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Hennepin County, Minnesota

Court and Legal

Justus B. Bell - Saint Paul Globe 03/07/1880
MUNICIPAL MATTERS. In the case of Justus B. Bell; libel. Case continued to Monday.

Peter Bufferduy vs. P. Dietrich - Saint Paul Globe 03/07/1880
MUNICIPAL MATTERS. Peter Bufferduy vs. P. Dietrich. Judgement for plaintiff.

[Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) November 1, 1901, submitted by Mary Kay Krogman]

John W. Clark, respondent, vs. Gaar, Scott & Co., appellant.

First-Under the facts of this case it is held that the trial court properly received in evidence a judgment roll and record in a former action wherein the same issues were litigated, since such evidence, under the issues, was competent and material.

Second-Evidence in this case considered and held to support the findings of fact by the trial court, and that such findings of fact sustain the conclusions of law.
Judgment affirmed. - Lovely, J.

James Irsfield
Source: The Aitkin Age (Aitkin, Aitkin, MN), January 2, 1906, page 2; submitted by Robin Line
James B. Irsfield, the famous University of Minnesota halfback, has brought action for libel against the publishers of Collier's Weekly. He demands $1,800 and bases his claims on the portion of the Jordan article published in Collier's Dec. 2 exposing alleged Minnesota questionable methods in athletics, charging that Irsfield and Earl Luce used inside information on the score of the Beloit game of 1903 to gather in some easy money on bets.

R. S. McMurdy vs. Peter Mooney - Saint Paul Globe 03/07/1880
MUNICIPAL MATTERS. R. S. Mc Murdy vs. Peter Mooney. Judgment for plaintiff.

LOVE AT A DISCOUNT (Rouse vs. Iverson)
Source: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) April 16, 1902, page 6; submitted by Robin Line


Judge Pond was too gallant to lend his aid to Frank L. Rouse in his efforts to get his presents back. Rouse at one time was enamored of the defendant, pretty Mathilda Iverson, judging by the letters that were read from him to her, in which he exhausted Cupid's adjectives.

He had presented her with sundry articles, including four rings, a watch and chain, several oil paintings, two bisque figures, a bicycle, several dresses and a bike suit, and to cap the climax and get her mind in a receptive mood for the more tender moods of love, a set of E.P. Roe's works, all of which the swain contended in his complaint, were simply accessories to prospective housekeeping and good family government.

But the fair one jilted him and he brought suit for the return of the presents, or $200, at which he set their value. She didn't give the presents back, but hired a lawyer, and after Judge Pond had heard the evidence of the plaintiff, he dismissed the case and Miss Iverson went away with her presents and pretty face to make happy some more fortunate young man.

Scott vs. Hance - Saint Paul Globe 01/06/1880
DISTRICT DOINGS. At the district court, before Judge Vanderburg, the entire day was consumed in taking testimony in the malpractice case of Scott vs. Hance.

J. K. Sidle vs. Thos. W. Wilson - Saint Paul Globe 01/06/1880
DISTRICT DOINGS. Before Judge Young the case of J. K. Sidle vs. Thos. W. Wilson et al. was tried and judgment entered for plaintiff by consent.

C. A. Sutton vs. H. D. Wood - Saint Paul Globe 03/07/1880
MUNICIPAL MATTERS. C. A. Sutton vs. H. D. Wood. Judgement for plaintiff.

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