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ALDRICH, Sullivan (inheritance tax)
Date of Payment: July 10, 1911 - Kanabeck county, inheritance tax, estate of Sullivan Aldrich.
No. of Draft: 95299, Revenue [tax paid] : $77.62
[Source: Annual Report of the State Treasurer of Minnesota. Fiscal Year Ending July 31, 1911] mkk

Hannah Ford Savage
Source: The Palm Beach Post (FL) November 26, 1941; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Dade County grand jury recently returned the indictment after investigating the death at the request of Governors Holland of Florida and Stassen of Minnesota.

A coroner's jury had held Savage blameless.

State conservation officers made the arrest, Justice of the Peace E. R. Lowe of Tavernier reported, and landed with their prisoner at Craig, small settlements on one of the keys.

Sheriff's deputies were sent from here to take Savage into custody.

The marriage of the 46-year-old Savage and the former Hannah Ford was annulled by Circuit Judge George E. Holt Nov. 17 at the request of the wife's relatives, who live at Mora, Minn.

Yesterday, County Judge W. F. Blanton removed Savage as administrator of the $75,000 estate.

The couple had been married 54 days when Mrs. Savage was drowned in the Sunny Isles Canal, near here.

The arrest was made by Claude F. Lowe of the State Conservation Police and Deputy Sheriff Bob Combs of Monroe County.

Justice Lowe said the officers gave chase in a Conservation Department cruiser when Savage suddenly cranked up his boat and sped away after Combs had approached the craft.

A capias for Savage's arrest was issued late last week after the grand jury acted, and a widespread search ensued.

At the coroner's inquest, Savage said he was looking at a dredge on the other side of the road at the time of the accident. The car suddenly swerved out of control, he declared, and the next thing he knew he and his wife were in the water.

Mora relatives who brought action to keep Savage from getting the estate included John W. Olson, Nels S. Olson, Mrs. Anna Lielander, Hulda Johnson, Nels O. Larson, August Larson, Roy Larson, Nellie Johnson and Lillian Larson.

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