev E, (Lutheran).
Norelius John, hotel propr.
Swaerel Rev P J,, (Lutheran).

A village of 50 people on the Mississippi river and lake Pepin, in the eastern part of Goodhue county, 6 miles from Red Wing, the county seat and nearest railroad station, and 60 from St. Paul. A water power could be made available here. Exports, grain. Mail, twice daily. Mrs. C. B. Drum, postmistress.

In the township of the same name, a few miles south of the center of Goodhue county, 25 miles from Red Wing, which is the county seat. Zumbrota, on the Midland (narrow guage) R. R., lies 7 miles east. Zumbro river furnishes power for drifing a flouring mill at this point. Flour and wheat are the export products of the neighborhood. It is an incorporated village containing an adult population of 30 persons. Stage to Hader and mail semi-weekly. Martin Halvorson, postmaster.

Buggee James, general store.
Chrislock C R, blacksmith.
Engebritson Ole, general store.
Halvorson Martin, general store.
Jackson Hans, boot and shoemaker.
Johnson Andrew, general store.
Manson Melker, boot and shoemaker.
Miller Wm, hotel propr.
Nordley N O, flour mill.
Rylund A P, artist.
Tiller John, blacksmith.

A postoffice in Goodhue county.

In the central part of Goodhue county, on the Rochester and Cannon River Falls branch railroad, 22 miles from Red Wing, the county seat, and 16 from Northfield, on the C. M. & St. P. Ry. Goods are usually shipped via Red Wing. COntains a Swedish and Norwegian church and district school. semi-weekly mail. Gust A. Rydin, postmaster.

Cavalin Rev O J, (Swedish clergyman).
Erickson Elias, blacksmith.
Opsal Maatin T, general store.
Rydin Gust A, general store.
Strom G S, blacksmith.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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