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Court Records

Facts Gleaned from Court Records
Source: Early History of Lincoln County; Compiled by A. E. Tasker, Lake Benton News Print (1936) transcribed by: Richard Ramos

B. Danielson: 1918-1922, C. M. Gislason; 1922-1926, Anton Anderson; 1926-1934, John Jordahl; 1934-1936, H. C. Andersen; and 1926 to date, H. J. P. Nielsen.

All the member of the House from Lincoln county up to the early nineteen hundreds, were elected on the Republican ticket. The only resident of the county minus the toga was Orrin Mott, state senator from 1890 to 1894, by the grace of the Populist party.
Facts Gleaned from Clerk of Court Records

The first court order on record is the order of Hon. E. St. Julian Cox dated August 14, 1880. This order provides for a special term of the District Court to be held at Lake Benton, Minn. on September 22, 1880 at 10 a. m. This order was made in answer to a petition from the County Commissioners of Lincoln county, asking for a term of Court. The order set for the reason for not holding the term at the county seat to be that there were not proper or sufficient accommodations at the county seat at Marshfield. The term convened at Lake Benton, Minnesota on September 22nd, 1880.

The following court officers were present: Hon. E. St. Julian Cox, Judge, president; S. McPhail, county attorney; G. I. Larson, clerk, and W. W. Ramsey, sheriff. The first case to be tried was that of John L. Cass, plaintiff vs. Fred Stricker, defendant. W. E. Dean appeared as attorney for the plaintiff and Chas. Butts as attorney for the defendant.

The jury impanelled and sworn were the following: J. T. Brooks, Charles Morse, Charles H. Briffett, George Luddington, H. Enke, R. A. Dore, A. J. Montgomery, D. Warn, G. D. Cole, D. McArthur, R. Hodson and Andrew Strong. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff.

At this same term of court we have the record of the first naturalization proceedings; second or final papers were issued to Herman Sass on Sept. 22, 1880. His witnesses were A. W. Morse and J. W. Bush.

The first record of the granting of declaration of intention or first paper was that of John J. Eggen, filed and issued on December 18, 1878, when G. I. Larson was clerk.

The early judges to preside over the District Court of Lincoln county were E. St. Julian Cox, 1880-1882; H. D. Baldwin, 1882; and B. F. Webber, 1883-1905. The first clerks were M. S. Phillips, 1875-1879; G. I. Larson, 1879-1881; Charles Marsh, 1881-1883; A. E. Woodford, 1883 to 1885; Charles M. Morse, 1885-1887.

The first marriage record on file is that of William Trulock and Mary Jane Worden. Application was dated July 20, 1875 and issued the same date by M. S. Phillips, clerk. The marriage was performed at Marshfield by John B. Wood, a justice of the peace on July 21st, 1875. Witnesses were Clarence Wood and Candan Burdick. The marriage return was recorded on June 15th, 1879.

The first record of birth was that of Agnes Mathilda Vick, born Dec. 28, 1879, daughter of Jonas and Sophie Vick of Drammen township.

The first death record on file is that of Hans Evenson of Hendricks township, who died January 1, 1880; son of Ole and Mary Evenson.

The first notary public commission issued for Lincoln county of which there is a record is that of J. G. Bryan; and recorded on the 15th day of January, 1878. The commission was signed by Governor J. S. Pillsbury.

The first certificate of the State Medical Examining Board to be recorded in this county was that of Herbert D. Jenckes, issued on the 28th day of may, 1884, and recorded on August 20, 1884. William Wakefield was recorded in April, 1885, and Albert J. Cox in October, 1886.

The first criminal indictment found and recorded was dated June 11th, 1884.

The first Real Estate Tax Judgment to be entered was for taxes on the N1/2 of SE1/4 and Lots 6-7-8, Section 27-110-45 for the year 1874, and entered on August 7th, 1878.

The first record of a coroner's inquest was filed on September 10th, 1887, by H. W. Zeller, coroner.

Following is a record of the first Township and Village officers for the office of Town Clerk and Justice of the Peace, according to the records now on file:
Town of Verdi: J. C. Enke, clerk; Edwin Dake, Justice; year 1880.
Town of Lake Benton: S. G. Jones, clerk; N. F. Berry, justice; 1874.
Town of Lake Stay: W. E. Dean, clerk; A. H. Carpenter, justice; 1878.
Lake Benton Vill.: A. E. Woodford, recorder; J. L. Cass, justice; 1881.
Town of Hope: A. W. McGandy, clerk; A. J. Cox, justice; 1878.
Ivanhoe Village: W. F. Miller, recorder; John J. Coglin, justice, 1901
Tyler Vill.: G. F. Stow, recorder; A. J. Cox, justice; 1887.
Town of Marshfield: J. B. Hughes, clerk; J. B. Wood, justice: 1882.
Town of Diamond Lake: W. D. Bryan, clerk; G. H. Hoyt, justice, 1880.
Town of Drammen: Mathew Carver, clerk; S. O. Norvold, justice; 1886.
Town of Shaokatan, Ed. Barnard, clerk; Geo. Waltham, justice; 1879.
Arco Vill.: J. W. Barbour, justice, 1903; no clerk record found.
Town of Ash Lake: E. F. Manchester, clerk; M. M. Townsend, justice; year 1879.
Town of Limestone; Fred Meinzer, clerk; J. B. Nelson, justice; 1879.
Town of Royal: H. C. Cooley, clerk; G. B. Olson, justice, 1880.
Town of Hendricks: L. S. Stegner, clerk; Lars Fjeseth, justice, 1879.
Hendricks Vill.: Ora Andrews, recorder; Oliver H. Moe, justice, 1900.
Town of Marble: F. L. Mennie, clerk; Wm. Parrot, justice, 1880.
Town of Alta Vista: Nels Hanson, clerk, J. R. Steele, justice; 1880.
Town of Hansonville: N. A. Herrick, clerk; Joe Swartz, justice, 1884.

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