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Kandiyohi County, Minnesota

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Bethel Cemetery 450629N 0950341W  
Bethesda Cemetery 450054N 0945934W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 450818N 0944604W  
Blomkest Cemetery 445822N 0950011W  
Burbank Cemetery 452036N 0950030W  
Christine Cemetery 445529N 0945705W  
Church of God Cemetery 451605N 0950943W  
Cloverleaf Memorial Park Cemetery 450741N 0950003W  
Colfax Cemetery 452115N 0950528W  
Community Cemetery 445612N 0945249W  
Crow River Cemetery 452341N 0950017W  
Eagle Lake Cemetery 451058N 0950118W  
Early Lake Lillian Community Burial Ground 445845N 0945023W  
East Norway Lake Lutheran Cemetery 451706N 0950810W  
Ebenezer Cemetery 450910N 0945548W  
Endresen Cemetery 451102N 0950623W  
Evergreen Cemetery 445724N 0945954W  
Fairview Cemetery 450114N 0951340W  
Fairview Cemetery 450733N 0950449W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 451748N 0950754W  
Free Christians Cemetery 451818N 0944715W  
Free Church Cemetery 450728N 0950439W  
Gausdal Cemetery 452352N 0945540W  
Green Lake Lutheran Cemetery 451204N 0945551W  
Grove Cemetery 452446N 0944625W  
Hardanger Cemetery 450001N 0950350W  
Holland Cemetery 445449N 0951039W  
Lady of the Lake Cemetery 451620N 0945730W  
Lake Andrew Cemetery 451750N 0950035W  
Lake Elizabeth Cemetery 450150N 0945111W  
Lake Florida Cemetery 451612N 0950450W  
Lake Lillian Baptist Cemetery 445724N 0944910W  
Lake Lillian United Methodist Cemetery 445756N 0945040W  
Lebanon Cemetery 451748N 0945651W  
Long Lake Cemetery 451243N 0950242W  
Lunby Cemetery 451303N 0950722W  
Mamrelund Lutheran Cemetery 451148N 0950927W  
Nannestad Cemetery 451658N 0950909W  
Nordland Cemetery 451753N 0944731W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 450351N 0944640W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 450314N 0945750W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 451812N 0945607W  
Oak Park Cemetery 450408N 0945645W  
Oakside Cemetery 451251N 0944933W  
Old Baptist Cemetery 450450N 0945942W  
Pioneers Union Cemetery 445951N 0945249W  
Roseland Christian Reformed Cemetery 445608N 0950613W  
Roseville Cemetery 452054N 0945004W  
Saint Anthony Cemetery 452429N 0945128W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 450835N 0950614W  
Saint John's Cemetery 450809N 0950837W  
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 451037N 0944614W  
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery 450042N 0951415W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 450832N 0944657W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 450624N 0950341W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 450913N 0945555W  
Salem Cemetery 451200N 0950830W  
Spicer City Cemetery 451401N 0945644W  
Spicer Family Cemetery 451357N 0945644W  
Stockholm Family Cemetery 452440N 0951400W  
Sunburg Cemetery 452228N 0951350W  
Svea Cemetery 450010N 0950119W  
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 450301N 0951448W  
Tripolis Cemetery 450533N 0945626W  
Tromso Cemetery 445839N 0945341W  
Union Cemetery 450732N 0944715W  
Vikor Lutheran Church Cemetery 451108N 0950445W  
West Lake Lutheran Cemetery 451713N 0951212W  
West Norway Lake Cemetery 452025N 0951338W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 451845N 0944824W  

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