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Source: GNIS

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Bethany Cemetery 434627N 0950014W  
Brill Cemetery 434509N 0951144W  
Christiana Norwegian Cemetery 434706N 0950316W  
Delafield Cemetery 434818N 0950810W  
East Belmont Cemetery 434248N 0950128W  
Good Shepherd Cemetery 433629N 0945933W  
Grace Cemetery 433720N 0952341W  
Hauges Cemetery 434533N 0945935W  
Heron Lake Cemetery 434359N 0951124W  
Hillside Cemetery 433620N 0945827W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 433322N 0951112W  
Immanuel Cemetery 434058N 0951105W  
Lakeside Cemetery 434813N 0951856W  
Loon Lake Cemetery 433115N 0950541W  
Norwegian Cemetery 433213N 0952112W  
Petersburg Cemetery 433121N 0945507W  
Riverside Cemetery 433633N 0945934W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 434910N 0951938W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 433239N 0945242W  
Saint John's Cemetery 434319N 0951857W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 433658N 0951645W  
Saint Peter Cemetery 434543N 0951140W  
Sioux Valley Cemetery 433139N 0951818W  
Sunset Cemetery 433631N 0945946W  
West Belmont Cemetery 434214N 0950315W  
Wilder Cemetery 434924N 0951226W  

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