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Frances Alder
Source: Pine Island Record (Pine Island, Goodhue, MN), June 21, 1917, page 5; submitted by Robin Line
Frances Alder, the 12 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Alder, is the proud possessor of a certificate of graduation from the eighth grade of her school. At her present rate of progress she will finish high school at sixteen.

Simon Bannerman
[Source: Mower County Transcript (Lansing, MN) October 21, 1819; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

The Red Wing Argus says Simon Bannerman, who lives six miles from Red Wing, from four acres of ground, measured, harvested this season, 196 bushels of winter wheat according to thresher's measure. In cleaning up, it measured 230 bushels, an average of 57 1/2 bushels to acre.

W. W. DeKay
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (Hastings, MN) Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1866; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

GOODHUE COUNTY. From The Red Wing Argus, 30th.
Capt. W. W. DeKay, formerly of the Third Minnesota, has been appointed postmaster of Red Wing, to succeed Mr. E. P. Lowater, and will probably receive his commission and enter the office in a few days.

Mrs. Elder
Source: Goodhue Volunteer (Red Wing, MN) February 26, 1862; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

ALMOST A SERIOUS ACCIDENT.-As Mrs. Elder was crossing "Jordan" on her way to church on 22d inst., she was run over by a team, the horses striking against and knocking her down, but fortunately not stepping on her. Two runners of the bobs passed over her body, but singularly enough, she was not hurt; although her bonnet was entirely destroyed, and some other garments soiled. The men on the sled paid no attention to her, even after they had run over her. We hope the parties did not see her, and are not guilty of an intentional outrage of such magnitude.

Some of our citizens highly compliment the chivalry of a small company of Indians who were nearby, who manifested the greatest possible indignation at the barbarity of the act, by shouting and shaking their fists at those on the sled, and by such other gesticulations as an excited savage would be likely to make.

Maria Guhlstorf
Source: Zumbrota Independent (Zumbrota, MN) October 17, 1895 page 1; submitted by Robin Line

Miss Guhlstorf Is Alive.
Red Wing Daily Republican a few days ago published a lengthy article concerning a Miss Guhlstorf who was missing and nothing could be learned of her. The Republican, which takes great interest in ladies who are strayed or stolen, especially if they are young, suggested getting up a searching party to scout the country and recover the young lady, dead or alive. But the noble suggestion of the Republican will not have to be acted upon and its fears have been calmed, for in the issue of Tuesday of this week is the following article under the above heading:

"When Miss Maria Guhlstorf mysteriously disappeared a month ago many of friends and acquaintances were in great doubt as to her safety. These apprehensions have now been set at rest. Miss Guhlstorf is alive and has returned to the city. The facts in the case are as follows: When Miss Guhlstorf went to Goodhue, to visit at the home of her mother and stepfather she wasn't given a kind reception. She requested to be taken to Goodhue and from there she boarded the train for Zumbrota. Here she was quietly spending her time with a friend and never for a moment supposed that any doubts were entertained for her safety.

Her first knowledge of this was through the article in the REPUBLICAN a few days ago, and she returned as soon as convenient to Red Wing, and is now at the home of George Wilkinson.

Isaac Hasbrook
[Source: Mower County Transcript (Austin, MN) July 29, 1869; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

Isaac Hasbrook, the missing young man from Pine Island, has put in an appearance alive and well, notwithstanding two spiritual mediums announced him shot to death.

Charles Hedlund
Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Wednesday, December 23, 1896; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Red Wing, Minn.-Charles Hedlund, living at the poor farm, has recovered his sight in a miraculous manner. For six years he was blind. Physicians gave him up, but about a month ago he began recovering his sight, and he can now read.

R. N. McLaren
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (MN) October 9, 1866, transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

Col. R. N. McLaren has sold his late residence in this city, and intends to go into the mercantile business at St. Paul.

Charles McClure
Source: The Goodhue Volunteer (Red Wing, MN) March 12, 1862; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

PERSONAL.-Hon. Charles McClure, Senator from this county arrived home from his official labors at St. Paul, last Friday. - Those of his clients and others who need legal assistance will find him at his office.

E. S. Person
Source: The Zumbrota News (Zumbrota, MN) March 5, 1909, page 7; submitted by Robin Line/i>
Militia boys of this village as well as others will be pleased to learn that E. S. Person has been elected captain of Co. D. of Minot, N. D.

Mrs. John Stachlie
Source: The Duluth Herald, Saturday Evening, Oct. 22, 1910.

Red Wing Woman Victim of Footpads
Red Wing, Oct. 22 - Mrs. John Stachlie was held up by two men and her purse containing $52 in cash and a gold watch were taken from her. The robbers escaped. Mrs. Stachlie had been down town and was on her way home. She was suddenly attacked by two men walking closely behind. One of the men pressed his hands tightly over Mrs. Stachlie's mouth while the other grabbed her purse, both making their escape.

Julia Wakefield Wilder
[Source: The Hastings Conserver (MN) October 2, 1866, transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman]

A memorial window has been placed in Christ-Church, this city, which records the name, age, and date of death of Mrs. Julia Wakefield Wilder, late a communicant of that church, and wife of Judge E. T. Wilder. The emblematic devices are, the Anchor of Hope, the Cross and the Crown. We are not informed where or by whom the painting was executed, but it is a beautiful work which shall well remind many of her friends and those who succeed them as attendants at that church of the Christian excellencies of the estimable lady whose memory it is intended to perpetuate.
From the Goodhue County Republican, 28th

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