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MARCH 2018
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes - ANDERSON, August; ANDERSON, John; ANDERSON, John A.; ANDERSON, Joseph L.; BEFORT, John; BLODGETT, E. H.; BROOKS, Harriet E.; BUCKHOLTZ, H. Otto; CLARK, Isaac; CRONY, Mary A.; DICKEY, Joseph C.; ENERSON, E. T.; FLORN, A. G.; FOOT, Silas B.; FOSS, Ole; GALLAGHER, Francis; HESSELBURG, Daniel; HODGMAN, Harriet; JOHNSON, John C.; KNUTSON, Henry; KROGEN, Knut P.; LANDER, John A.; LARSON, Andrew; MAHAR, Patrick; MILLS, James R.; OLSON, Herman L.; OLSON, Thore; PARKER, Margaret; PETERSON, John; PETERSON, Peter O.; PIEPHO, Theodore F. W. C.; ROTZ, Karl; RUDBERG, Gustaf; SMITH, Louis C.; SMITHER, Harriett R.; WESTERFUND, Ola

COURT: Doty vs. Phelps
TRAINING SCHOOL: Students-William King and George Sobkowski
TRAINING SCHOOL: Escapes-John Swicked, Leo Subkowski and James Carr

MILITARY: WWI Casualties - William Kolshorn, Oskar E. Youngdahl
MILITARY: Soldiers - Oskar E. Youngdahl
The following contributed by Robin Line:
OBITS: Granville Pearson
PEOPLE: Frances Alder
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Curtis Daughter, August Alder, Fred W. Budenski, John Alberts Mrs. Carl Anderson
NEWS-VISIT: George Clemens, Peter and D.C. Stucky, Frank Fiek

Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Schaepen Daughter, Oscar Freeman, Mrs. J. T. Mitchell, Ole Anfinson, Clarence Drake, Mrs. Andrew Webber, Ole Anfinson Hostager, Floyd J. Seavers
BIRTHS:Romoe Daughter, Satren Girl
BUSINESSES: O. M. Gorder, M. L. Cram, William Amenda, Emily Olnstad, S. E. Gibbs, F. M. March
COURT: Budensick Vs. Peck.
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mrs. Mike Delva, Mrs. Larson, Christ and Frank Raasch, C. Roberts, Clinton Roberts, Knut Naas, Mike Munson
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: John Haas, Chris Haugen, Mrs. H. Blanchard
PEOPLE: Maria Guhlstorf, E. S. Person
SCHOOLS: Students and Teachers - Elsie Woodbury, Percy Stary

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Justin Gaylord, John Foot, Fredrick Bracher
BUSINESSES: J. B. Parkhurst, T. F. Towne, J. C. Pierce, John Corell, Francis Ives, C. Berg, J. F. Pingrey, W. W. Clark, George W. Rutherford
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officials
COURT: Felt vs. Patrick, Lee vs. Smith, Hennesy vs. Smith, Hoyt vs. Dimick, Roberts vs. Frizzell
TRAINING SCHOOL: Students-Hugh and Charles Hall, Gertrude Smith, Edward Leroy, Olia Arnold, Robert Brown, Woodman Olson, Mary Beamer, Alphonse Ray, Gustav Zeisz, Percy C. Hathaway, Ida Hardwood, Ethel Beckman, Maggie Miller, Mathias Karpen, John Breckner, Merrill P. Tyner, August Hoffman, John Snorak, A. Charbonneau, Boisjoli Girtz
TRAINING SCHOOL: Teachers-C. H. Petit (3), Grace Johnson (3), Mrs. F. A. Dresser
TRAINING SCHOOL: Escapes-Bessie Gupker, Minnie Mouseau, John Green, John Lippert, Harry Barrett, John Kennedy, William Howard and John Turzinski, John McCabe, 1896-Two Boys Captured, 1895 - Girls Escape, Mike Glockle
TRAINING SCHOOL: News and History-1899-Military Instruction recommended, 1899-Improprieties, 1897-Measles, 1899-Regulations

OBITS: William Clark
NEWS-FIRES & WRECKS: 1883-Train Wreck
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1862-Thieves steal poisoned flour
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Charles Littlefield
PEOPLE: R. N. McLaren, Isaac Hasbrook, Julia Wakefield Wilder

OBITS: Gustav Hallgren, Swan Soderlind, John Benson
SCHOOL: 1855-Hamline University, 1856-Hamline Building Dedication

OBITS: Michael Bresnaham submitted by Kim Torp
MARRIAGE: Van Shaick-Townes submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. G. Dahlen submitted by Kim Torp
NEWS-CRIME: Frank Amidon submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Louis Stokke, E. G. Foster submitted by Robin Line

MAY 2016
OBITS: Charles Myers, Frederick Williston
MILITARY: Civil War News - 1862-Ladies Aid, Goodhue a Banner County
COURT: Spaulding vs. Wellman
PEOPLE: Charles McClure, Simon Bannerman, Mrs. John Stachlie
MARRIAGES: Braitch-Fahnestock
NEWS-CHURCH: 1866-Sunday School Organized
NEWS-BUSINESS: 1893-Bank Closes

MILITARY: Civil War News - 1862-Captain Mattson, Captain Gurnee, Patriotism
BIOS: Robert Wolforth, William C. Williston, Frank Wesley Dobbyn
OBITS: William Bickford, Mrs. Frances Bickford, contributed by Jim Dezotell
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. & Mrs. William Bickford, contributed by Jim Dezotell

PEOPLE: Mrs. Elder
WILLS & PROBATE: William B. Bevans, Calvin Frizzell
NEWS-WEATHER: 1862 - More Snow
NEWS-BUSINESS: James H. Parker, Allen Swain, W. E. Hawkins, G. R. Sterling & Co., Francis Ives, G. Berg, George Koerner, John Hack, C. & J. C. McClure, C. G. Reynolds, Jesse McIntire, William Stone

JULY 2015
BIOS: William Zimmerman, Willis W. Woodruff
BIRTHS: Frances Densmore
WILLS & PROBATE: John Korsen
COURT: Etienne Divorce, Ingeman Divorce
FAMILIES: Marmet & Lenherr
PEOPLE: Charles Hedlund, W. W. DeKay

OBITS : Mrs. John C. Daily, Mary Cogswell, Kate Covell
NEWS: (crime) 1891-Post Office Burglarized
MARRIAGE NEWS: Williams-Anderson, Selander-Larsen, Parker-Rowell

NEWS-WEATHER: 1888 Flood, 1883 Cyclone
NEWS-CHURCH: 1859 New Pastor at Congregation Church

Summer 2014: History: County Beginnings - transcribed by Jan Grant
Churches (history) - transcribed by Liz Dellinger
Red Wing History - transcribed by Sarah Montgomery

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Obits: Lidgering, Wilkinson - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Bios: Johnson (2) transcribed by Mary Saggio
Calamities - transcribed by Nancy Overlander
Cannon Falls Township History - transcribed by Sherri Spencer

Apr. 2014: Early Days - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Bio: Hjermstad - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Bio: Hoyt - transcribed by Nancy Overlander
Bios: Carlson, Cook, Erickson (2), Ericson, Ferrin, Goodhue, Haller, Hallgren, Hancock, Hanisch, Hanson, Hartman, Haustein, Hawkins, Hjermstad, Hubbard, Humphrey, Irvine, Lind, Lundquist, Phelps, Smith, Ulvin - transcribed by Mary Saggio

March 2014: Zumbrota Village Schools (1909) - transcribed by Camellia
Military history: Company D - transcribed by Sheri Spencer

Feb. 2014: All the bios from "History of Goodhue County Minnesota" (1909)
History: Lives of Leading Men - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Political News: Gates a Candidate for State Office - transcribed by Tam
Crime News: Companies Are Charged With Violating the Wall; Goodhue Again Orders Railroad Indictments; Supreme Court Denies New Trial (Prolow articles) - transcribed by Tam
Bios: Baldwin, Grondahl, Ives, Lawrence, Michael, Sheldon - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Nov. 2013: Obits: Anderson, Bergstand, Boxrud, Busch, Hall, Hancock, Holter, McIntire, Nelson, Quist, Sheldon, Williston
Marriages: Crump - Gross; Flatland - Persons; Fryberger - Featherstone; Gumbiner - Woolner; Howard - Anderson; Martinson - Johnson; Miller - Sands; Nyvall - Kjellstrom; O'Brien - Difenbach; Pierce - Cross; Taber - Pratt; Walter - Manthel; Wong - Stolberg
Engagement: Stickles - Carlson
Bios: Akers (3), Allen, Wray

July 2013: Obits: Allen, Clark; 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

May 2013: Bios: Foot, Rich, Swanson (2)

Feb. 2013: Obits: DeKay, Graham, Phelps, Sandford, Sweney

Dec. 2012: Obits: Akenson, Anderson, Bach, Bruber, Bye, Center, Charleson, Hawkinson, Johnson, Kohn, Otterson, Park, Rosengren, Widhammer, Wing
Bios: Booth, Brakke, Hanson, Klindworth, Phelps, Powlison, Shirley, Staples
Marriages: Beford-Gleaner; Berndt-Voth; Damann-Beargschuatz; Duerre-Newhouse; Hehr-Mitchell; Hinseth-Johnson; Panchott-Harrison; Seavers-Ketcham
Community News for Red Wing (Mar. 2, 1898; Feb. 10, 1899; Nov. 11, 1899; Mar. 19, 1900 and Mar. 21, 1900

Sept. 2012: Bio: Jackson

July 2012: Bio: Busch

June 2012: Names of the Killed in the Indian War (1857) Obit: Below
Bios: Boe, Cooper, Headland, Hjelmstad, Hoagland, Kringler, Kyllo, Larson, Lee, Letson, Mattson, Meacham, Mitchell, Nesse, Peterson, Roble, Washburn

May 2012: Bios: Allen, Anderson, Aslakson, Backus, Balderson, Baldwin, Ballard; Marriage: Drake-Jaynes

Apr. 2012: Bios: Brill, Ericson, Featherston, Foot, Friedrich, Fryberger, Fulton, Gerlach, Gilbertson, Jamison, Swanstrom, Werner

Mar. 2012: Bios: Bixby, Cremer, Grondahl, Hall, Haller, Hanson, Harding, Hartupee, Hubbard; Obit: Carpenter; birthday - O. Graham; Marriage: Baken-Isham

Feb. 2012: 1860 Census - Belle Creek; Bios: Beckman, Blodgett, Boxrud


Previous Updates: Korean War MIA-POWS; Marriage Announcement for REMSHARDT/ROSENGREN; WW2 Casualties; 1870 Mortality Schedule
Obits for CHRISTIANSON & DALEN; Bios for COX, GRAHAM, HANCOCK, SHELDON, SWENEY, WILLISTON & WILDER; 1909 History of County & Townships; Death certificate for HARTLAND; Divorce for GRIEBIE

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