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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Further Information
Alta Vista Cemetery 443327N 0960912W
Bohemian Cemetery 443724N 0962241W
Briffett Family Cemetery 441544N 0961505W
Calvary Cemetery 443032N 0962418W
Danebod Cemetery 441609N 0960826W
Danish Evangelical Cemetery aka Diamond Lake Cemetery
East Elim Cemetery 442639N 0961658W
Hansonville Cemetery 443505N 0962409W
Hendricks Cemetery 442954N 0962534W
Hope Cemetery 441612N 0960707W
Icelandic Cemetery 442945N 0961052W
Immanuel Cemetery 441515N 0962225W
Marble Cemetery 443447N 0961756W
Marshfield Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Memorial Cemetery 441538N 0961619W
New Grove Cemetery 442551N 0962424W
Pilot Knob Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Porter Cemetery 443657N 0961031W
Saint Dionysius Cemetery 441717N 0960715W
Saint Johns Cantius Cemetery 443015N 0961440W
Shaokatan Cemetery 442405N 0961926W
Stolz Cemetery 441544N 0962414W
West Elim Cemetery 442653N 0961803W

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