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MARCH 2018
PEOPLE: Commissioner Noble submitted by Robin Line
FAMILIES: Jan (John) Polenik Family submitted by Marge Runnakko

OFFICIALS: News-Hugh I. McIntosh, Hugh Vanettan, John P. Wall, P. A. Walsh, Thomas Bailey, Jr.
OFFICIALS: Rosters and Listings-1905-Mizpah Officers, 1918 Ouster Proceedings
MILITARY: Soldiers
MILITARY: WWI Casualties-Yale H. Squire, Mike Prokop

MAY 2017
OBITS : John Kolbe
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1904-Mosquito Plague
NEWS-ILLNESS: Frank Whitford, Jr.
MARRIAGES : Zimmerman-Jensen, Cheek-Fraley
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Mrs. S. Watt, Walter Sharp, Martin Olson
CHURCH: News, 1882-Rev. H. J. Crist submitted by Robin Line
OBITS : James Kinnons, Ronald Gunderson submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2017
OBITS : Hattie Empey
COURT-CIVIL: Haluptzok vs. Peterson, Haluptzok vs. Whitford, Lukenbill vs. Weme, Hillstead vs. Dahl, Bennett vs. Godatte
COURT-GENERAL NEWS : 1907-First Term of Court for New County
NEWS-CRIME : James A. Godette Shoots Charles H. Williams, James Gadotte Indicted for Murder
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1907-Village of Little Fork, 1907-Tax muddle in Itasca and Koochiching County

JUNE 2016
OBITS : Hans Ettestad
PEOPLE: A. C. Butler (includes Cyril Butler & Hugh Broomfield)
MILITARY: Vietnam War Casualties, Korean War Casualties
SCHOOL: 1903-School Bonding
HISTORY: Forming of Koochiching County News: 1906-New County Plans, 1907-New County Organized, 1906-Commissioners Summoned, 1907-Commissioner Legal Standing, 1907-Koochiching County Constitutionality
NEWS-CRIME: Michael Green, Walter Horey, Edward Lacone, Randolph Level

MARRIAGES: Nelson-Vaughan, Adky-McClelland, Francis-Slats
OBITS : Grace Baker aka Eva Gordon, Constantine Schaeffer, Mrs. LeRoy F. Bryant
PEOPLE: S. Foley, J. H. Condon
TOWNS: 1907-Mizpah Boom, New Fire Department
NEWS-BUSINESSES: Partridge Lumber, International Lumber Company
NEWS-FIRE: 1910-Mizpah Fire, George Fraley
NEWS-CLUBS: 1908-New I.O.O.F., 1907-Commercial Club Formed

JULY 2015
SCHOOLS: School Building for Mizpah
CHURCHES: 1909-Union Evangelical
BUSINESS: Backus & Brooks
PEOPLE: P. R. Scribner

NEWS-MARRIAGES: Kuechenmeister-Ryder, Strickland-Kay, Rochon-DeForge
MILITARY: WWI News-James Barrett

NEWS-FIRES: 1910-Mizpah Destroyed by Fire
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1911-Mizpah Bank Closing

Jan. 2014: Obits: Beese, Chambre, Dudley, Durkin, Fagan, Gustafson, Holler, Johnson, LaPage, Laurene, Lynch, Mattson, Spillet, Summerfield; Tague, Taylor
Marriages: Gendry - Sabourn; Hanson - Anderson; Kennedy - Farmer; King - Reval; Kratzenstein - Cain; Langraft - Lalonde; Lindquist - Ahlgren; Matbon - Wise; McDonald - Woolsey; Michelson - Campbell; Sumner - Field

Jan. 2013: Obits: Anderson, Archer, Beemer, Johnson, Lynch, McGill, Recupero, Rorvek, Steinback, Sullivan
Marriages: Aal - Feldman; Berg - Lang; Bloomfield - Raucher; Hanson - Hicks; Harwood - Balmer; Howard - Olson; Johnson - Cotton; Jones - Praught; LaValley - Thompson; Leseman - Foss; Lindsay - Goedman; Logan - Sullivan; Straite - Haskell; Sweet - Leek; Wilson - Johnson; Marriage License: Fickle - Berg
Anniversary: 40th for Kahle
Community News for International Falls - 18 Aug. 1915 and 20 Dec. 1916

July 2012: Obit: Pomeroy

June 2012: Obits: Barry, Meurch, Strauss

Apr. 2012: Bio: Greeley

Mar. 2012: Obits: Billmyre, Drummond, Green, Smith; International Falls History (1915) Bio: Brozich; crime & "sick list" news

Feb. 2012: Death Index 1910-1915

Dec 2011: List of Cemeteries; Crime News; Court News from 1907

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