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Edward B. Zier
Source: Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, Volume 14; Minnesota Biographies (1655-1912) published 1912; page 891

ZIER, EDWARD B., physician, b. in New Albany, Ind., May 19, 1857; d. in Minneapolis, Dec. 9, 1901. He was graduated from the medical department of the University of Louisville, 1877; spent the next four years in study in Vienna and other European cities; came to Minnesota in 1881, settling in Minneapolis; was a representative in the legislature in 1895.

Herman Emil Zoch
Source: Progressive men of Minnesota. (Shutter, Marion Daniel, 1853-ed.) Minneapolis, The Minneapolis Journal (1897) Submitted by Diana Heser Morse

Herman Emil Zoch is a familiar name to all lovers of music in Minneapolis. Mr. Zoch is a native of Prussia, the son of Carl Friedrich Zoch and Augusta Kunau Zoch. Carl Friedrich was director of the estates of the Polish Count Dzieduszicki. His grandfather Zoch owned property in Silesia, was an officer in the army, and distinguished himself in the war of 1813 against the French usurper. Herman Emil was born in Theerkeutc, an estate of Count Dzieduszicki, in the province of Posen, Prussia, April 16, 1857. He was provided as a child with a private tutor at home, but afterwards entered the state gymnasium in Halle, Saxony, and graduated at the Thomas gymnasium at Leipsic, where he finished the classical course of study. Mr. Zoch had early developed promising musical talent, and was afforded opportunity for developing it. He was sent to the Royal Conservatory of Music at Leipsic, where at the end of the third year he graduated with students who had been there five or six years, and took the first prize in piano playing. His instructors in piano were Carl Rienecke, Jadassohn and Coccius, the first two being his teachers in counterpoint and composition. After graduating from the Royal Conservatory Mr. Zoch spent several months in Paris hearing the great players there, studying concert programs and making the most of the opportunities there afforded for advancement in his art. He then went to Munich, where he lived two years, forming acquaintance with the best musicians of that city, foremost among them being Joseph Rheinberger, the great composer, for whom Mr. Zoch performed Rheinberger's piano concerto, op. 94, which he subsequently introduced for the first time at a concert at Berlin, with orchestral accompaniment. At this time Mr. Zoch had come to be recognized as an artist of great merit, and he gave a series of successful piano recitals in Leipsic, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Gotha and other large music centers of Germany. In 1883 he decided to come to America, and in 1884 he settled in Minneapolis as a teacher of piano. Since 1889 he has made three concert tours, and has given pianos recitals in Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Syracuse, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and played at the Music Teachers' National Convention in 1892. He is thoroughly devoted to his art and is recognized as a performer of great merit. His programs denote the possession of a phenomenal repertoire, Names like these are very common: Beethoven (Sonatas op. 53, 57, 81, 111, etc.)., Schuman, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Rheinberger, St. Saens, Moszkouski, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Back, Rubenstein, Hacndel, Henselt, Joseffy, Jensen, Raff, Taussig, Scarletti, Heller, Wagner, Reinecke and many others. He has never married, and is so devoted to his art that he has never cared to join himself to any orders or societies.

Source: Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, Volume 14; Minnesota Biographies (1655-1912) published 1912; page 892

ZOCH, HERMAN EMIL, musician, b. in the province of Posen, Prussia, April 16, 1857; was graduated at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Leipsic, 1876; came to the United States in 1883, and a year later settled in Minneapolis, where he was highly regarded as a teacher of the piano and concert performer.

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