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William Volke vs. Dunn & Marcia
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Thursday, September 9, 1909; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

(Range Bureau of the News Tribune.)

GRAND RAPIDS, Sept. 8.-The decision of Judge McClenahan in the case of William Volke vs. Dunn & Marcia was received here today. The defendants were denied a new trial on a motion and will appeal to the supreme court. The first trial was in June, 1908, when Volke sued for $30,000 damages for trespass on his land near Cohasset, Minn. The verdict for Volke was $3,000. On the motion for a new trial Judge McClenahan declared that a top and stump scale was not sufficient evidence to show a jury.

Spear & Stone appeared for Dunn & Marcia and Price, McCarthy & Wilson for Volke.

Source: The Duluth Herald, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 25, 1910, Volume XXVIII - No. 171.
Grand Jury Charged and Will Consider Some Important Cases
Grand Rapids, Minn., Oct. 25 - (Special to The Herald ) - District court opened at 10 o'clock this morning for the October term. The grand jury was charged by the court and W. C. Gilbert of Grand Rapids appointed foreman. The call of the calendar was then taken up. After deliberating for some time, the grand jury sent word to the court that it had at the suggestion of County Attorney Price, adjourned until Nov. 15. This was done, it is said, to give the authorities a chance to investigate numerous very important criminal cases which came up within the past few days.

The petit jury was not present having been summoned to appear on Nov. 15, at which time it will be expected the grand jury business would be out of the way. The time of the court in the meantime will probably be taken up with court cases of which there is a large grist.

Itasca County Grand Jury Busy
Duluth News Tribune, Duluth Minnesota (Sunday, 20 Nov. 1910) Volume 41,
Issue 199; Section Main News; Page 6; transcribed by Tam

Several Important Criminal Actions Will Be Considered, Including Murder and Arson.
(Range Burran of the News Tribune)
GRAND RAPIDS, Nov. 19.---The Itasca county jury, which is now in session in Grand Rapids, is laboring diligently and is expected to have a big grist of true bills to render to the court when Judge McClenahan opens court on Tuesday. Judge Stanton having gone two Walker, where he opened a term of court Thursday.

There are still quite a number of cases to come up before the grand jury, among them the Gust Lock shooting case, in which Lock is alleged to have fired several shots at Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collinge; the Yancey arson case, which is an outcome of the burning of the village hall; the Calumet murder case, and a number of others as important. There are great many witnesses present who were subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury and who are impatiently awaiting their turn to be heard.

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