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Hennepin County, Minnesota

Wills and Probate Notices

William Deuster - Saint Paul Globe 01/06/1880
PROBATE PICKINGS. In the matter of the estate of Wm. Deuster; order admitting will to probate.

Andrew J. Emery - Saint Paul Globe 01/06/1880
PROBATE PICKINGS. In the matter of the estate of Andrew J. Emery; order for letters of administration to issue to Mary S. Emery.

Ericke Humlam - Saint Paul Globe 01/06/1880
PROBATE PICKINGS. In the matter of the estate of Ericke Humlam; order for letters of administration to issue to Anna E. Humlam.

Peter Iverson
Source: Source: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) June 28, 1892, page 8; submitted by Robin Line
Anna T. Iverson filed a petition in the probate court yesterday to prove the will of her late husband, Peter Iverson, who left $3,000 to her and his brothers and sisters.

John Martin
Source: The Minneapolis Journal (MN) September 13, 1905; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman


Both Sides Prepared to Fight the Case Up to the Supreme Court and Get a Ruling Therefrom- Would Mean $100,000 Tax on the One Estate.

Judge of Probate F. C. Harvey intimates that he will hold the inheritance tax law, passed by the last state legislature, unconstitutional, and on that ground will refuse to fix the tax on the $2,000,000 estate left by the late John Martin to his grandson, Earl Brown. If the decision is sustained by the supreme court, Hennepin county will lose in this one case nearly $100,000.

The question of the law's constitutionality has been raised and all parties concerned want it passed on by the court of last resort. The heir and trustees have agreed to waive the right to a year's time for the filing of claims, and it has been stipulated that there are no debts and no part of the Brown inheritance is exempt from the tax. County Attorney Al. J. Smith will at once file a petition praying Judge Harvey to fix the valuation of the property and assess the tax.

This petition will undoubtedly be denied on the ground that the law is unconstitutional. Immediately the county attorney will take the case to the supreme court on a writ of certiorari. If an appeal was taken the case would go to the district court and the supreme court ruling is what the officials want.

The tax now would amount to only about $25,000, as only between $400,000 and $500,000 is to be given to Mr. Brown at this time. The remainder of his inheritance, by the provisions of the will, remains in the hands of trustees until he has reached a more mature age.

Judge Bazille of the Ramsey county probate court has already held the new law unconstitutional. An appeal to the district court in the St. Paul case has been taken and the result of the Minneapolis case will be watched with interest.

David Raguet
Source: Omaha World Herald (NE) Friday, November 7, 1952; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Minneapolis, Minn. (U.P.)-A 72-year-old farmer who said he ate pancakes every day for 17 years as part payment for his work as part payment for his work as a hired hand was awarded five thousand dollars from his former employer's estate Thursday.

Minneapolis Probate Court Judge James G. Kehoe awarded the money to Henry Wandschneider, Shakopee, Minn. The sum came from the estate of David Raguet, Eden Prairie farmer who died last April 8.

Mr. Wandschneider told Judge Kehoe he had worked for Mr. Raguet since 1935 and had received only four thousand dollars in cash. He asked for $10,450.

Thorstein B. Veblen
Source: San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) Wednesday, August 21, 1929; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

The will of Thorstein B. Veblen, educator, author, economist and former member of the Stanford faculty, who died at his home near Menlo Park, August 3, was filed for probate in Redwood City yesterday. Six brothers and sisters whose ages range from 60 to 82 are mentioned in the will.

His stepdaughter, Rebecca Bradley, is left $10,000 and his household goods to Mildred Van Valkenburg Bennett. One of his brothers, Oscar Veblen of Denton, Mont., is mentioned as having all his debts to the testator cancelled with the exception of a promissory note for $2500.

The six elderly brothers and sisters are Andrew Veblen, 82, Los Angeles; Edward Veblen, 62, Los Angeles; Betsy Viken, 80, Sacred Heart, Minn.; Emily Olsen, 70, Minneapolis; Mary Hougen, 66, Nerstrand, Minn., and Hanna Hanson, 60, South Dakota. They are mentioned as recipients of gifts mentioned in an attached list. This list was not filed with the will.

Delia E. White
Source: Source: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) June 28, 1892, page 8; submitted by Robin Line
Clarence O. White asks the probate court for letters of administration to Wm. O. White on the estate of the late Delia E. White, their mother, who left $5,300 worth of property for them.

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