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Marriage Licenses and Announcements

Bartholett - Corpstein
[Source: The Argus (Caledonia, MN) Nov. 24, 1888] mkk
- The merry chime of the wedding bells will be heard next Tuesday, and Nic Bartholett and Miss Anna Corpstein daughter of Frank Corpstein will be united in marriage.

[Source: The Argus (Caledonia, MN) Dec. 1, 1888] mkk
- The marriage of Nic Bartholett and Anna Corpstien, Tuesday was celebrated at the bride's home in the evening.

Decke - Eitzen
Source: The Argus (Caledonia, Houston, MN), December 30, 1893, page 3; submitted by Robin Line
Miss Minnie Casten of Eitzen and Mr. H. Decke of Lauden Ia. were married at La Crosse the 21st of Dec. they immediately left for Laudon, Ia. where they will make their future home. We wish them much happiness in their journey through life.

Drowley - Dorival
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Wednesday, May 17, 1893; transcribed by FoFG mz

HOKAH, Minn., May 16; George Drowley, Jr., editor of the Caledonia Journal, and Miss Louisa Dorival, both of Caledonia, will be married on the 23d.

Flynn - Murphy
Source: St. Paul Daily Press (MN) Tuesday, 5 Jan. 1869; transcribed by FoFG mz

At the house of the bride's father in the town of Caledonia, Houston county, on the 26th inst., Mr. Arthur Flynn, of Latesboro, to Miss Mary Murphy, of Caledonia.

Frick -Harries
Source: The Saint Paul Globe, May 22, 1902, page 3 - KT - Sub by FoFG

Miss Harries and Walter E. Frick are Married There
Caledonia, Minn., May 1 - Miss Anstis Harries and Walter C. Frick were married at the home of the bride's parents here today.

Goetzinger - Zimmerman

["La Crosse Tribune and Leader Press" (La Crosse, Wis.) Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1938 - MZ - Sub by FoFG]
Caledonia, Minn. - Application for marriage license was filed here Tuesday by Alvin Goetzinger, Crooked Creek, and Miss Celia A. Zimmerman, Brownsville.

Hall - Carlisle
[Source: The Argus (Caledonia, MN) Nov. 24, 1888] mkk
- James Hall of this place and Miss Carlisle of Brownsville were married at La Crosse last week.

Ideker - Zimmerman
Source: The La Crosse Tribune and Leader-Press (La Crosse, Wis.) Friday, 24 Nov. 1933 - Sub. by Marla Zwakman

Miss Pearl Zimmerman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Z. Zimmerman of Little Falls, Minn., and William Ideker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ideker of Brownsville, were married by the Rev. C. H. Zeyher, brother-in-law of the bride, in Brownsville, Tuesday. The ceremony was at 1:30 p.m., at the parsonage. Miss Cecelia Zimmerman, sister of the bride, and Walter Albrecht, nephew of the bridegroom, were attendants. The bride was in pansy purple crepe and carried Ophelia roses with chrysanthemums, while the bridesmaid wore brown crepe and carried pink carnations. A reception for immediate relatives and friends at the Ideker home followed and the couple left on a trip to northern Minnesota. They are to reside on the bridegroom's farm near Brownsville.

Menshall - Remington
Source: Grand Forks Herald (ND) Friday, 8 Sept. 1899; transcribed by FoFG mz

Dexter, Minn., Sept. 7., Thomas Menshall of La Crescent, aged 75, and Mrs. M. E. Remington, aged 66, were married at the bride&'s home near here yesterday afternoon. Mr. Menshall claims the distinction of being the oldest postmaster in the United States, he having held that position at La Crescent for 42 years.

Metcalf - Albee
Source: Massachusetts Spy (Worcester, MA) Wednesday, April 25, 1860; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

In Caledonia, Minn., March 29, Cornelius Metcalf formerly of Blackstone, to M. E. Albee formerly of Laurel - -, R. I.

Miller - Burkhart
Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, June 21, 1898; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Caledonia, Minn., June 21.-The marriage of Miss Sophia Burkhart, daughter of Julius Burkhart, one of the best known citizens of the county, to A. Miller of LaCrossse, took place at Hokah to-day. After a short bridal tour they will return to LaCrosse, their future home, where Mr. Miller is engaged in the undertaking business.

Morriarty - Hurley

Floe - Palen
Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, May 25, 1897; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Special to The Journal.

Caledonia, Minn., May 25.-Miss Armastasia Hurley and Michael Morriarty, and Frances Palen and Peter M. Floe, all prominent young people of this city, will be married to-day.

Perkins - Miller
Source: Winona Daily Republican (Monday, 13 Jan. 1896) transcribed by FoFG mz

We are pleased to announce the marriages of Fred. Perkins and Miss Minnie Miller, and David Halliday and Miss Anna Tinberg. They went to La Crosse, where the double wedding took place. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins are now visiting at Flandreau, S.D., at the home of her sister, Mrs. Russell Vance. We are glad also to announce that these young people intend to make Money Creek their future home.

Wheeler - Winshall
Source: Grand Forks Herald (ND) Monday, 1 Sept. 1884; transcribed by FoFG mz

On Thursday, Aug. 28, at the residence of the bride's parents, in the village of La Crescent, Houston county, Minn., by Rev. J. C. Colwell, Mr. S. C. Wheeler, of Money Creek, Minn., to Miss Ella M. Winshall, of La Crescent.

Towey - Gallivan
Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, October 11, 1898; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Caledonia, Minn., Oct. 11.-The marriage of Miss Elizabeth Gallivan, an accomplished young lady of this place, to Hugh Towey, of Stewartville, took place to-day. They will reside at Stewartville, where, Mr. Towey is a well-to-do farmer.

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