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MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
BIOS: Levi Livingston Searles
OBITS: Enos P. Dotson, Bertress M. Dalager
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Mrs. Lester Devereau submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1892-Queer Fish, 1883-Land at $5 per acre
NEWS-VISITS: Percy Potter, Mike Neidermeier

MARCH 2018
MARRIAGES: Todd-Churchill
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1884- Railroad Progress
PEOPLE: Charles Joy

FAMILY: Curtis Family Info
MILITARY: Soldiers-Henry J. Diffley, Floyd Dobson
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - David W. Butler, William Mattson, Harrison Skeen
OFFICIALS: News - M. L. Loring, M. M. Loring, J. W. Jarvis
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1904 Election, 1895 Fire Wardens
WILLS: James Cutler

MAY 2017
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
MARRIAGES: ~ 50 Marriage Records Added
PEOPLE: William Bemont, Henry Cobb
NEWS-CRIME: Jarvin Howard
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1884-Post office name change for Mantee, 1883-Lowest Average Salary for Female Teachers

OBITS: Mr. Holder
PEOPLE: J. L. Albertson, Mary Johnson, Clark Devereaux, Frances Fuller, Carolin Cherberg
MARRIAGES: Volkman-Roberts
NEWS-VISITS/RELOCATIONS: Ruth Olsen, Manda Olson, Catherine Marcus, Mary Kavanaugh, Mrs. Sam Hayth

OBITS: Frances A. Wright, submitted by K. Pennay
NEWS-VISITS/RELOCATIONS: Mrs. Harley Harris, H. J. McCarty

JUNE 2016
OBITS: Lois Klinetob, Elsie Morehouse, Mrs. Sena Brown, J. E. Weaver
MARRIAGES: Miller-Bail, Anderson-Berka
NEWS-VISITS/RELOCATIONS: F. D. Fuller, Belle Eck, Ruby Olson, Mrs. J. G. Meyers, Mabel Johnson, H. D. Thomas, Walter Pearson, George E. Cole
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Marvin Schermerhorn, Leslie Vokes
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1910-Masonic Celebration
NEWS-BUSINESS: Laporte Cooperative Creamery
PEOPLE: David Kidd

OBIT: Henry Gaheen, Lulla Arrowood, Kvenbe Daughter, Nora F. Baker
NEWS-VISITS/RELOCATIONS: Carl Mahlum, E. J. Angle, Gene Irish
FAMILY-REUNION: Thompson & Gebo Generations
PEOPLE: Martin Olson

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Leathes Reunion Turns Tragic
CHURCHES: 1921-New Park Rapids Church
WILLS & PROBATE: William C. Branham
HISTORY: Geographic Naming

MARCH 2015
OBIT: Olive H. Davidson, Charles Taylor, Andrew J. Schmitz, C. R. Kennedy
MARRIAGES: Wright-Vail transcribed by Kay Pennay

OBIT: Lloyd Allen
NEWS: (sick/injured) Jacob Mocker
NEWS: (visit relatives) Mrs. O. D. Culver, Mary Kavanagh, T. A. Smith, Mrs. Frank Butler, Hans Ness
NEWS: (people) Andrew Shortridge
SCHOOL NEWS: 1916-Nevis Opens High School

OBITS : G. A. Wright, Oliver Jones, Fred Brisley, Herman Knopke
NEWS-BIRTHDAYS: Herman Gregerson, J. H. Halvorson, Julian Otteson
NEWS-BUSINESSES: City Barber Shop, Nevis Farmers Co-operative, The Nevis Lumber Company, LeBarron Meat Market, R. J. Richardson Shoe & Harness, Wenkheimer Tailor Shop, Ressler & Son
NEWS-SICK: Albin Eskolson, Mrs. Spurlin, Oliver Halvorson, J. H. Halvorson, Mrs. Olaf Erickson, O. P. Vail Pickard Daughter, Stella Carr
NEWS-PEOPLE: F. B. Cannada, Dave Marconnett, J. H. Nixon, L. D. Haight, Arthur Johnson, James Arrowood
NEWS-VISIT: Woolley, Todd, Gutzler, Halverson, Vangan, Redfield, Lewis, Volkes, Halvorson (2), Crowell, Arrowood, Richardson, Stout
NEWS-FIRE: J. M. Bergeson Fire
MARRIAGE: Kaelechle-Hafner
SCHOOLS: 1916-Nevis School News, numerous tidbits.

OBIT: S. A. Lunde

BIOS: Bradford, Hubbard, Huntsicker, Rice, Ricker, Vanderpoel, Walling - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Dec. 2013: Obits: Eaton, Erickson, Healy, Hudson, McLaughlin, Moore, Truhu
Marriages: Allen - Gitchell; Fuller - Huhn; Lane - Robinson; Sjostrom - Bonham; Swinson - Sanderson
Bio: Akeley

Oct. 2013: death certificate record for Brown

Dec. 2012: Obits: Deitz, Johnson, Pennock, Steel
Marriages: Coons - Brennan; Harris - Irwin; Splede - Rude
Birth Announcement: Farrage
Community News: Park Rapids (Aug. 14, 1915)

Oct. 2012: Marriage: Ferguson - Jenkins

June 2012: Obits: DeFoer, Fuller, Parks, Wraight; Marriage: Witter-Gilpin; Bio: Renfrew

Mar. 2012: Obits: Knowls, Spencer, Warring; Bio: Haradon

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Death Index 1908-1915; Bios: Delaney, Dampier

Dec 2011: Court news for BARNEBY, cemetery list

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