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A. C. Butler
Source: The Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) June 6, 1907; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

A. C. Butler, Aged 70 Years, Narrowly Escaped Filling a Watery Grave in Lake Irving Tuesday Afternoon - Was in the Water an Hour.

Through the heroism of Cyril Butler and Hugh Broomfield, two little boys aged respectively 11 and 10 years old, A. C. Butler, aged 70 years, was saved from drowning, Tuesday evening, on Lake Irving.

Mr. Butler, who is the father-in-law of Mrs. A. Butler of this city, and who is here on a visit from Mizpah, Minn., took the little butler boy, who is his grandson, and the Broomfield boy and went to the south shore of Lake Irving in a boat to do some fishing. They tied the rope on the end of the boat to a boom post and began fishing, in a spot about twenty rods from the shore, where the water is at least twenty feet deep.

In some unaccountable manner, the boat was overturned throwing all three of the occupants into the water. Mr. Butler grasped the boom post and the boys took hold of the log that was lying beside the post. The old gentleman was chilled to the marrow b the water, but was greatly encouraged by his two little companions, who beseeched him to have courage and they would certainly be rescued.

The Broomfield boy got on Mr. Butler's shoulders and climbed to the top of the post, from which place he assisted in keeping Mr. Butler's head above the water. The Butler boy baled some of the water from the boat and paddled to the shore. He saw A. A> Carter and another gentleman passing at a distance in a launch and hailed them, but they were too far away to hear him.

The little fellow then ran through the woods and succeeded in heading off the party in the launch. The boy was taken in and the boat was hastened to where Mr. Butler and Hugh Broomfield were battling for their lives in the waves.

Mr. Butler had given up twice, but had been encouraged by Hugh to "hang on," which he did with great difficulty, the boy giving him every assistance possible in keeping afloat.

When Mr. Carter arrived on the scene they found that Mr. Butler was about to succumb to the cold and sink to the bottom of the lake. He had a death grip with his hands on the boom post, and it was with difficulty that his fingers could be unloosened. The old gentleman and his youthful companions were brought to the city and taken care of, and have suffered no ill effects beyond being slightly stiff from their hour's stay in the cold water.

J. H. Condon
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Thursday, July 11, 1907; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

MIZPAH, Minn., July 10.-Work on the new depot has commenced and will be completed and ready for use in a short time. This will be greatly appreciated by our citizens, who have suffered a great inconvenience at times for the lack of a depot. J. H. Condon will be the agent.

Miss S. Foley
Source: The Pioneer (Bemidji, MN) January 6, 1906; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
WANTED - Position as clerk. Have had some experience. Address, Miss S. Foley, Mizpah, Minn.

Commissioner Noble
Source: The Bemidji Daily Pioneer (Bemidji, MN), January 30, 1904, page 2; submitted by Robin Line
Received Sad News.
Northome News: Commissioner Noble came down from Little Fork Sunday evening, driving in the cold all night and previous, day on the account of the intelligence that his father at Belle Center, Ohio, was very ill. On arriving here he wired home asking for further news, and received the reply that his father was buried Jan. 21.

P. R. Scribner
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (Duluth, MN) Friday, April 7, 1911; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

(News Tribune Special.)

MIZPAH, Minn., April 6.-P. R. Scribner, manager for the Duluth Logging company and justice of the peace at Northome, was here today on business for his company. He expressed himself as well pleased with the seasons.

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