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MAY 2018
BIOS: J. H. Hindman
MILITARY: World War I Draft Registration Cards-Otto Oscar Adam, Alfred Johnson, Axel Bernhard Johnson, Charley Rudolph Johnson, Carl Arthur William Johnson, Carl Helmer Johnson
FAMILY: Ira Lundy Family
NEWS-VISIT: Elbert Thwing, Mr. and Mrs. Landru
PEOPLE: G. W. Sibert

OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1878-County Officers
OFFICIALS: News-O. M. Justice, Henry Lookenbocker, H. J. Veros, G. Parker
MILITARY: World War I Casualty News-A. B. Bauman, Lyle Stockton, Joseph F. Fox
MILITARY: Soldiers-William H. Siemering, Rov C. Distel, George J. Lang, Guy S. Porter
WILLS ETC: Inheritance Taxes Paid-Davis, Foldesi, Freney, McGrath, Stiller, Tyrell
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Jack Flemming-submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-CRIME: Livingston Quackenbush-submitted by Robin Line

BIOS: H. Howard Flowers
Submitted by Martin W. Johnson:
CENSUS: Index to 1890 Veteran Census, 1918 Alien Registration Papers Transcriptions
DEATHS: G. A. R. Club Deaths 1886-1906
MILITARY: Civil War and Indian War Veterans
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: Sarah Tobias, Aaron Arnold
COURT : Sheehy vs. Janutka

MAY 2017
MARRIAGES-RECORDS: Abraham-Shultz, Allen-Harrington, Cowan-Abbatt, Epperson-Ayron, Potten-Andrews, Smith-Acher
MARRIAGES-NEWS: Haskel-Williams, Markyton-Williams
CEMETERIES : Bluegrass Cemetery - Burgess, Garvin, Kobler, Malecha, Peterson, Smith, Vath
NEWS-VISIT: Charlotte Long
OBITS : Dar Williams, Willard Chilton

MARCH 2017
OBITS : Julia Maria Baker, Clara Ryan, John Gloss
NEWS-BUSINESS: Cosgrove Live Stock Company
PEOPLE: Mrs. H. M. Price
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Nelson Thwing

NOVEMBER 2016 submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: A. G. Zellmer
OBITS : John Jones, Sidney Bruce
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1885-Flour Mill

OBITS : S. A. Farrington, Asa W. Waite
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1931-Hog Cholera, 1932-Mayo House, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Bert Endres, submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-FIRES/ACCIDENTS: Mabel Braun, Kenneth Felmlee, Aloysius Mager and Leonard J. Mathias

JUNE 2016
PEOPLE: Fred Barnard contributed by the Alberti's
COURT: Martin O'Malley
OBITS : Harriet Darling Cox, Mrs. J. T. Kelly, Ichabod Jackson, Isaac Seeley, Mrs. Fred Riggs, Nancy J. L. Winger, Lillie Goodspeed
NEWS-VISIT: Grace Chase

OBITS : Nona Eleanor Carlstrom, J. Corcoran, Alex Mahood
PEOPLE: Timothy Varney, C. M. Cosgrove, Annie Dickie Olesen
MILITARY: News WWI - Charles Kolars, Francis Kolars

JULY 2015
BIRTHS: William J. Mayo, Nellie Gish
COURT: 1901-Crowded Calendar
PEOPLE: Samuel Dennet

OBITS : James Donahue Mitchell A. Brown, Dewey F. Brown
NEWS-ANNIVERSARIES : Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hess, Mr. & Mrs. A. S. Gish
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1876-Explosion

HISTORY: Early History - Transcribed by Sarah Montgomery
Township Histories - Transcribed by Jan Grant

Summer 2014:
Hodge Family History - contributed by Deborah Less
Education (history) - transcribed by Nancy Overlander

May 2014:
Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Newspapers (history) - transcribed by Kenna Roberts

March 2014:
Military history - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Churches & Religious Organizations (history) - transcribed by Larry Lakey
Bench & Bar - transcribed by Jackie McCarty

Feb. 2014:
Obit abstract: Wemmering
Obit: Koachel - transcribed by Tam
History: Physicians of Le Sueur County - transcribed by Peg Thompson

Jan. 2014:
Obits: Amiot, Blair, Boyd, Goodman
Marriages: Doyle - Roway; Lang - Garton
Bio: Zimmerman

July 2013:
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Jan. 2013:
Obit: Seibert; Marriage: Ryan - Murphy; Bios: Covey, Truax

July 2012:
Bio: Cadwell

June 2012:
Obit: Scheid; Bios: Anderson, Bangs, Cochrane, Harty

May 2012:
Bio: Babcock

Apr. 2012:
Bio: Evans

Mar. 2012:
Bios: Clement, Cosgrove, Grimes, Haga; Marriage: Corwine-Iten

Feb. 2012:
Obits: Donohue, Shafer; Bios: Bennett, Dodge, Harrier, Kisor

January 2012:
List of Cemeteries; WW2 casualties

Previous Updates:
Biography-Mrs. Florence Clayton, Cormier-Pfarr Marriage

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