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- - 1884 - - Where to Prosecute
Source: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) Apr. 8, 1883; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Atty. Gen. Hahn has received a letter asking where a crime committed on the 9th of March, in the new county of Hubbard, should be prosecuted in Crow Wing or Wadena county. The act forming Hubbard county from apart of Crow Wing county was approved February 28, and the same act attached Hubbard to Wadena county for judicial purposes. The criminal should be prosecuted in Wadena county, even though Hubbard county had not as yet organized under the law.

- - 1884 - - County Attorney's Duties
Source: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) Dec. 20, 1884; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
In answer to a communication from Mr. Mueller, deputy auditor of Hubbard county, Attorney General Hahn explained the duties of the county attorneys in attached counties in judicial districts as follows:

Ferdinand Mueller, Esq., Deputy Auditor of Hubbard County:
You ask, "Is a county attorney of a county with another county attached thereto for judicial purposes the legal attorney of such attached county?
Further: Is he entitled to an extra compensation for such extra work as he would have to do for such attached county?"

Judge Start held, in an opinion found on page 442 of published opinions of attorneys general, that every organized county is entitled to elect a county attorney. If so, it is that officer, not the county attorney of the county to which you are attached, whose duty it is to advise you. This view would seem to be strengthened by section 70, of chapter 64, which makes it the business of the latter officer to perform the duties in the district court that would otherwise devolve on the county attorney of your county. This provision would be entirely unnecessary if he was to perform all the services otherwise falling upon the county attorney of such attached county.

The county auditor of your county is entitled to a copy of the published opinions of this office, and such copy is to be procured from the secretary of state. Yours truly,
W. J. Hahn, Attorney General.

- - 1907 - -
Judge Spooner returned from Itasca Park Sunday and this morning was busy trying court cases and hearing motions. The following matters were disposed of this morning:

Town of White Oak vs. E. Barneby, a Hubbard county case. Court, on motion of the plaintiff, issued an Injunction restraining the defendant from obstructing a public highway. E. R. Dampier, county attorney, for Hubbard county appeared for the plaintiff. ["The Bemidji Daily Pioneer".(Bemidji, Minn.), August 26, 1907 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

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