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Kandiyohi County, MN

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BIOS: Peter Broberg, O. E. Reise, John O. Erickson, Lars Erickson
OBITS: Caroline Moe, Clarice Viola Olson, Mrs. P. Lofgren, Therese Bong, Mrs. S. E. Magnusson, Gertrude Erickson, Oscar Erickson
PEOPLE: Louis Fletcher, Pauline Hanson, Mr. Spicer
BIRTHS: Hanson Girl, Railson
NEWS-BUSINESS: Willmar Roller Mills, Willmar Creamery, A. F. Hanscom, Benj. Williams, Willmar Roller Mills
NEWS-MISC: 1895-I. B. Prather
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: E. E. Lawson, Peter Otterson, Maud Campbell, Mrs. C. Kramer, Josie Griendheim, Charles Olson
SIOUX UPRISING: Capt. John S. Cady
Submitted by Robin Line:
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1897-Railroad Problems
NEWS-MISC: Jonas Johnson
MARRIAGES: Otterness-Lundquist
SCHOOLS: 1897-New Term
NEWS-CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS: 1914-Farmer's Shipping Association, Georgeville Creamery Meeting

AUGUST 2017 Contributed by Robin Line
OBITS: John Alfred Anderson, Elna Anson, William Hoglund, John Buikema, Esther Pauline Knutson, Mr. Anderson
BIRTHS: Lundberg Boy, Samson Girl, Pearson Girl, Halvorson Girl
FAMILIES: News-Norman Family Reunion
MARRIAGES: Straight-Price, Baker-Myers
MILITARY: Sailors and Soldiers - Odland Boys, Private Alfred Week, Roy Lindquist, Bennel Samstad, Chester Nelson, Floyd Wessels, Willard Doss, Harry Paulson, Herman Skuttle, Andrew Victor Lundgren,Ray Franklin Lee, John Peter Soderlund, Cornel O. Dunham, Eddie Dokken, Sailor Frances Gordhammer, Sigvert Rasmusson, Christian Evenson, Ira Patterson, Sidney Ahlborn, Alfia Berg, W. E. Tew, Jr., Lieutenant H. E. Canfield, Sergeant David Swanson, Dr. William E. McLaughlin, Arthur J. Johnson
MILITARY: General News - 1918-More Men Examined for Physical Fitness, Next Contingent Leaves Soon, Boys leave for training at U, A Soldier's Appreciation Letter
NEWS-ILLNESS: Henry Goldenstein, Hattie Nype, Caesar Linn, Eddie Jules, Mrs. Martin Rierson

MAY 2017 Contributed by Robin Line
OBITS: Ole B. Glarum, Anna Hanson, Olson Baby, Peter Pederson, Olaf Alstrom, Peter Coyne
BIRTHS: Ellingboe Daughter, Nelson Daughter, Roisum Boy birth, Ryden Boy, Renstrom Son, Portz Son, Tierney Daughter
MARRIAGES: Lundquist-Boe, Sather-Ostlund, Iverson-Wigg, Steinset-Zielstorf, Bergeson-Holland, Ferest-Tierst, Gorans-Schnider, Fanberg-Peterson
NEWS-VISIT: P. O. Balke and Anton Lucken
PEOPLE: Julius Skaalerud, Henrietta Thompson, Emilie Muller-Eggen
NEWS-ILLNESS: Peter Lokken, Mrs. Swan Gronberg, Leonard Rustad
NEWS-BITS: ~75 News Bits

MARCH 2017
BIOS: P. S. J. Johnson, A. M. Hedin, Fred Linn, L. J. Peterson
HISTORY: Township of Lake Lillian, including First Settlers, Office Holders and Church History
NEWS-ILLNESS: Sick G. M. Dodd, John Batterberry, Ida Wicks
PEOPLE: Emil Newlin
BIRTHS: Grorud Boy

MARRIAGES: Brown-Thornton, Hadley-Henderson
OBITS: Ole Anderson, John Simonson, Martin Brubakken, Archie Amy, Bakke Boy, Mrs. Dahlsten - obits contributed by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS: Hannah Pederson, M. D. Hanson, Jacob Freeze

APRIL 2016
- List. Collection of Victims and Survivor names, family connections and fates.
- Outbreak. The Brobergs and Lundbergs, The settlement and outbreak in Kandiyohi County, The Guri Endreson Story
- After. Monument dedicated in 1891, 1907 Settlers Reunion and placement of Outbreak Markers, 1907 dedication of Guri Endreson monument, Obit for Sven Moe, husband of two of the Endreson sisters, Obit for Gertrude Endreson Erickson

OBITS: John Dahlberg, Daniel Ljus, Sadie Rose Campbell
MARRIAGES: Larson-Loneson, Olson-Thorpe, Anderson-Sander
PEOPLE: Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Wicklund, George P. Gibson, Carl Tollefson
SCHOOLS: 1895-Willmar High School Graduation, 1895-Kandiyohi Village School Graduation
NEWS-ILLNESS: Andrew L. Henjum, Mrs. Jens Peterson, Florence Swihart, Gertie Geer, G. A. Carlson
NEWS-CRIME: Charles Anderson
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. L. M. Landing, Mrs. L. Nasset & Mrs. I. U. Iverson, Bertine Gjilhong, J. T. Stai
BUSINESSES: Erick Hogberg

MARRIAGES: Holmgren-Forstrom, Toldness-Gabriel, Bredeson-Fanchald, Peterson-Westwik, Holmgren-Forstrom, Strand-Erickson, Larson-Sorenson, Negaard-Moen, Wendt-Lindeberg, Negaard-Hultgren
PEOPLE: Wilhelmina Grindhiem, Erick Paulson, Hannah Negard, P. P. Edman, John Peterson, Eric Travaas
BIRTHS: Broman Girl
NEWS-COURT: Geo. S. Grimes vs. Spencer Erickson

BIRTHS: Skoglund Girl
MARRIAGES: Gratz-Maier, Hamann-Johnson, Johnson-Larson
OBITS: Carrie Edlund
PEOPLE: Axel Ostlund, Joseph Patterson, Clifford Hanson
SCHOOLS: 1895 Willmar Graduation
CHURCH: 1895-Swedish Lutheran News
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: T. J. Burr, Christian Larson, Hans Botton, A. Abrahomson
NEWS-SICK/INJURED: Alfred Olson, Morton Bertelson, Koland Boy, Peter Odell

JULY 2015
FAMILIES: Kingston Reunion
WILLS & PROBATE: Minnie Preble

OBITS: I. C. Staie, J. R. Baker, Hovez Sisters
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Ole Jacobson, J. H. Styles, Mrs. Chas. Bergquist, Mrs. K. J. Huseby
NEWS-PEOPLE: Ole Barnstad, E. J. Laird, Charles Meyers

BIRTHS: Oslund, Erickson, Fridlund
CHURCHES: Swedish Lutheran Church News, Lutheran Meeting-1895
HISTORY: Attempt to move the State Capitol to Kandiyohi County. Several news items.
MARRIAGES: Niles-Moore, Nelson-Nelson, Ferguson-Johnson, Payne-Harris, Ostlund-Mattson, Twitchell-Hay, Larson-Larson
OBITS: Alberg, Berg, Chandler, Fosse, Huse, Jacobson, Larson, Madson, Olson (4), Otos (2), Peterson, Rood, Singer, Tronnes,
PEOPLE: Johnson, Swenson, Negaard, Cushman A. Rice
SCHOOLS: News for 1895-District 61, 1895-District 8
NEWS-BUSINESS: Mamre Creamery, Golden Rule, Hendrickson, Noland & Mogren, Swenson and Broberg
NEWS-SICK: Benton, Chandler, Dodd, Erickson (2), Freeze, Gordhamer, Gustafson, Halland, Hanson, Holmberg, Hoglund, Iverson, Kallberg, Larson, Newman, Nilson, Olson, Odell, Ramsett, Troelstrup
NEWS-VISIT: Christian Larson, Charles Nelson, Josie Grindheim, Mary Walberg

OBITS : Albert Frediland
NEWS-WEATHER: 1896 Furious Wind Storm
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896 Steamboat Business

May 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Bio: Johnson - transcribed by Mary Saggio

Apr. 2014: Obits: Friedlund, Larson, Skie - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Birth Announcements: Berg, Brooks, Hoglund, Johnson, Lindblad, Lund, Olson, Patchell, Peterson, Swenson - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Feb. 2014: Bios: Arctander, Brown, Hilscher, Thorpe - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Jan. 2014: Obits: Englund, Fjellman, Garvey, Hanscom, Hardy, Harris, Johnson
Marriages: Bergquist - Malmquist; DeMots - McLaughlin; Dougherty - Lambert; Goddard - Kempker; Jones - Stern; Nicholson - Lundin; Sweeney - Kelly
Bios: Aaker, Almen

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll; Obit: Jenness

Jan. 2013: Obits: Frost, Richie, Sheagreen
Marriages: Anderson - Nickerson; Feig - Ditmarson; Frye - Backlund; Larson - Hedin; Lesterberg - Norman; Nelson - Thimell; Olson - Amundson; Olstad - Mathias; Steberg - Nelson; Storm - Swenson

Nov. 2012: Obit: Nelson

August 2012: Obit: Hanson

July 2012: Bio: Castberg

June 2012: Obits: Beck, Parsons

May 2012: Bios: Anderson, Archibald, Arctander

Apr. 2012: Bios: Egge, Foland, Johnson

Mar. 2012: Bio: Hagen; Marriage: Serruier-Bowen

Feb. 2012: Bios: Almen, Branton, Johnson, Railson

Dec 2011: MATTSON death notice; Drowning victims recovered: BIRCH, CRAMER, TELSTAD; List of cemeteries

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Obit for SWANSON; Fire Wardens, 1895; News Article--Iowans Relocating to Kandiyohi County in 1915

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