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Marriage Licenses

1910 Marriage Licenses
from The Grand Rapids Herald Review (Wed. 11 Jan 1911) Itasca County, Minnesota
Source: Itasca Genealogy Club, Vol. 16, No. 2, page 17.
Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Crawford

During the year just past there was a total of 109 marriages licenses issued in Itasca County as against 113 during the year 1909. During the year 1910 there was also nine divorces granted.
Following are the names of those to whom license was granted during the year by Clerk of Court I.D. Rassmussen:

Lui Olooi to Finto Florri
Albert Herrmann to Lillian F. Endahl
F.W. Martindale to Christine Howe
George J. Fisher to Gladys V. Vipond
Daniel L. Varner to Katherine Huson
E.O. Walley to Nora B. McCormick
Harry S. Callhan to Viola M. Clear
A.S. McCullough to Rhoda Dinwiddie
Paul Magawa to Leah A. Cornwell
Morris C. Buckley to Annie M. Howe
Carl Hanson to Hilda Lovgren
John J. Specht to Lucile Blair
Alphonse Beaudette to Lura Miller

John P. Lanto to Aili Sophie Otilla
Solomon Erickson to Anna J. Erickson
Anton Hanson to Alma Spugte
Joseph Stivers to Gertrude McGinnis
Mike Purpike to Pauline Novek
Nick Aleckisch to Antonija Pesarich
Nels C. Goodwin to Sigrid Nordstrom
Richard T. Glayer to Ione D. Fenley
Evert Neimi to Anna Kokkenen
Percy C. Warner to Adele Burgott
George H. Rice to Mamie Lozway

Frank Morin to Odelia Beniot
Milton Betts to Charlotte McNally
Angus Morrison to Hellen Pethers
William Leclair to Elva Henry
Eugene Tomlin to Bessie Baumgarner
William McVeigh to Alice Witherow
Elias Marian to Anna Ropare
S.E. Bergstrom to Emma J. Benson
Charles Cross to Jessie Rose
Edward F. VanHorn to Veronie Wink

Annti Harma to Aino Waso
S.O. Rigstad to Claire Whilty
John Peterson to Anna Talbot
Martin Halverson to Alice Zeininger

Harold G. Decker to Florence Rogers
Fred Dowling to Margaret C. Sjolund
Oscar Harlin to Mary McDonald
Joseph A. Palmer to Igna B. Evenson
John Anderson to Ina Kulluvara


Joseph Grahek to Franciha Ozajamic
Matt Laurela to Lempi Karvala
Peter A. Anderson to Mildred Preston
John Swanson to Annie Solberg
Willie Jackson to Josie Lyons
Hiram Reed to Blanche Lindley
Clement E. Kerr to Myrtle Gravelle
Anton C. Johnson to Celia Leppi

Frank WIlliam Gran to Susie Bigberg
Hiram Muras to Hilda Lalle
Thomas Lee to Agnes Bertram
John Leighton to Mary Sussman
John Dorgan to Tena Eckstine
Sven J. Johnson to Carrie E. Ellefson
Gustave E. Olson to Bertha M. Kruel
Carl Nurmi to Sandra Sillanpaa
August Young to Abbie Peckela
Fred Gran to Sophia F. Berguist

Marriage Licenses
Marriage Licenses for Oct. 1918
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Friday, 25 Oct. 1918; transcribed by FoFG mz 

GRAND RAPIDS, Oct. 24. – Marriage licenses have been issued here to George G. Lightfoot of Cohasset and Sarah Leng of Wisconsin and Riley Eastman of Grand Rapids and Clarissa Wheelock of Wisconsin.

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