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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information 
Adventist Cemetery 453805N 0931018W  
Aetna Cemetery 452542N 0930834W  
Athens Cemetery 452725N 0931136W  
Big Meadows Cemetery 453016N 0930911W  
Cambridge Lutheran Cemetery 453445N 0931330W  
Cambridge Union Cemetery 453332N 0931328W  
Christ the King Catholic Cemetery 453330N 0931329W  
Clough Cemetery 453128N 0932822W  
Elm Park Cemetery 453930N 0931210W  
Gerdins Cemetery 452722N 0931403W  
Grandy Swedish Day Adventist Cemetery 453726N 0931041W  
Hans Larson Private Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Isanti Union Cemetery 452938N 0931348W  
Karmel Covenant Cemetery 453750N 0932458W  
Kienitz Cemetery 453003N 0931826W  
King Cemetery 453224N 0932625W  
Lakeside Cemetery 452910N 0932659W  
Long Lake Lutheran Cemetery 452817N 0932202W  
Maple Ridge Free Cemetery 454143N 0931710W  
North Isanti Baptist Cemetery 453201N 0931250W  
North Maple Ridge Covenant Cemetery 454251N 0931632W  
Oak Knoll Cemetery 453706N 0932432W  
Old Wyanett Free Cemetery 453447N 0932816W  
Oxford Cemetery 452724N 0930530W  
Rice Lake Cemetery 454341N 0931305W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 452953N 0930417W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 453003N 0931722W  
Salem Cemetery 453931N 0932245W  
Salem Lutheran Cemetery 452723N 0930345W  
Sandy Lake Cemetery 453604N 0932939W  
Siloa Lutheran Cemetery 454208N 0932000W  
South Maple Ridge Cemetery 453959N 0931758W  
Spencer Brook Cemetery 453106N 0932509W  
Spring Lake Lutheran Cemetery 453234N 0930323W  
Springvale Baptist Church Cemetery 453749N 0931638W  
Stanchfield Baptist Cemetery 454017N 0931106W  
Stanford Cemetery 452645N 0931933W  
State Hospital Cemetery 453315N 0931413W  
Strike Cemetery 452911N 0931749W  
Wyanett Free Church Cemetery 453507N 0932702W  
Zion Cemetery 452727N 0932750W  

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