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Hennepin County, Minnesota

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BIOS: John H. Gray, Henry Webster - contributed by the Alberti's
The following contributed by Robin Line:
OFFICIALS: W. W. Bradley, Henry Hanke
COURT: James Irsfield
NEWS-CRIME: John R. Martin, Fred A. Briggs
OBITS: Willie Riley, Oscar Nodine
PEOPLE: Victor J. Welch, A. H. Vernon, Wilma Weeland
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1905 Consumption in Minneapolis, 1921-Women and Jury Service

OBITS: Orest M. Spande, Otto Friberg - Transcribed by the Alberti's.
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Phoebe Lockwood, Josephine Sorenson, Casper Schulenberg, Chester Barbau, John A. Harris, Anton Gutgesell, Captain John Vander Horck
MARRIAGES: Russel-Shelvlin
PEOPLE: John O. Davis

NEWS-CRIME: Verne Kragness - Transcribed by the Alberti's
The following submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: John Iverson, A. E. Iverson
MARRIAGES: Brown-Iverson
NEWS-WEATHER: 1901-Fierce Storm, Holly Bennett Dies
NEWS-CRIME: Clarence Iverson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1869-Mines in Danger
COURT: Rouse vs. Iverson
NEWS-CRIME: Andrew Iverson Stabbed, Nelce Nelson, Emma Carlson
WILLS/PROBATE NOTICES: Peter Iverson, Delia White

APRIL 2017
OBITS: Mrs. Franklin Steele, Michael Murphy, Axel Meyer, Thomas Brannigan, William H. Loomis
MILITARY: News - 1885-Sent to Rosebud
OFFICIALS: 1878 County Officials
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Directory and Gazetteer (partial)
NEWS-FIRES: 1877-May, Stoddard and Seamans Killed in Boat Explosion
NEWS-CRIME: Michael Lyon
PEOPLE: Fred. E. Wheaton, W. H. Creveling, Celia Janson
The Following Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: George H. Rathburn, Ed Casey, Frank Carlton, Andrew Gjommes, Helen V. Schwartz, James A. Nash, Anna L. Baker, Charles A. Willard, George Boyd, Mrs. W. A. McClaran, Katie Kiess
NEWS-CRIME: Emma Anderson & Emma Yates, A. J. Swellenbach, H. P. Peterson fires & accidents - Mrs Otto Justman, Orville Justman, Norman and Harold Buchholz
PEOPLE: Jane Anderson, Benjamin Crump

OBITS: Fred Kimball - submitted by Debby Volpe
OBITS: Clara Gunderson - transcribed by the Alberti's
OBITS: Lena Scholer, Florence Sorenson, Mabel Sorenson, Mrs. Charles Knoll
MARRIAGES: Nelson-Sancler, Eldredge-Walmsley
WILLS & PROBATE NOTICES: William Deuster, Ericke Humlam, Andrew J. Emery
COURT: R. S. McMurdy vs. Peter Mooney, C. A. Sutton vs. H. D. Wood, Peter Bufferduy vs. P. Dietrich, Justus B. Bell, Scott vs. Hance, Sidle vs. Wilson

OBITS: Mary Roll
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1880-run away cart, 1880-Lamp post accident gathers crowd
NEWS-FIRES: Minneapolis Hotel Fire-1895
NEWS-SPOOKY: Haunted House-transcribed by Angel Wilmouth
Stories submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Mrs. Elizabeth Rudd
NEWS-FIRES: 1885-Court House Fire
NEWS-OFFICIALS/APPOINTMENTS: Fire Department Appointments

BIOS: Frank H. Peavey, Henry T. Welles
The following items were submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Mrs. Bader, Christian Anderson
NEWS-CRIME: Harriett Burner

BIOS: Anthony Kelly
MARRIAGES: Scott-Robbins, Buntin-Bellin - contributed by Kim Torp
MARRIAGES: DeSota-Schultz, McCormick-Brown, Larson-Olson, Nelson-Saneler, Olson-Larson, Templin-Miller
OBITS: Marcus E. Wolf, C. A. Wiley, Jacob Johnson, Cora M. Johnston, Louise K. Englund
OBITS: Ben Arbes, Marie Carlson Hjalmar Lund, Nick Kummer - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Mr. Wiley - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: Andrew Peterson, Charles Windus, Mrs. Julia E. Dunn, A. B. Sessions, Mrs. John Crittenden
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mr. McDonald - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Capt. Hoy, Sam Green, Charles Goddard, Joseph Graef, John Manner
NEWS-ORGANIZATIONS: 1880-The Academy of Natural Sciences Officers, Board of Trade Election Results, 1880-Knights of Pythias
NEWS-CRIME: Charles Oleson - submitted by Robin Line

APRIL 2016
OBITS: Charles Thompson
OBITS: Tamo, Reinhold Will, Harry W. Kavanaugh, Ella Foote - transcribed by the Alberti's
SCHOOLS: Augsburg Seminary History, Augsburg Glee Club Photo 1928

BIOS: John M. Shaw, George A. Pillsbury
PEOPLE: George Mower, Anna L. Benson, Fred Zofl, James D. Williams
MARRIAGES: Bagley-Noyes, Pike-Hollinshead
NEWS-CRIME: 1907-William B. Hays, Martin Heiberg

BIOS: Richard Chute, Cadwallader C. Washburn, Charles C. Webber
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Merton Griffin
WILLS & PROBATE: Thorstein B. Veblen
OBITS: Joseph M. Dugan

BIOS: Samuel Chute, Reuben S. Goodfellow, Robert Reed, Mahala F. Pillsbury, Jabez A. Brant, Robert H. Patterson, William D. Washburn,

John Lemke murdered by John Moshek - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.
Catherine Ging murdered by Harry Hayward via Claud Blix - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.
Thomas Tellefson murdered by Barrett Brothers - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, execution.

OBITS: Anna Wemmering Ewert, Contributed by Jacque McDonnell
BIOS: Thomas Canty, Fred C. Pillsbury
OBITS: L. E. Miller, Pat Curry
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1903-Humane Society Innovation
NEWS-CRIME: Joseph Taylor, Lizzie Lambert & Herbert Russ Held for Eloping

JUNE 2015
CHURCHES: Photo of Historic Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 1890-A priest suspended, 1891-City Directory, 1887-A Celebration, 1866-Congregational Church Being Enlarged, 1857-Minneapolis Baptist Church
COURT: Clark, Gaar, Scott
SCHOOLS: Central Wins Championship
PROBATE: David Raguet, John Martin

MAY 2015
FAMILIES: James Pengilly Family and George Gray Family - Contributed by Roger Ripley

OBITS: William E. Burton, Gustave Behnke, Mrs. A. E. Nelson, Clara Ford
NEWS: (crime) Nellie King
NEWS: (people) Peter Dubuque, A. D. McNeely, Eugene Thomas

OBITS : Maggie Cragie, John Selden

May 2014
Bios: Jackson (2), Jager, Jamison, Jenkins, Jepson (2), Joerns, Johantgen, Johnson (9), Jones - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Korean & Vietnam War Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch 

Apr. 2014:
Bios: Hayes (2), Hayford, Haynes (2), Hays, Healow, Healy, Hedding, Heffelfinger, Helliwell, Henderson, Henschell, Hernlund, Hernlund, Hewitt, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hobart, Hobbs, Holbrook (2), Holdsworth, Holliday, Hollister, Holman - transcribed by Glenda Stevens
Bios: Holt, Holter, Hooland, Horton, Hubbard, Huey, Huhn, Hunt, Hunter, Hursh, Hurty, Hutchinson, Ireys - transcribed by Nancy Overlander
Bios: Jones (4), Jordan, Joslyn, Joyce, Judd - transcribed by Nina Kramer

Feb. 2014
Obit: Breidenback - submitted by Jim Dezotell
Bios: Ankeny, Belden, Black, Brown (2), Burnett, Byrnes, Calderwood, Calhoun, Carleton, Clark, Conklin, Cowles, Cross, Cutts, Dodge, Drew, Dunsmoor, Dunwoody, Foote, Getty, Gilfillan, Gjertsen, Haecker, Hayes, Hayne, Heilmaier, Hicks, Holbrook, Johnson (2), Jones, Joyce, Kellogg, Kepner, Koehler, Lohrbauer, Lovejoy, McMillan, Meeds, Merrick, Miner, Moodey, Moore, Morrison, Nordeen, Nye (2), Oswald, Peterson, Petzet, Pillsbury (3), Potter, Powers, Pratt, Prince, Purdy, Snyder (2), Stacy, Stetson, Stillman, Thompson, Tyron, Va Tuyl, Washburn, Welch, Winston - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Bios: Miller (2), Nelson, Paine - transcribed by Helen Coughlin
Bio: Faber - transcribed by Michele Jackson
Bio: Brander - transcribed by Sheila Gruver
Bio: Pribble - transcribed by Gladys Lavender

Jan. 2014
Obit: Lillienthal

Dec. 2013
Certificate of Naturalizaton: Norby
Obits: Carlson, Classon, Crawford, Frost, Hanson, Herrick, Hilden, Jones, Koeberl, Lewis, McNabb, Montgomery, Mooney, Neils, Saries, Schmidt, Sheagreen, Stack, Thoralson, Title
Marriages: Berchek - Garrett; Briggs - Towler; Davison - Evans; Foley - Cluff; Houseworth - Lenz; Johnston - Sudder; Jorgenson - Lindgren; Kenney - Stuart; O'Shea - Burns; Peterson - Osell; Phillips - Hyke; Runquist - Sutton; Statier - Robert; Stull - Hoff; Tims - Herrick; Weber - Mertz
Bios: Abbott (6), Accault, Achenbach, Adams (3), Ahlstrom, Aiton, Akeley, Albrecht, Aldin, Aldrich (2), Alexander, Allen (3), Ames (6), Catlin, Nelson, Plack, Spalding, Zier, Zoch         

Sept.  2013
Obits: Clark - transcribed by LaDena Livingston
            Splettstoesser - contributed by Jacque McDonnell

July  2013
Obits: Beede, Brown, Hart, Pillsbury, Reed, Smith, Stewart, Wentworth - transcribed by Kim Mohler; 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

May 2013
Obit: Berry - transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Mar. 2013
Bios: Thompkins, Thompson

Dec. 2012
Obit: Whipple (Contributed by Ron Flink)
Bios: Atherton, Aylen, Brown, Bye, Chesley, Comstock, Fjelde, Gray, Hankinson, Johnson, Landis, Mudgett, Nelson, Oftedal, Roberts, Rogne, Schultheis, Slotten, Sorkness, Thompson, Twichell, Von Nieda, Weiser
Marriages: Benekie - Dunbar; Colbes - Stigelbauer; Erickson - Hjeltman; Hegen - Stickney; Lawrence - Wensinger; Morris - Bondelli; Stevens - Gillian; Sverkerson - Specht
Engagement: Mathers - Lutes

Nov. 2012
Obits: Larson, Todd
Marriages: Anderson - Erichsrude; Shea - Carpenter
Birth Announcement: Hultgren

October 2012
Obits: Colwell, Larson, Miller
Marriages: Ahlberg - Halberg; Stanley - Morehouse

Sept. 2012
Obits: Fradenburgh, Lacroix
Marriage: Morrison - Rosser
Bios: Beatty, Demules

August 2012
Obit: Humbe

July 2012
Obits: Densmore, Knapp, Shotwell
Bios: Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Bryant, Buck, Bucknam, Bullis, Burch, Burchard, Burgess, Burnett, Burton, Butler, Cairns, Calhoun, Callender, Campbell, Cargill, Carroll, Case, Castner (all transcribed by Renae Donaldson)

June 2012
Obits: Bright, Crosby
Marriage: Liptow - Scheid
Birth Announcement: Paquay
Bios: Anheier, Burke, Cochrane, Jenks, Jordan, Mitchell, Twichell, Young

May 2012
Obit: Fanning - submitted by Therman Keller
Obits: Johnson, Kittesland, Krause, Mousseau, Olson, Vander Horck
Obit: Witt - transcribed by Marla Zwakman
Marriages: Foster-McAllister, La Lone-Tomlinson, Turner-Hartley, Whisman-Weihrauch
Bios: Abbott, Ahern, Akeley, Albert, Aldrich, Allen, Ames, Amsden, Anderson, Andrews, Ankeny, Arctander, Armstrong, Austin, Ayers, Babcock, Backus, Bacon, Bailey, Barclay, Bardwell, Barnes, Barney, Barry, Bartelme, Bartleson, Bartlett, Barton, Bashaw, Bates, Baxter - all transcribed by Marilyn Clore

April 2012
Bios: Dwinell, Eads, Earl, Ebner, Edelman, Edgar, Egelston, Elfelt, Ellertson, Elliott, Ellis, Elwood, Emmans, Empey, Enches, Engelbrecht, English, Erdman, Erickson, Esswein, Eustis, Evans, Everington, Faber, Fairchild, Fanning, Farmer, Farnsworth, Ferguson, Fifield, Fish, Fisher, Flannery, Fletcher, Foote, Fort, Fosseen, Foulke, Fowler (transcribed by Anna Parks)
Bios: Franklin, Freeman, Frissell, Fruen, Fryberger, Furst, Gaalaas, Gage, Gale, Gardner, Gamble, Gaylord, Geeseaman, Geist, Gerber, Getty, Gilfallan, Gilger, Gilkey, Gill, Gillette, Gipson, Girling, Gjertsen, Gold, Gordon, Gould, Grant, Gray, Green, Greene (transcribed by Nancy Overlander)
Bios: Adams, Anderson, Archibald, Austin, Babb, Badger, Barnes, Bartleson, Beemer, Boardman, Bradish, Brown, Cairns, Canty, Clough, Conroy, Cooley, Crafts, Crane, Crocker, Dare, Dickey, Dunn, Fish, Fjelde, Flannery, Fletcher, Force, Foss, Fournier, Fryberger, Gaylord, Gjertsen, Goodnow, Haney, Harrison, Haskell, Hay, Hays, Hendryx, Hewitt, Hilt, Holmberg, James, Jamison, Jenks, Johnson, Kitchel, Ladd, Lancaster, Langdon, Laraway, Leatherman, Leonard, Lewis, Lochren, McIntyre, McMahon, McMillan, Megaarden, Mendenhall, Metcalf, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Nelson, Newell, Norris, Nye, Odell, Olson, Oulie, Paige, Paris, Pederson, Penny, Pineo, Porteous, Rand, Rea, Reed, Reynolds, Russell, Ryan, Savage, Schmitz, Schubert, Shove, Simpson, Smith, Sneed, Stevens, Stevenson, Straka, Taylor, Theden, Tuller, Tuttle, Vanderburgh, Van Duzee, Wales, Ward, Warner, Webster, Werner, Wheaton, Wilson, Woodward, Wyman, Zoch (submitted by Diana Heser Morse)

Mar. 2012:
Obits: Barnes, Binning, Blake, Cain, Filbin, Flink, Gardiner, Graveel, Hansen, Holmgren, Johnson, Lienhard, Lobner, Lundeen, Mattson, Maylone, Morgan, Pillsbury, Roise, Saunders, Schwantes, Seaman; Bios: Ames, Belden, Boyeson, Elliott, Ernst, Lane, Northrop, Pillsbury, Sabin, Walker: Engagement: Benson-Helliwell; Marriages: Dexter-Manseau, Anthony-Thelein, Gregory-Sorvik, Howden-Everson, Hubbell-Wilson, Johnson-Westerman, Lindemann-Sacke, Post & Taylor-Goodyear, Tenfold-Sacke, Tillinghast-Heif; Bios: Chaffee, Chamberlain, Chase, Chatfield, Child, Childs, Choate, Christie, Chute, Clancy, Clark, Clarke, Clawson, Clement, Cleveland, Coan, Cobb, Cobban, Cockey, Coe, Conklin, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Coolidge, Cooper, Cootey, Corrigan, Corser, Cotton, Courtney, Couse, Covey, Crafts, Crane, Crawford, Crocker, Crockett, Gregory, Grimes, Grimsrud, Gross, Grotte, Guesmer, Guilford, Gutgesell, Gutzmann, Haglin, Haisch, Haley, Hall, Hallowell, Hallstrom, Hamilton, Hanley, Hannah, Harmon, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Hartin

Feb. 2012:
obits: Cates, Genereux, Hun, Irvin, Jacobson, Johnson, Sewell, Washburn; misc news; bios: Arctander, Askeland, Bayless, Beal, Beckman, Belden, Belknap, Bell, Bemis, Bendeke, Benham, Benjamin, Bennet; Bennett, Berg, Bertsch, Bill, Bingenheimer, Blackstone, Blake, Blakeman, Bleecker, Blomstrom, Boardman, Bodge, Bolton, Bond, Bousfield, Bowden, Bowe, Bowler, Brandebury, Bressesen, Bright, Collins, Currier, Cutts, Dahl, Dansingberg, Day, Dean, DeLaittre, DeLong, Demeules, Deming, Deutsch, Deveraux, Dickey, Dickinson, Dingman, Dodge, Dowdall, Downs, Dreger, Drew, Delany, Dunnell, Dunwoody, Durkee, Eustis, Evans, Fletcher, Green, Johnson, Koon, Loring, Partridge, Proctor, Sanford, Schlener, Smith, Wyman, Young; Marriages: Cravens-Nugent, Richter-Kittelson; crime news: Pomeroy; Misc. news

Jan 2012:
AITON, AKELEY, AMES, CLARKE bios; court news for TAYLOR; marriage announcement for COMPTON-BYINGTON

Dec 2011:
Community news for the Litchfield bank; marr licenses, births and deaths from Oct 30, 1902; COHN, FUHLEN, ARMSTRONG obits; Death certificate information for AHLGREN, BINNING, DOREK, FEYMA, FLINK, MILLER, NEILS, NELSON, OLIVER, SAUNDERS, WICKER, ZIMMERMAN

Previous Updates:
Biography-Mrs. Louis Chase Pillsbury newspaper story, MOLES, FOSBERG obit, Bottineau, Trapp, Ilter, Bethke obits, 1860 Mortality Schedule; Nigler Cemetery listing, Postcards of Minneapolis, Many new Biographies added, PERPICH Obit

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