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MAY 2018
BIOS: Henry Birkett, Pierre Bottineau
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1905-Commercial Club, 1904-Train Service
NEWS-ILLNESS: Alfred Hawkins
NEWS-VISITS: John Spratt

MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Joseph L. Huber, H. J. Parent, Robert Qual
MILITARY: Soldiers-Robert Qual, Robert Kesseler, Frank Paul, Lawrence Svobodny
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: J. J. Urness, John W. Carl, James McIntosh, Henry C. Harty

MARRIAGES: 400 Marriage Records Added

JUNE 2017
OBITS: Nettie Barton
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
PEOPLE: William Hole-In-The-Day
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1906 Baseball, 1905-Road Improvements, 1905-Better Mail Service

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Charles Seice
PEOPLE: Henry Birkett, Hole-In-The-Day and Ignatius Hole-In-The-Day
NEWS-ILLNESS: Julia Steensland, Mamie Jordan
NEWS-COMMUNITY: Twin Valley Phone Service, 1905-Mahnomen Phone Service
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION: (Rulings) 1886-Chippewa to cede land, 1896-Reservations to Open, 1896-Million Acres Open to Settlers, 1897-Indian Experiment, 1894-Resolution
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION: (News) 1895-Indian Troubles, 1898-Pillager Complaints

JUNE 2016
PEOPLE: John W. Carl, Fred and James Glass
HISTORY : New County News - 1905-Want to Form New County, Petition, 1906-New County Assured
NEWS-BUSINESS: 1905-Banking, Henry Birkett, C. M. Birkett, J. M. Diment, 1904-New Bank, Cassius M. Sprague, Lewis Campbell
DEATHS: After 1964 - Fliflet, Folstrom, Jedlicka, Johnson, London, McKenzie, Swanson, Thompson
COURT & LEGAL: Gus H. Beaulieu, Star Bad Boy, deputy game warden makes arrests.
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION: 1906-Robbing the Indians, 1905-Greedy men may lose, 1909-Officers Imprisoned

WHITE EARTH RESERVATION-NEWS: 1871-Starving White Earth Residents; 1872-The New Policy; 1873-Pembina County Indians, Financial Scandal, Engineers; 1874-Generosity; 1875-Two Indians Killed, Building New Huts for Winter
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION: 39th Anniversary Celebration of White Earth Reservation
COURT & LEGAL: Bernard M. Dahl
NEWS-CRIME: Wah-We-Yea-Comig

PEOPLE: George Leith, Star Bad Boy and Fred Big Wind, Marane Fitsch
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: E. B. Glass or C. B. Glass
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION : 1909-Indians to Pay Taxes on Lands
HISTORY : 1907-New county may be dissolved
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1909-Saloon Closing Aids Mahnomen
COURT & LEGAL: 1909-Ordered to Stop Sale of Liquor, 1909-US Officers are Seeking Release, 1909-Citizens Defy,

HISTORY : News Items: Mahnomen People Want New County, New County of Mahnomen, Opposition to formation of Mahnomen County, Not enough population to be a county
OBITS: Pym-Way-Gwon-Abe
PEOPLE: Grace Weston
NEWS-BUSINESS: 1907-New Bank, Henry Birkett, B. L. Fairbanks Co.
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1905-Plaintalk Newspaper, 1907-Women Build Sidewalk

JULY 2015
WILLS & PROBATE : Chester A. Congdon
SCHOOLS : 1914-School Dedicated
COURT : 1907-Court held in church
FAMILIES : Widme Brothers
MILITARY: William Mitchell
WHITE EARTH RESERVATION: (court rulings) 1913-Sale of Land

NEWS-VISIT : Sara Wibbels, Mrs. C. Kramer
NEWS-PEOPLE : Clifford Hanson, Emma Bystrom, E. J. Lambert

OBITS : Elma M. Conlan, James Desautel, Sam St. Pierre

Feb. 2013: Obits: Cooper, Trovic; Marriages: Cooper - Aamoth; Rice - Anderson; Church News: New Pastor for Mahnomen;
Disasters: Blaze at Waubun; History: Indian County Land of Future

June 2012: Obit: DeMarre

Feb. 2012: Births (1935); Deaths (1908-1920)

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries

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Ojibway Indian Names; 1860 Federal Census; 1865 State Census

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