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- - 1902 - - SCHOOL DISTRICT 36
Source: Warren Sheaf (MN), Nov. 21, 1902, page 8; submitted by Robin Line

School district No. 36 are preparing for winter school. They are building a barn for the accommodation of teams.

Source: Warren Sheaf (Warren, MN) March 13, 1902, page 1; submitted by Robin Line

School Report.

Report of school in District No. 69, Newfolden, Minnesota, for the term ending March 7th, 1902.
Number of pupils enrolled . . . . . 55
Number of days attended by all . . . . . 3840
Average daily attendance . . . . . 32

Those perfect in attendance during the term are:-John Ihle, and Olga Bjorsnes. During fifth month: Olga, Emelie and Anna Bjorsnes, Iver Iverson, Inga and Albert Sorenson, Regina Engstrom, John, Milla and Christ Ihle. During last month: Iver Iverson, Carl Martin, Regina Engstrom, Inga Sorenson, Olga and Annie Bjorsnes, John Milla and Christ Ihle.
Cora E. Shelly, Teacher.

The following applicants for teachers' certificates at the February (1907) examinations have been granted certificates as follows:
First grade.
Helen Rankin, Juvik.

First grade, conditional.
Mario Burgess, Thief River Falls.

Complete second grade.
Josephine Bourque, Ellerth.
Amelia A. Hogberg, Foldahl.
Hilda L. Rud, Viking.
E. R. Sheppard, Stephen.
Hattie E. Williams, Stephen.
Anna Gustafson, Herb.
Adelaide L. Halden, Ada.
Amanda Hage, Halstad.

Conditional second grade.
Clara E. Pagoberg, Vega.
Emelia G. Gratzek, Stephen.
Laura Hanson, Argyle.
Mrs. P. O. Hanson, Strandquist.
Emma M. Jonas,Moorhead.
Gunda J. Johnson, Rockstad.
Edna L. Laurie, Gatzke.
Louise Loveid, Newfolden.
Anna Lundin, Stephen.
Curtiss G. Williams, Stephen.
Ethel S. McLorinan, Stephen.

Limited second grade.
Annie L. Bjorsness, Klep.
Mabel Roan, Germantown.
Minnie A. Brown, Germantown.
[Source: "Warren Sheaf". (Warren, Marshall County, MN), March 21, 1907 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

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