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Source: GNIS

Church Name Latitude Longitude
Albright United Methodist Church 442711N 0954658W
Assembly of God Church 442727N 0954632W
Balaton United Methodist Church 441404N 0955224W
Bethel Fellowship Church 443337N 0955916W
Calvary Baptist Church 442618N 0954710W
Christ Lutheran Church 442700N 0954710W
Christ Lutheran Church 443636N 0954027W
Christ United Presbyterian Church 442659N 0954723W
Christian Alliance Church 441409N 0953729W
Church of Christ 442643N 0954707W
Church of Christ 441359N 0953655W
Church of Saint Mary 443620N 0954038W
Community Bible Church 442703N 0954635W
English Lutheran Church 443630N 0954009W
Evangelical Free Church 442606N 0954857W
First Baptist Church 442709N 0954720W
First Lutheran Church 442650N 0954654W
First Presbyterian Church 441404N 0953710W
Garvin Congregational Church 441249N 0954518W
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 442701N 0954530W
Grace Life Church 442621N 0954749W
Grace Lutheran Church 441859N 0955706W
Hemnes Church 443102N 0960002W
Hemnes Lutheran Church 443330N 0955855W
Holy Redeemer Church 442700N 0954730W
Hope Lutheran Church 443335N 0955922W
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 442802N 0954523W
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 441415N 0953742W
Presbyterian Church 441908N 0955713W
Saint Clotilde Catholic Church 442650N 0954733W
Saint Edward's Church 443351N 0955911W
Saint Eloi Church 443046N 0955327W
Saint James Episcopal Church 442700N 0954731W
Saint James Episcopal Church 442700N 0954731W
Saint Mary's Catholic Church 441410N 0953723W
Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church 441358N 0955225W
Saint Stephen Lutheran Church 442611N 0954743W
Sillerud Lutheran Church Unknown Unknown
Skandia Evangelical Free Church Unknown Unknown
Swan Lake Church 443237N 0954030W
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 442638N 0954550W
Tracy Lutheran Church 441359N 0953652W
Tracy United Methodist Church 441357N 0953700W
Trinity Lutheran Church 441350N 0955216W
University Lutheran Church 442705N 0954525W
Victory Christian Church 441358N 0955242W
Wesley United Methodist Church 442659N 0954723W
Zion Church 442339N 0960142W
Zion Lutheran Church 441410N 0953655W
Zion Lutheran Church 441904N 0955700W

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