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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list
Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional
Balsam Cemetery 473120N 0932524W  
Bearville Cemetery 474555N 0931050W  
Bergville Cemetery 474715N 0941533W  
Blackberry Cemetery 471117N 0932424W  
Blandin Private Cemetery 471350N 0933152W  
Calvary Cemetery 471414N 0932956W  
Carpenter Cemetery 475135N 0930609W  
Donnelly Cemetery 473313N 0935255W  
Evergreen Knoll Cemetery 473530N 0934622W  
Fairbanks Cemetery 472700N 0940100W  
Feeley Cemetery 470737N 0931627W  
Fredheim Norwegian Church Cemetery 474845N 0933458W  
Gilfillan Church Cemetery 470803N 0940813W  
Grattan Cemetery 474904N 0940528W  
Greenwood Cemetery 473604N 0934849W  
Harris Cemetery 471042N 0932751W  
Heavirland Family Cemetery 470415N 0933024W  
Inger Cemetery 473312N 0935842W  
Keewatin Cemetery 472340N 0930455W  
Lakeview Cemetery 471641N 0932644W  
Lakeview Cemetery 474433N 0933829W  
Lindenwood-Independent Apostolic Lutheran Cemetery 472142N 0935254W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 470929N 0930708W  
Mary Donald Cemetery 471830N 0935440W  
Moose Park Township Cemetery 474346N 0942116W  
Nashwauk Cemetery 472309N 0931138W  
New Wabana Cemetery 470817N 0931608W  
North Round Lake Cemetery 473743N 0940848W  
North Star Cemetery 475140N 0933817W  
Oakum Cemetery 475019N 0941818W  
Old Norwegian Church Cemetery 473601N 0934905W  
Old Soldiers Cemetery 471516N 0933100W  
Olivet Cemetery 472058N 0934954W  
Paulley Children Cemetery 471210N 0934620W  
Peter and Eva Niska Memorial Cemetery 473706N 0940752W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 473813N 0940354W  
Pine Ridge Cemetery 472343N 0934739W  
Popple Cemetery 474254N 0940441W  
Richard R Shadley Memorial Cemetery 471658N 0934530W  
Rosy Cemetery 473929N 0941903W  
Sago Cemetery 470234N 0931320W  
Saint Joseph Cemetery 471914N 0935525W  
Sand Lake Cemetery 473840N 0935625W  
South Round Lake Cemetery 473557N 0941002W  
Squaw Lake Cemetery 473706N 0940752W  
Stakes Cemetery 473900N 0934200W  
Suomi Cemetery 473004N 0934120W  
Teigland Family Cemetery 473615N 0932820W  
Thompson Estates Unknown Unknown  
Tibbets Cemetery 472047N 0935711W  
Townsite Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Trout Lake Cemetery 471344N 0932049W  
Trout Lake Norwegian Cemetery 471350N 0932225W  
Wildwood Cemetery 471522N 0933723W  
Wirt Cemetery 474340N 0935652W  

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