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Kandiyohi County, MN

Schools and Education

- - 1895 - - FROM TRIPOLI
[Source: Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN) March 26, 1895] mkk

School has closed in district No. 61, and the scholars are enjoying a vacation. They had a pleasant closing up at the school house March 22nd, and the program was carried out in good shape with songs, pieces, marching, etc. The board of trustees distributed five dollars' worth of books, oranges and candy, and all went home smiling sweet. The thirteen scholars receiving books have attended school 75 days or more, Harry Ekdahl having attended 115 days out of 120. When parent begin to realize the fact that the attendance of scholars is necessary to get "value received" for money laid out, then the educational interest is in a healthy state or condition.

- - 1895 - - NEW LONDON
[Source: Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN) April 30, 1895] mkk

School opens in district No. 8 next Monday, with Miss Lucy Plummer as teacher.

[Source: Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN) May 14, 1895] mkk

The graduating exercises of the Willmar High School will be held on Monday evening, June 3rd, in the court house hall. The following young people are the members of the graduating class: Harold and William Frost, Susie Wilcox, Ella Mossberg, Zylpha Williams, Ella Gould, Henry Johnson, Elias Wennerlund, Petra Roise and Sarah Booth.

- - 1895 - - CLASS OF '95.
[Source: Willmar Tribune (MN) June 4, 1895] mkk
The Willmar High School graduating exercises took place last night at the court house hall. The following is a list of the graduates:

Latin Scientific Course -

Sarah I. Booth,
Harold E. Frost,
William S. Frost,
Susan E. Wilcox,
Zilpha B. Williams.

English Course -

Ella G. Gould,
Henry L. Johnson,
Ellen C. Mossberg,
Petra O. Roise,
Elias K. Wennerlund.

The subjects for the essays of the graduates were as follows:
"The Discovery of Neptune and the Imagination," Ella G. Gould.
"The Function of Roots," Sarah I. Booth.
"Modern Fuedalism," Henry L. Johnson.
"Ancient and Modern Surgery," Harold E. Frost.
"The Friendship of Nature," Petra O. Roise.
"Tact and Talent," Susan E. Wilcox.
"The School of Travel," William S. Frost.
"Influence of Travel," Elias K. Wennerlund.
"The Value of Enthusiasm," Zilphia B. Williams.
"Dux Femina Est," Ellen C. Mossberg.

[Source: Willmar Tribune (MN) June 4, 1895] mkk
Graduating exercises at the Kandiyohi village school occurred Friday evening at the school house.

It was the first graduating exercises held in the district and the class was greeted by a full house, many being unable to gain admittance. The appropriate motto "Aim Higher" was selected by the class.

There were five in the class: - Emma Vadnais, Mary Lawlor, Andrew Anderson, Edward Mattson and Ralph Stanford. Emma Vadnais recited an essay on the life of Longfellow, and his poem Flowers, and both were well received. Mary Lawlor selected Ambition for her essay. Her thoughts on the subject were very true. A boy or girl in the school room who wishes to succeed must be ambitious. He must step from the district school to the high school and higher if possible. He never ought to be ashamed of what ought to be his glory - that he ought to learn more. The ambitious who secure wealth should use it to better mankind and not as Jay Gould, who secured wealth for the sake of wealth. She closed her essay with a very apt quotation - a lyric on action. Andrew Anderson delivered an oration on China and the Chinese. He showed how far behind other countries China is in some respects, and if she had tried to improve as little Japan, she would probably not have come out second best in the recent war between those two countries. Edward Mattson spoke on Honesty. The honest man would be the one who was always successful and that integrity was the corner stone of success and it should be laid early in life. Our first martyred president was called "Honest Abe" and any one would be glad to follow in his footsteps. Ralph Stanford took for his subject Music. He recited Shakespeare's immortal quotation: "A man who hath no music in his heart is fit for treason, stratagem and spoils." No matter whether the music was of the simplest order, it stirred some heart. Dumb animals in many cases being quieted by the notes from a flute. In time of war music is used to spur man on to greater deeds of valor. His closing quotation was from our esteemed poet Longfellow:
"And the night is filled with music,
And the cares that infest the day Shall fold their tents like the Arab and as silently steal away."

Supt. Covell was present and addressed the audience and class. The class then received their diplomas from Mr. C. Gabrielson, clerk of the school board.

The vocal music consisted of four selections given by a quartette composed of the Misses Kate Burns, Phi Harris, and Messrs. C. Peterson, W. Cook, with Miss Blanche Kimball as organist. The school choir sang "Farewell Schoolmates."

Prof Rogulie of the Willmar Seminary gave some very fine selections on the violin. He was accompanied on the organ by Miss Coe of Willmar.

The exercises passed off very pleasantly and creditably to the class and all hoped the school would be able to graduate a class each year.

- - 1897 - - New Term
Source: Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), September 14, 1897, page 1; submitted by Robin Line
(From New London Times)
The New London schools which opens Monday, the 20th, will be conducted, as have the three years past, under the principalship of Mr. E. F. Fink, Miss L. Plummer as teacher of the primary department. This insures another successful term in our school. A Miss Livington, of Castle Rock, has been employed as teacher of the intermediate room.

--1922--Ole Hagen

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 3, rll


Ole Hagen commenced a two month's term of parochial school in Dist. 72 last Monday.

--1922--E. E. Hauge

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 3, rll


Mr. Hauge at the State "U"

E. E. Hauge departed Saturday for Minneapolis to enter the state university to do special work in the department of education.

--1922--Bashful Mr. Boggs.
Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 3, rll


Bashful Mr. Boggs.

On April  6th the Senior Class will present at the auditorium a three act farce-comedy entitled Bashful Mr. Boggs, under the direction of H. H. McNiven. It is a live play, full of action and funny situations. Do not miss it for you will enjoy two and one half hours of fun. There will also be special musical numbers between acts. Admission 25 and 50 cents. Remember April 6th.


The cast of characters is as follows:

Katherine Henderson, Mila Stauffer, Frederick Henderson, Paul Almer, Mrs. Wiggins, Mabel Johnson, Obadiah Stump, Silas Severeid, Frances Whittaker, Edith Carlson, Rosalie Otis, Bertha Polman, Robert V. Bobbs, Stuart Fink, Jean Graham, Helen Fink, Marston Bobbs, Benhart Nelson, Celesta Vanderpool, Elner Olson, July, Sylvia Anderson.

--1922--Inga Imsdahl

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 1


Miss Inga Imsdahl, county nurse, attended the Public Health Institute held at the University at Minneapolis by the state medical school during last week. The lectures and curse dealt with child welfare and health. County nurses from the state were present.

--1922--Senior Class Play

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 1


"And Home Came Ted" To Be Presented Friday and Saturday of This Week


"And Home came Ted" is the title of the play which is to be given by the Senior Class of 1922 at the High School gymnasium Friday evening, March 31, and Saturday evening, April 1. Time: 8 p.m.


The following are the members of the cast:


The Mystery Man,.........................Loyal Tallakson

A rich young lady, .........................Merriam Nygaard

The Clerk at Rip Van Winkle Inn.. Leslie Grace

Lady in Charge of the Inn..............Francis Leslie

The Villian .................................. .Herbert Sandin

The Lawyer...................................Milton Hahn

The Bride......................................Dortha Coss

The Groom ..................................Maynard Berkness

Father of the bride........................Harold Dale

A Honolulu Widow,...................... Ruby Bjelkerngren

A Spinster.................................... Myrtle Yohnson

The Darky Cook ..........................Theodora Nelson

The admission is 50c and 35c.

 --1922--Ancil Danielson

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 7


Ancil Danielson returned to Minneapolis on Tuesday to resume his studies at the University after a weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Danielson.

--1922--S. L. Olson

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 7


S. L. Olson attended the funeral of the late Mrs. August Johnson in Minneapolis on Tuesday.

 --1922--Ancil Danielson

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 7


Visited Classes

Ancil Danielson who was a member of the graduating class of 1921 of the local High School but now attends the University of Minneapolis, visited the high school classes on Friday of last week.

--1922--HOME FROM THE "U"

Willmar Tribune (Willmar, MN), March 29, 1922, page 7


The students who attend the University in Minneapolis from here have enjoyed a few days vacation at their respective homes in this city. The following have been a home: Irwin Dahleen, son of Martin Dahleen; Eugene Ohsberg, son of Eric Ohsberg, Clifford Rodlun, son of Mrs. Cecelia Rodlun; Alvin Nordstrom, son of Isaac Nordstrom; Miss Gertrude Tallman, daughter of David N. Tallman; Earl Curran, son of Mrs. Ida Curran; Miss Adeline Feig, daughter of John Feig; Erwin Norman, son of August Norman; Russell Frost, son of Dr. E. H. Frost; Harold Gilbert, son of Judge T. O. Gilbert; Robert Johnson, son of Mrs. C. S. Johnson; and Florence and Hattie Carlson, daughters of S. B. Carlson; Glen Larson, son of John Larson.

Blancheford Hallin did not come home as he has accepted a position with Dayton's in that city. He will not attend the University the coming quarter. Chester Holm who attended the Minnesota College in Minneapolis has finished his course and will not return to the cities.

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