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John Anderson
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) Jan. 4, 1900 ] mkk
John Anderson was appointed janitor at the new kourt house this afternoon at a salary of $35 per month.

O. P. Bjorklund
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) August 25, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination of county treasurer on the republican ticket, subject to the approval of the voters of the county at the primary election to be held September 20, 1910. If honored with an election will discharge the duties of the office carefully and to the satisfaction of the people.
Alvarado, Minn.

T. R. Davis
Source: Warren Sheaf (Warren, MN), January 5, 1881, page 1; submitted by Robin Line
Mr. T. R. Davis, came home from Crookston on Saturday evening, but returned again Monday. He reports work in the carpenter line quite brisk at that point. So it will be here, in a short time if, the building, that are talked of now, are erected during the balance of the winter and early spring.

Anna Forsberg
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) Jan. 4, 1900 ] mkk
Miss Anna Forsberg returned home on Sunday last from Spruce Valley, where she has just closed a three month's term of school.

Lillie Lindquist
Source: Warren Sheaf (Warren, MN) December 23, 1914; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

More than 1600 girls entered the bread-making contest conducted by the Extension Division of the Minnesota College of Agriculture this year. More than half of this number completed the work of the contest. One hundred bread-making clubs, representing 67 counties, also participated.

Among the winners of individual prizes in Class B is Lillie Lindquist, of town of Viking, who won the second prize of $20. Her standing was 89.4. Mildred Lofgren of Ulen, Minn., won first prize of $25, her standing being 89.4.

The Viking Bread-making club carried off the first club prize in Class B consisting of $25, its standing being highest, namely 84.3.

Charley Mansel
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) January 19, 1881; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Charley Mansel removed from Florence, Goodhue county, to Crookston, last spring. On the morning of December 28th, he went out hunting, expecting to return the same evening. His brother at Frontenac has been informed that Charley has been missing ever since, and is supposed to have perished in the storm which occurred on that day. [Lake City Leader]

This Week Mr. Mansel came into the office and showed us the above clipped from the Leader, and says that on that day did not find snow enough to loose anything, and also that he has not seen a snow storm since he came up to this county. Those living in the southern part of the State, think when they have a little snow there, that we, up on the upper edge, must be completely buried, which is not the case. Come up to Marshall Co., if you want to escape the blockades and snow storms and where they raise 40 bushels to the acre.

George H. McCrea
Source: Warren Sheaf (Warren, MN), January 5, 1881, page 1; submitted by Robin Line

The dance at Geo. H. McCrea's, came off as noticed a few weeks ago, on New Year's eve, and a very pleasant affair it was. Everybody went to have a good time, and enjoy themselves for the last time during 1880 and the first of 1881. The supper was excellent, and done great credit to Mr. and Mrs. McCrea. There were some 20 or 25 couples present, the floor was ably managed by Mr. A. P. McIntyre. The dancing was kept up until about 4 o'clock a.m., when the company wished each other a happy new year and journeyed homeward.

Andrew Peterson
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) Jan. 4, 1900 ] mkk
Andrew Peterson is erecting a large frame barn on the place he bought from J. J. Waller, who got sick of the country and went back to Chicago. Good thing for land to change hands sometimes.

Martin Sands
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) August 25, 1910; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination of Sheriff for Marshall county on the Democratic ticket and respectfully solicit the support of the voters at the primary election to be held Sept. 20th, 1910. If elected to that office, it shall be my highest ambition to discharge its duties faithfully and impartially to the best of my ability.
Alvarado, Minn.

Bennie Stovig
Source: Grand Forks Daily Herald (Grand Forks, ND) Saturday, August 15, 1908; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Disappears After Leaving His Grip for Safekeeping with DeMers Avenue Man - Description.

Bennie Stovig, who is nicknamed McGuire, left a telescope grip in M. Cleary’s place, near DeMers avenue bridge on Tuesday and said he was going over the river to get a drink. He has not been seen since and it is feared he may have fallen in the river or meet with foul play. His home is in Alvarado, Minn. He is about 5 feet 10 inches in height, weighs 165 pounds, is light complexioned, aged about 23 years, and wore a dark suit of clothes. Anyone who knows of his whereabouts is requested to notify Chief O. Overby, who has been asked to find him.

L. Sundin
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) February 13, 1913; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Through the columns of this paper we desire to extend our most sincere and heartfelt tahnks to all friends and neighbors, for their assistance at the funeral of our beloved wife and mother, and for their many kind expressions of sympathy; and especially do we wish to thank those who arranged for the music and the beautiful flowers. May God bless you all, dear friends.
- L. Sundin and Children, Alvarado, Minn.

Lars Sundin
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) April 24, 1913; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

FOR SALE - I wish to sell my place of business and stock of harness goods and shoes. For information apply to Lars Sundin, Alvarado, Minn.

Anna Vold
[Source: Warren Sheaf (MN) Jan. 4, 1900 ] mkk
Miss Anna VOld, a sister of Mrs. L. Halvorson, has recently returned from Michigan, where she has spent the last four years.

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