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Local People

Jerry Ford
Source: Oakes Weekly Republican (DT) March 28, 1890; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Jerry Ford has returned from Grand Rapids, Minn., where he has been spending the winter, and will farm his place northeast of Oakes.

Leslie MacDonald
Source: The Duluth Herald, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 25, 1910, Volume XXVIII - No. 171.
MINNESOTA BRIEFS. Deer River - Leslie MacDonald, who for the past year has been head clerk at the Mohr hotel, has resigned his position and will start a hotel of his own at the new town of Remer, on the new Soo road.

Arthur Moses

Matt Saarela
Source: Seattle Daily times (Seattle, WA) Friday, July 5, 1935; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

By Associated Press.
PALMER, Alaska, Friday, July 5.-A rapid reorganization of construction work in the Matanuska colonization project was under way today with Eugene Carr, relief administration "trouble-shooter" in charge as nine colonists' families prepared to return to the states.

Eight superintendents will be put in charge of the building program. About 200 or moere skilled laborers were due here tonight from Alaska points to go to work.

"Things will move." Asserted Carr, sent here after the United States Senate asked a report on conditions after colonists had complained of inefficiency, "and heaven help the man, colonist or otherwise, who doesn't work."

The returning colonists will leave Friday for Seattle on the motorship North Star of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The families with their reasons for returning follow:

Herman Splittgerber, wife and two children, of Hinckley, Minn., because of Mrs. Splittgerber's health.

John Holler and wife of Pine City, Minn., because of Mrs. Holler's health and dissatisfaction with the type of colonists.

Otto Fisher, wife and one child, of Ogilvie, Minn., because of the dissatisfaction with the type of colonists and the country.

Robert Durfey, wife and three children of Cheboygan, Mich., because of "doctor's orders."

Arthur Moses, wife and one child, of Big Fork, Minn., "I am not an agitator or am I going back to condemn the colony." Moses said, "but I feel I cannot do as well here as back in the states. My biggest complaint is the type of houses which will be built. I left a good log cabin in the states."

Clarence Anderson and family, Sawyer County, Wis., "dissatisfied."

Matt Saaerela, wife and child of Swan River, Minn., "I left home with the idea the colony was a cooperative enterprise, but I find the type of people sent here are not cooperative-minded." He said. "We Finns believe in cooperation with our whole heart and soul."

Charles Cousineau, sister, wife and child of Roscommon, Wis., "dissatisfied."

Martin Smith, wife and six children of Ewen, Mich., "dissatisfied."

Lawrence Rossiter, single, of Cloquet, Minn., said he was returning because he did not find the work he expected. He came with his brother.

Some of those leaving still have unpaid bills. They will have government transportation to Seattle, but must pay for their meals and find their way home from Seattle.

Clarence Showwalter
Source: The Duluth Herald, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 25, 1910, Volume XXVIII - No. 171.
Draws His Paycheck Then Drops From Sight

Coleraine, Minn., Oct. 25 - (Special to The Herald) - Diligent search is being made for Clarence Showwalter, who drew his pay check from the Oliver Iron Mining company last Thursday, then dropped out of sight. His relatives and friends fear he has been the victim of foul play. The mining company is exerting every effort to locate him.

L. A. Whittemore
Source: The Duluth Herald, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 25, 1910, Volume XXVIII - No. 171.
Grand Rapids Briefs.
Grand Rapids, Minn., Oct. 25 - (Special to The Herald) - L. A. Whittemore went to Big Falls Saturday, in the vicinity of which place he is the owner of a valuable pulpwood claim, to see how close to his land the forest fires of that section had come. He reports that his land was not touched by the fires, although they came as close as three miles on two sides.

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