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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Barrett Covenant Cemetery 455434N 0955224W  
Bethania Cemetery 455419N 0955913W  
Bethel Cemetery 454929N 0954647W  
Bethesda Cemetery 455509N 0955404W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 460025N 0955449W  
Brennin Cemetery 454800N 0955600W  
Burns Cemetery 460402N 0955255W  
Christ Cemetery 460206N 0955529W  
Eden Reformed Cemetery 454652N 0961406W  
Fridhem Cemetery 455232N 0955645W  
Gorton Township Cemetery 455415N 0961015W  
Hereford Cemetery 460051N 0960831W  
Hjerdal Cemetery 460539N 0955727W  
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery 455314N 0955550W  
Lakeside Cemetery 454755N 0960641W  
Land Cemetery 454956N 0954839W  
Lawrence Presbyterian Church Cemetery 460357N 0961051W  
Lincoln Cemetery 455245N 0954819W  
Lund Cemetery 455538N 0955915W  
Native American Burial Grounds 460440N 0954650W  
Native American Burial Grounds 455500N 0955400W  
Ness Cemetery 455951N 0955948W  
Norcross Lutheran Cemetery 455416N 0961018W  
Old Lincoln Cemetery 455324N 0954757W  
Our Savior's Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Pelican Lake Cemetery 460507N 0954857W  
Pomme de Terre Cemetery 460352N 0955436W  
Rock Prairie Cemetery 460628N 0960325W  
Roseville Cemetery 454810N 0955637W  
Saint Charles Cemetery 454700N 0960653W  
Saint Loretto Catholic Cemetery 455950N 0955940W  
Sigdal Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 455750N 0961107W  
Trinity Cemetery 460303N 0960600W  
Union Cemetery 455933N 0955724W  
Union Cemetery 455510N 0955405W  
West Elbow Lake Lutheran Cemetery 455910N 0960330W  
Zion Cemetery 454959N 0954836W  
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Unknown Unknown  

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