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Houston County, Minnesota


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BIOS: John W. Welch
BIRTHS: Buchholtz, Bunge, Kreuger - contributed by Robin Line
OBITS: Mrs. H. B. Laflin, Michael Jennings, Mrs. Houlihan - contributed by Robin Line
FAMILIES: Information - Welch Family, Feeney Family
MARRIAGES: Additional 50 records
MARRIAGE NEWS: Decke-Eitzen - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-BITS: Additional 20 bits of news - contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: Toledo Woolen Mills
TOWNS: 1893-Yucatan

NEWS-CRIME: Manuel Laylan, James Roland
PEOPLE: Polley Murders, Joseph Marco
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: John Theisen, Oscar Larsen

MAY 2017
OBITS: John Cottrell, Galvin Grant, M. F. McCan submitted by Robin Line
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Gazetteer and Business Directory
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: 1878 County Official Directory
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1886-Township Election
PEOPLE: Mrs. Dr. Shepherd
NEWS-CRIME: Joseph Marco

OBITS: Thomas Cody
PEOPLE: Henry Hendrickson, Anthony Monahan
BIOS: Henry Gassert. Hokah Township - Jacob Becker, Henry E. Brooks, O. C. Bellrood, Julius Burkart, Charles L. Guenther, Mark Hargreaves, David House, William W. Holden, Henry J. Herzog, C. E. Joys, William James, Levi T. Lyon, Archie Muir, Ferdinand Sobek, H. H. Snure, Joseph Stelzig, A. J. Snure, Dr. Hamilton B. Train, Edward Thompson, Susan M. Thompson, S. P. White, W. F. Weber. Jefferson Township - Robert Kenny, Peter McDonald
NEWS-CRIME: Christian O. Dahle, John Russell
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Nele Emerson, Norton Boy, Mrs. N. Hosch
NEWS-POLITICAL: Judge Wilson, John Dorsch
NEWS-WEATHER: 1885-3" Hail, 1889-Violent Winter Storm, Winter rains, Winter cold

MAY 2016
OBITS: Martin Schleich, Mary Dorival
PEOPLE: Mrs. F. W. Philbrick, Catharine Thiel, H. P. Beesen
NEWS-CRIME: Michael Thiell kills sister's illegitimate infant, tried, sentenced
NEWS-WEATHER: 1886-Blizzard, 1887-Violent Storm, 1887-Rain, Finally, 1887-Caledonia Snow, More Snow, Heavy Snow, The worst snow storm this season . . .
COURT: 1888-October Session, D. C. Cameron
NEWS-FIRE: 1888-Caledonia Fire, Daniel Murphy Fire
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1888-County Fair, 1887-Muddy County Fair, 1879-First Locomotive
NEWS-VISIT: Annie Moletor
NEWS-CHURCHES: 1887-Bishop at Caledonia, 1872-Church Auctioned
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1888-Delegates selected, J. A. Lovely, 1886-Houston County

OBITS: Nicholas and John Onden, Mrs. James Kennedy
CHURCH: Thank you to Nancy Overlander for Records of Lutheran Confirmants 1876-1900.
NEWS-VISIT: P. J. Smalley, John Holland, W. D. Gibbs
PEOPLE: James G. McGreer, James Murphy, Henry E. O'Brien

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Sacmary Family

OBITS: Josephine Langon
MARRIAGES: Towey-Gallivan, Miller-Burkhart, Morriarty-Hurley, Floe-Palen
NEWS: (churches) 1899-Church Blown Over

OBITS: H. A. Brevig, Simon Carroll, F. Wyatt Cook, Warren Cook, William F. Dunbar, Ethel Harries, George Harries, Annabel Harries, E. T. Johnson, Sarah A. Kimbell, Koch Children, Mrs. S. B. McIntire, Aage Rassaen, James Russell
SCHOOLS: 1895-Successful School, 1896-Caledonia Graduation
COURT: Cargill Suit
CHURCH: 1895-Caledonia Presbyterian (2)
NEWS-ANNIVERSARY : M/M Charles J. Wheaton
NEWS-WEATHER: 1893-Coldest February Ever Known, 1894-Severe Storm
NEWS-FIRE : 1893-Railroad Bridge Burned, 1889-Destructive Blaze at Caledonia; 1893 Spring Grove Burned
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1891-Fair Not Successful, 1887-Skeleton Found Near $5000, 1895-Library Planned, 1887-Saloon County Dwindling
NEWS-PEOPLE: James O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan, Mary E. Hughes, Sylvester O'Brien, Johanna Burke
NEWS-CRIME: 1887-A Brutal Brother; 1895-Father Beats Daughter, 1891-Bank Robbery, 1896-Burglary
PROBATE: Phil Shanahan
TOWNS: 1894- Caledonia Waterworks Completed

CHURCHES: Catholic Church Auctioned
MARRIAGES: Metcalf-Albee
PEOPLE: W. H. Harries, O. J. Weida, John Dorsch

May 2014: Houston County in the Civil War - transcribed by Gary Wysocki

Apr. 2014: Korean War, Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Township history for Black Hammer - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Black Hammer Township bios: Billings, Carrier, Glasrud, Johnson, Lamen, Onstad, Rosaaen, Solberg, Svartaas, Stenehjem, West - transcribed by Mary Saggio

March 2014: Interesting Events Arranged Chronologically - transcribed by Gary Wysocki
Early Settlement - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Township History for Caledonia - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Township histories for Mayville, Mound Prairie, Sheldon, Union, Wilmington - transcribed by Sandra Stutzman

Feb. 2014: All the bios from History of Houston County Minnesota (1882)
Houston County Township Histories from History of Houston County Minnesota (1882)
Houston County Newspapers - transcribed by Lisa
Bios: Asleson, Baake, Bartholomew, Beeby, Bergh, Budahl, Copeman, Engle, Fladager, Gilberton, Gilbertson, Hallan, Hanson, Hendrickson, Hilden, Hoegh, Jenson, Jetmundosn, Johnson, Kaarstad, Kieland (2), Kroshus, Lamb, Lee, Lommen, Luttman, Muller, Myhra, Myhro, Schmidt-Nilson, Onsgard (2), Pendergast, Reierson, Reque, Rosendahl, Sherwood, Smith, Steneroder, Strongrimson, Timanson, Timanson (Quarve), Traaen, Wait, Wold - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Dec. 2013: Obits: Carroll, Doucet, Ellens, Hall, Jackson, McPhail, Metcalf, Newton, Parker, Prentiss, Quammen, Schmidt
Marriages: Flynn - Murphy; Menshall - Remington; Wheeler - Winshall
Bio: Abrahamson

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Dec. 2012: Obits: Barron, Bauman, Buell, Dunbar, George, Johnson, McKenna, Metcalf, O'Brien, Roverud, Ryan, Shummers, Wheaton, Williams
Marriage: Drowley - Dorival
Wedding Anniversary: Williams
Bios: Gilbertson, Holte, Johnson, Moen

August 2012: Obits: Arnold. Barber, Williams; Birth Announcement: Goetzinger, Lain

June 2012: Bios: Brace, Brink, Halverson, Haugen, Herbrandson, Johnson, Narum, Ostern, Stenerodden, Stensrud, Winship

Apr. 2012: Bios: Cooley, Duxbury

Mar. 2012: Marriage: Perkins-Miller; Obits: Le Blond, Smith, Zeyher; Bio: Cooley

Dec 2011: marriage ann. for FRICK-HARRIES; IDEKER-ZIMMERMAN; Tornado news story; Flood news story; Crime news for SAC MARIE; WHEATON family murder; Bank robbery; List of cemeteries; Various Gossip newspaper gleanings; World War 2 Casualties; Birth announcement for IDEKER

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