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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Bluegrass Cemetery 442009N 0934530W South of Le Center on Bluegrass Road
Bohemian Cemetery 442505N 0933622W  
Calvary Cemetery 441252N 0933244W  
Calvary Cemetery 441833N 0934841W  
Calvary Cemetery 442640N 0933504W  
Calvary Cemetery 442808N 0935403W  
Calvary Cemetery 441845N 0933530W  
Calvary Cemetery 442810N 0934650W  
Cannonville Cemetery 441500N 0933957W  
Church of the Immaculate Conception Cemetery 441432N 0934858W  
Cleveland Cemetery 441817N 0934943W  
Cordova Family Cemetery 441845N 0933529W  
County Line Cemetery 441146N 0933513W  
Dehn Family Cemetery 441455N 0934115W  
Denison Cemetery 441450N 0931547W  
Dresselville Cemetery 442635N 0934856W  
Eklund Cemetery 441306N 0931039W  
Elim Welsh Cemetery 442217N 0935322W  
Evangelical Church Cemetery 442422N 0935240W  
Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery 443145N 0933741W  
German Cemetery 442618N 0935134W  
German Lake Cemetery 441658N 0934312W  
Gish Cemetery 441510N 0933458W  
Gorman Cemetery 441957N 0933958W  
Greenland Cemetery 441230N 0934336W  
Greenwood Union Cemetery 442329N 0934111W  
Gregor Farm Cemetery 441652N 0933400W  
Haugenstein Cemetery (historical) 441545N 0934305W  
Hillside Cemetery 441152N 0932641W  
Hillside Cemetery 442302N 0935059W  
Horseshoe Lake Cemetery 441515N 0933143W  
Kasota Cemetery 441702N 0935752W  
Lake Emily Cemetery (historical) 441850N 0935518W  
Meeker Cemetery 441855N 0934714W  
Mound Cemetery 442655N 0935437W  
Okaman Cemetery 441237N 0933800W  
Ottawa Cemetery 442328N 0935601W  
Pettis - Klaseus Family Cemetery 441522N 0935850W  
Phebe Jones Lakeside Cemetery 441630N 0934430W  
Pomeranian Cemetery 443005N 0933913W  
Richland Cemetery 441306N 0930834W  
Riverside Cemetery 441334N 0932609W  
Round Lake Cemetery 441305N 0934415W  
Sabre Lake Cemetery 441844N 0933832W  
Saint Annes Cemetery 442908N 0935330W  
Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery 442912N 0934116W  
Saint Henry Cemetery 442310N 0934717W  
Saint John Cemetery 442632N 0933717W  
Saint John's Catholic Cemetery 442610N 0933732W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 443237N 0934005W  
Saint John's Evangelical Cemetery 442355N 0935130W  
Saint Joseph's Cemetery 442714N 0934128W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 442342N 0934420W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 442320N 0933318W  
Saint Peter's Cemetery 441503N 0934131W  
Saint Scholastica Cemetery 442935N 0933750W  
Saint Thomas Cemetery 442950N 0934528W  
Sakatah Cemetery 441239N 0933304W  
Salem German Evangelical Church Cemetery 442908N 0934717W  
Savidge Lake Cemetery 441918N 0935209W  
Sharon Cemetery 442502N 0935058W  
Van Blaracom Cemetery 441423N 0933509W  
Wendelschafer Family Cemetery 441645N 0935015W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 441854N 0935622W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 442213N 0934433W  
Yankee Cemetery 442645N 0934151W 

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