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List of Lawyers
Minnesota Territory - 1851

Source: “The law register: comprising the lawyers in the United States”
By John Livingston, Joseph Camp Griffith Kennedy, Published in 1851 by the American Legal Association.
(submitted by Veneta McKinney)

St. Paul.
Babcock, L. A.
Becker, George L.
Bishop, P. P.
Lambert, H. A.
Lott, B. W.
Masterson, -------
Murry, William P.
Nelson, R. R .
Noah, J. J.
Phillips, William D.
Pearse, A.
Rice, Edmund
Simons, —
Smith, Charles K.
Todd, C. S.
Wilkin, A.
Wilkinson, M. S.

St. Anthony's Fall.
North, J. W.
Whitehall, Ellis G,

Ames, M. E.
Bartlett, Fred K.
Bartlett & Chester
Chester, George F
Mass, H L
Hollingshead, William

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