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MAY 2018
NEWS-VISIT: Henry Whitehead, Prof. Ingvie, Mrs. H. L. Watkins, Harry Duit, Fred C. Brown, Mrs. F. J. Bonds, Fred G. Schultz
OFFICIALS: News-Charles F. Serline, Otto Allman, Henry Rines
BIRTHS: Glattly Son
PEOPLE: Cora Hageman

OFFICIALS: 1895 Fire Wardens
OFFICIALS: News-Charles Spreter, J. C. King, William K. Thomas
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Business Directory
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties,
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-H. Bergquist, Ola H. Strand
MILITARY: Soldiers-Floyd C. Tucker, W. Burton, Forrest Tidd
BIOS: Nels Bangson-submitted by Robin Line

MAY 2017
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. G. A. Le Masurier, J. C. Holley, Henry E. Glenn
MILITARY-WWI NEWS: George Paul Rezab
OBITS: George Paul Rezab
NEWS-CRIME: Erickson, Victim

MARCH 2017
DEATHS: Additional 25 Deaths
OBITS: Oscar Boileau
BIRTHS: Beaver Son
PEOPLE: Peter Guyre
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Fuller Mann, Alice Pierce, C. Close, Mr. and Mrs. Parsons, John Runderquist

JUNE 2016
OBITS: Eliza Ann Enyart
BIRTHS: Jasperson Son, Mills Daughter
PEOPLE: J. E. White, Marvin H. Bird
NEWS-VISIT: A. Paulson Family, Tynnie Pendergast, N. J. Benson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1916-Ogilvie Sidewalks
MARRIAGES: Emerson-Anderson, Pearson-Billings

OBITS: Freda Katherine Erickson
NEWS-VISIT: Charles Hanson, G. A. Lee, Edna Roberts, L. L. Phifer, Mrs. Tess Roper
NEWS-FIRE: 1910 Grasston Fire
MARRIAGES: Johnson-Christensen, Olson-Larson

JULY 2015
HISTORY: Geographic Naming
FAMILIES: Devaney Reunion
SCHOOLS: 1915 News Items
WILLS & PROBATE: Hannah Ford Savage
COURT: Charles Ericksen

OBITS : Mrs. A. C. Hanson
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1920-Snow White Deer
NEWS-VISIT: F. A. Starry, Mrs. R. J. Chase, E. S. Parsons, Grace Train
NEWS-PEOPLE: Otto Fisher, Marj Ann Skoglund
MILITARY-WWI NEWS: George Paul Rezab

OBITS : Maude Pettit, Gustave Behnke
NEWS: (Visit) J. Hardy, E. Berg, Mrs. Dave Peterson, Garnet Roper, J. E. Roberts, Edna Roberts
NEWS: (Sick) Hoglund, Tellander
NEWS: (Crime) R. N. Winters Murder
NEWS: (People) Sam Nestrom, A. J. Edstrom, John Sutton, David Johnson, Seymour Brothers, John Runderquist, Zell Robinson, Edward Olson, W. Burton

NEWS-CRIME: Dr. Francis Ilstrup, Illegal Surgery; Charles Nelson Hangs Himself in Jail
NEWS-CHURCHES: Twin Cities Rev. to Preach

Dec. 2013: Obits: Bragg, Hillman, Morrison, Naumann, Peterson, Ramgren, Schmidt
Community news for Mora: 4 Dec. 1915; 25 Mar. 1916; 6 May 1916; 16 Sept. 1916

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Jan. 2013: Obits: Backlund, Erickson, Gudell
Marriage Announcements: Buurman - Andres; Sax - Gudell; Lewis - Lougne; Nystrom - Theorin; Williams - Miller; Ziegler - Mowry
Local Community News for Mora - 16 Oct. 1915, 6 Nov. 1915 and 22 July 1916

August 2012: Obits: Crane, Person

June 2012: Obits: Howard, Morrison, Morse

Mar. 2012: Obit: Mason

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Birth: Newbert; Bio: Newbert

Dec 2011: List of Cemeteries; HANSON obit

Previous Updates:
1860 Federal Census; Index to Surnames in 1870 Census; DREWS, LIVENS obituaries

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