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Cemetery Name




Bejou Cemetery 472719N 0955837W  
Duane Cemetery 472506N 0954528W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 471851N 0955905W  
Indian Cemetery 471600N 0953858W  
Lake Grove Cemetery 470954N 0954936W  
North Duane Cemetery 472639N 0954542W  
Pine Bend Cemetery 472538N 0953516W  
Riverside Cemetery 471812N 0955701W  
Saint Agnes Catholic Cemetery 472650N 0953809W  
Saint Anns Cemetery 471114N 0955604W  
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery 472006N 0954815W  
Saint Joseph's Cemetery 471830N 0954737W  
Saint Michaels Cemetery 471750N 0955811W  
Samuel Memorial Cemetery 471548N 0953757W  
Waubun Cemetery 470958N 0955601W  
Waubun Cemetery 471047N 0955620W  

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