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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Bellview Cemetery 433145N 0914346W  
Black Hammer Lutheran Church Cemetery 433658N 0913936W  
Calvary Cemetery 433740N 0912910W  
Carsten Cemetery 433054N 0912817W  
Christoph Hammer Family Cemetery 434430N 0911810W  
Church of Peace Cemetery 433621N 0911854W  
Convent Cemetery 434709N 0911959W  
Crucifixion Cemetery 434916N 0911900W  
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 434130N 0911742W  
Evergreen Cemetery 433802N 0913026W  
Fairbanks Family Cemetery 434535N 0912651W  
First Swedish Baptist Cemetery 434513N 0913239W  
First Yucatan Cemetery 434303N 0913841W  
Forest Green Cemetery 434439N 0911812W  
Frederick Hammer Family Cemetery 434418N 0911735W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 434057N 0912818W  
Grove Prairie Cemetery 433520N 0912916W  
Hackett's Grove Cemetery 434005N 0912215W  
Hargreaves Family Cemetery 434535N 0912439W  
Hillside Cemetery 434522N 0913321W  
Hoffman Family Cemetery 434624N 0911820W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 433337N 0913900W  
Houston County Poor Farm Cemetery 433732N 0913121W  
Immanuel German Lutheran Cemetery 434906N 0912323W  
Johnstons Cemetery 434602N 0913622W  
Looney Valley Cemetery 434749N 0913138W  
Loretta Cemetery 434913N 0912702W  
Messeral Cemetery 434000N 0913525W  
Money Creek Cemetery 434901N 0913638W  
Mound Prairie Cemetery 434725N 0912609W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 434543N 0912143W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 434535N 0912144W  
Neumann Family Cemetery 434000N 0911840W  
Old Black Hammer Cemetery 433728N 0913906W  
Old Caledonia Cemetery 433755N 0913004W  
Old Methodist Cemetery 433708N 0911930W  
Old Money Creek Cemetery 434931N 0913700W  
Old Ridge Cemetery 434449N 0913327W  
Old Ridge Cemetery 434350N 0914051W  
Old Sheldon Cemetery 434028N 0913631W  
Old Wilmington Cemetery 433122N 0913328W  
Omodt Family Cemeetery 434725N 0913729W  
Pine Creek Catholic Cemetery 434956N 0912112W  
Portland Prairie Cemetery 433133N 0912928W  
Prospect Hill Cemetery 434957N 0911847W  
Riceford Norwegian Cemetery 433432N 0914348W  
Ruff Family Cemetery 434825N 0912408W  
Saint John's German Lutheran Cemetery 433802N 0913022W  
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery 434723N 0912020W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 433035N 0912757W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 434642N 0913213W  
Saint Nicholas Catholic Cemetery 433644N 0912150W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 434051N 0912007W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 434511N 0913307W  
Sheldon Cemetery 434111N 0913535W  
Sheldon Family Cemetery 435040N 0912641W  
Spring Grove Lutheran Cemetery 433342N 0913803W  
Spring Grove Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery 433338N 0913901W  
Steele Cemetery 433225N 0912510W  
Stone Cemetery 433212N 0913107W  
Swede Bottom Cemetery 434433N 0913213W  
Swenson and Anderson Cemetery 434513N 0913228W  
Tabor Cemetery 434917N 0912412W  
Toledo Cemetery 435017N 0912150W  
Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery 433755N 0912933W  
Union Ridge Cemetery 434210N 0912745W  
Union Valley Cemetery 434410N 0912250W  
Veterans Cemetery 434129N 0911733W  
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Vix Cemetery 434703N 0912811W  
West Family Cemetery 434518N 0912155W  
Wilmington Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 433235N 0913230W  
Winnebago Cemetery 433137N 0911900W  
Yucatan Cemetery 434141N 0914014W  

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