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Bessie C. Backman
[Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Sunday, October 11, 1891] mkk
Among the enrollments for the present term - at the new Parsons' Business College and Short Hand Institute - are Bessie C. Backman, Athens, Minn.

H. F. Barker
Source: The Princeton Union (MN) December 15, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

In the Union of Oct. 16, 1878, there appeared the following reference to Mr. Barker, who had resigned the office of superintendent of schools of Mille Lacs county and moved to Cambridge:

"H. F. Barker is a candidate for county attorney in Isanti county; he is the regular republican nominee and will also be the nominee of the mass convention that will convene at Cambridge next Tuesday. Mr. Barker is a talented young lawyer and is in every way qualified to fill the position to which he aspires. If elected, as he undoubtedly will be, Isanti county will have in him a faithful public officer, who will do his duty without fear or favor."

Eugene Boyn
[Source: The Princeton Union (MN) April 18, 1912] mkk
FOR SALE-Two lots in village of Princeton, with barn, buggy shed and pump. Cheap if taken at once. Eugene Boyn, Route 2, Box 21, Dalbo, Minn.

Joseph Brabeck
[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) October 7, 1878] mkk
Jos. Brabeck's house in Cambridge City, Isanti county, was struck by lightning on Saturday last. The bolt went down the stove-pipe, tearing it to pieces, tearing up the floor, and so injuring a little daughter of Mr. B. that she is since quite deaf, and severely injuring Mr. B. about the arms and lower extremities. Dr. Ames was called and attended the injured ones. They are doing as well as can be expected.

J. E. Carlson
[Source: Minneapolis Journal (Minneapolis, MN) Tuesday, June 8, 1897] mkk
Twenty-two candidates, graduates of the Augustana Theological seminary, were ordained for the ministry. The names of the candidates, together with the places to which they are called, area as follows: J. E. Carlson, Athens, Minn.

O. A. Furtan
[Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Saturday, April 30, 1904] mkk
O. A. Furtan, of Braham, Minn., is in the city on business. Mr. Furtan was formerly engaged in the commission of business here and served on the board of public works. At present he is engaged in the grocery business. The farmers in that vicinity are turning their attention from garden produce to stock raising, as the pasture lands make that occupation profitable. He reports the season further advanced than here, and the farmers have begun seeding.

Stephen Herman
[Source: The Worthington Advance (MN) September 4, 1879] mkk
A Tornado last week destroyed all the buildings on the farm of Stephen Herman at Oxford, Isanti county. Loss 1,000.

Mrs. Frank Howe
[Source: The Princeton Union (MN) Nov. 13, 1902] mkk
Former Isanti County, Minn., Man Loses His Spouse.
A telegram from Binghamton, N. Y. last week says: "Frank Howe, of Isanti county, Minn., came to this section a year ago and leased a farm at Sidney. He engaged Don Wear as a farm hand. Wear, who is a young widower, fell in love with Mrs. Howe, and when Howe returned from market Friday they had left with a large part of his household effects. He gave chase, overtaking them on the highway and covered his wife with a gun. She pleaded for mercy and he compelled her to sign an agreement never to return to, or recognize him. Then he told her to take the goods and go on. Mrs. Howe's parents are thrifty Isanti county farmers.

Roy McCrillis
[Source: Council Bluffs Nonpareil (IA) April 16, 1944] mkk
Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCrillis have sold their farm near Athens, Minn., and have moved to the Rinda Motz house in Modale.

John Thompson
[Source: The Saint Paul Globe (MN) October 4, 1878] mkk
A remarkable case of longevity is reported to the State commissioner of vital statistics from Isanti county. That of John Thompson, who died last December at the advanced age of 113 years, 11 months, and 18 days. The announcement of this instance of how life can be spun out in the glorious climate of Minnesota has been delayed by the slow process of compiling the data and forwarding the report. John Thompson came to this State in 1857, from Ireland, and at the time of his arrival was afflicted with consumption. In the pure atmosphere and healthy surroundings of this high latitude, he took a new lease of life, and stretched out his already venerable days to the patriarchal age at which he died.

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