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MAY 2018
OBITS: Edward Rockensock, Patrick Ryan
MARRIAGES: Pre 1880 County Records
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. George Hauswedell, Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Frost, Mr. & Mrs. George Hansen
PEOPLE: A. W. Pochardt, Richard Polesky
NEWS-BUSINESSES: J. B. Howe, H. C. Hanson

MILITARY: Soldiers-William C. Dorn, E. Giles
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Bennie E. Johnson, Hery Sverdal, N. C. Howe, Gustav A. Hexum
OFFICIALS: News-Marcus Lauritzen, Robert A. Bigham, G. A. Spellbrink, George Graff, John McKinzie, L. P. Johnson, J. A. Bingham
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1878-County Officials, 1895-Fire Wardens
WILLS ETC.: Inheritance taxes- Anna Dresser, Mathias Van Berg
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

OBITS: Henry John Pope
PEOPLE: Frank Carlisle
NEWS-SICK: Fred Hoskins
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. E. P. Hughes

JUNE 2017
NEWS-WEATHER: 1891-Hail as big as goose eggs
PEOPLE: Knute Iverson
TORNADOS: Survivors 1918-Tyler Tornado

MARCH 2017
MILITARY: Vietnam War Casualties, Korean War Casualties, News item for Harold Ostergaard
PEOPLE: Mrs. E. Moustgard
OBITS: Walter F. Robinson
TORNADOS: Tyler Victims, Grace Combs
NEWS-WEATHER: 1909-Heavy Drifts

JUNE 2016
TORNADOS: Photo-Street Scene showing Tyler Destruction, Death Toll Reaches Thirty, Funeral Preparations, Tyler Victims Buried, Tornado, State Troops Brought In, Adjutant General's Report, Tornado Destroys town except for crowded theater, Funerals and Lookers, Pipestone Sending Doctors, Power Plant, Wire Communication Cut Off, Another Storm
TORNADOS: Tyler Victims, Twenty-seven of thirty identified, Another Death - Mrs. Hans Christensen, Another Death - Mrs. I. C. Johnson, Ray R. Dalton of La Crosse, Wisconsin, S. M. Hanson, Mrs. S. M. Hanson, Mr. Larson, Louis Jorgenson, Bessie Ossen, John Ossen, Henry Harders, Listing of Casualties, Mrs. George Smith, Arnold Smith, T. J. Christenson
TORNADOS: Aftermath and rebuilding, Relief Commission Formed, 1919-Tyler Hospital Rebuild, to Rebuild Tyler, relief requests, fundraising, new hospital discussions, A. P. White Committee Member, After 2 years, New Hospital Contract, Lincoln County Board

OBITS: Peter Hensler
MARRIAGES: Strunk-Monroe
PEOPLE: Clara Barker
NEWS-VISIT: Julius Brandenburg, Professor Welch, Marcus Blegen
NEWS-SICK: Hansen Boy

OBITS: Camilla Krog
PEOPLE: Erick Engbretsen Esbelien, Otto and Arvin Hovde
NEWS-CLUBS: Lincoln County Duroc Breeders' Association- Johansen, Krog, Dorn, Rix
NEWS-VISIT: Glenn Krog, Drake Family
NEWS-WEATHER: 1891-Destructive Storm

JULY 2015
WILLS: Hein Rasmussen
PEOPLE: Leona Johnson

OBITS: Clarence Heasty
MARRIAGE : Dalton-Eddy, Simon-Stegner
NEWS-SICK: Arthur Jensen

OBITS: Christine Nelson, Carl Engdahl

March 2014: Obit: Wilson - transcribed by Susan Geist
History: Early Pioneer Experiences - transcribed by Gary Wysocki
Newspapers (history) - transcribed by Jean Hadley
Political History - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Facts Gleaned from Court Records - transcribed by Richard Ramos
County Extension Activities - transcribed by Richard Ramos
Township History for Hendricks - transcribed by Susan Geist
Township History for Hansonville - transcribed by Richard Ramos
Township History for Tyler - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Church history - transcribed by Mary Saggio
Weather news: The Storm of Jan. 1888 - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Pioneer Reminiscences of Tyler, Lincoln Co. - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Disaster news - Lake Benton Threatened by Prairie Fire - transcribed by Gladys Lavender
Pioneer Reminiscence: Lake Benton's 1st Merchant - transcribed by Gladys Lavender
Roster of County Officials - transcribed by Patricia Roma Stout
Blizzard of 1880-1881 (pioneer reminiscence) - transcribed by Patricia Stout
Tornadoes - transcribed by KT
Pioneer Days in Lincoln County - transcribed by Mary Triplett
Pioneer Reminiscences - transcribed by Susan Geist
Old Settler's Association - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Schools (history) - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Reminiscences of Pioneer Life - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Village histories: Arcola, Benton Lake, Hendricks, Ivanhoe, Lake Benton - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Tyler Organization - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Township Organizations for Alta Vista, Ash Lake, Diamond Lake, Drammer, Hope, Lake Benton, Lake Stay, Limestone, Marble, Marshfield, Royal, Shaokatan, and Verdi - transcribed by Susan Geist

Feb. 2014: All of the Lincoln County bios from "Early History of Lincoln County (1936)

Jan. 2014: Obit: Jorstad
Marriage Announcement: Determa - Nyhuse
1890 Veterans Schedules for Alta Vista Township, Ask Lake & Shaokatan, Diamond Lake & Marshfield, Hendricks & Hansonville, Hope, Lake Benton, Lime Stone & Lake Stay, Royal and Verdi

Feb. 2014: Bio: Cox - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Jan. 2014: Obit: Jorstad
Marriage Announcement: Determa - Nyhuse
1890 Veterans Schedules for Alta Vista Township, Ask Lake & Shaokatan, Diamond Lake & Marshfield, Hendricks & Hansonville, Hope, Lake Benton, Lime Stone & Lake Stay, Royal and Verdi

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Feb. 2013: Obits: Cliffgard, Gooch, Kabot (expanded), Leitz, Olesen, Roos, Soderlind
Community News for Lake Benton (12 July 1898 and 22 Sept. 1898)
Births - "A" Surnames

August 2012: Obit: Kabot

Apr. 2012: Bio: McArthur

Mar. 2012: Bio: Clement

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List

July 2011: Crime news

Previous Updates:
EASTMAN, EICH Obits; Diamond Lake Cemetery Burials; ANDERSEN, BLACK biographies; Births 1876-1882

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