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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Akeley Cemetery 465955N 0944244W  
Bethel Cemetery 465307N 0945710W  
Crandall Cemetery 465513N 0950916W  
Evergreen Cemetery 470314N 0950902W  
Evergreen Cemetery 471312N 0945136W  
Farris Cemetery 472247N 0944108W  
Green Lea Cemetery 471831N 0944036W  
Greenwood Cemetery 465514N 0950143W  
Guthrie Cemetery 471734N 0944730W  
Henrietta Cemetery 465521N 0945712W  
Hubbard Cemetery 465007N 0945949W  
Lake Alice Cemetery 471323N 0950749W  
Lake Emma Cemetery 470235N 0945849W  
Lakeport Township Cemetery 471228N 0944610W  
Lakeview Cemetery 465736N 0945105W  
Lemon Cemetery 465240N 0944522W  
Malvik Lutheran Church Cemetery 472041N 0944656W  
Nary Cemetery 472147N 0944932W  
Saint Lawrence Cemetery 471811N 0944758W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 465442N 0950212W  
Saint Theodores Cemetery 471256N 0944552W  
Straight River Cemetery 465239N 0950554W  
White Oak Cemetery 465418N 0944324W  
Zion Memorial Cemetery 471833N 0944302W  

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