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MAY 2018
WILLS/PROBATE: Hugh C. Diamond
OFFICIALS: News-Greely Carr, Warren A. Saetre
PEOPLE: John Anderson, Anna Vold, Andrew Peterson, Anna Forsberg
NEWS-BIRTH: Lokstad Girl
NEWS-VISIT: Sanna and Anna Ahlberg
NEWS-BUSINESS: John Ljungberg, J. A. Johnson
COURT: Hayes vs Johnson, McAvoy vs. Hugan, Jarvais vs. Ingerson, Hoyoz vs. Christenson, Laberge vs. Larne, Hoyoz vs. Heirs
SCHOOLS: Students-Leonard Erickson, Maurine Frank, Hannah Smith, Anna Ahlberg, Ina Powell

MILITARY: Soldiers-Theodore Hilleboe, P. J. Swenson, Oscar Erickson, Peter Edwardh, Albert Golden
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Hilding Lindberg, Erick Alfred Morberg, John August Allen, Joseph G. Erickson
WILLS/PROBATE: Inheritance taxes-Herman A. Behrns, Thomas Clear
Contributed by Robin Line
OFFICIALS: News-John P. Lundin
NEWS-PEOPLE: T. R. Davis, George H. McCrea
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1881-Hutchinson Singers
NEWS-CRIME: Peter Vanderhoof
MARRIAGE: Brown-Roseno

OBITS: Godfrey Arvesen - Submitted by Robin Line
OFFICIALS: Rosters - 1895 Fire Wardens
OFFICIALS: Individuals - Frank Green
BIOGRAPHIES: Gaspard Ethier, Alfred Labine, Ernest Cleem

JUNE 2017
OBITS: John C. Bennewitz, John R. Walters, Charles L. Stevens, Charles Wentzel, Riley E. Kezar
PEOPLE: Charley Mansel
Submitted by Robin Line:
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1901-Five Deaths Due to Typhoid Fever
NEWS-VISIT: Gurina Iverson
OBITS: John McCleman, Mrs. Russel
SCHOOLS: 1902 Districts 36 and 69

MARCH 2017
OBITS: Anders Zackarias Holmlund
BIOS : Evart Dagoberg, Peter Holm, Lafayette Lamberson
PEOPLE: L. Sundin, Lars Sundin
NEWS-WEATHER: 1912-Snow in September

JUNE 2016
BIOS : Charles Wittensten, Harry L. Wood
PEOPLE: Lillie Lindquist
MARRIAGES: Peterson-Hawkins
NEWS-VISIT: John Hornstine
NEWS-WEATHER: 1892-Destructive Hail Storm
NEWS-CRIME: Maggie Conway
NEWS-BUSINESS: Henry O. Bennewitz, Mark Stephens
NEWS-SICK: Mrs. T. R. Davis

OBITS : Marie Tinglum
MARRIAGES: Stamnes-Elseth
PEOPLE: Martin Sands, O. P. Bjorklund
WILLS & PROBATE: Peter Bjorklund, John Leftstad
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Ole Sands, Helen Loen

JULY 2015
WILLS & PROBATE: Silas Merriam
COURT: Bernt H. Wigen, Mads O. Vinje
FAMILIES: Karr Family

OBITS : Clarence Sudin
MARRIAGES: Larson-Johnson, Peterson-Anderson, Scilley-Paulson, Rergan-Paulson, Worth-Gorder

NEWS-PEOPLE: Bennie Stovig
NEWS-VISIT: Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dahlberg, A. N. Hill
CHURCHES: 1915-Swedish Lutheran News

Apr. 2014: Bio: Jones - transcribed by Nina Kramer

Mar. 2014: Obits: Cook, Hansen, Johnson, Larson, Lundstrom, Paulson, Sands - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Birth Announcements: Burch, Erickson, Haugen, Sipes - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

July 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Feb. 2013: Obit: Fossell; Marriage: Carlson - Hotlberg; 1890 Veterans Schedule for the towns of Argyle, Augsburg and Sinnot, Comstock and Viking, McCrea, Middle River, Nelson Park and West Valley, New Solum, Oak Park, Wanger & Warren

Oct. 2012: Marriage: Risberg - McFarland

May 2012: Bio: Bagley, Bakke

Apr. 2012: Bios: Eriksson, Fosburg

Mar. 2012: Bio: Chapin, Grindeland; Marriages: Hoveland-Blake, Larson-Lunde, Schafer-Obst

Feb. 2012: Local news (1880 & 1881); Marriages: Antonson-Klabol, Holmstrom-Edlen, Kirby-Kezar; Bio: Bratrud; sick list: Flint, Holly

Jan 2012: WILLEY obit

Dec 2011: MARSHALL bio, CASE obit; gossip and sick list newspaper gleanings; County History: towns, townships, rivers and their names; 1st and 2nd grade teaching certificates granted; Korean War Casualties; World War 2 Casualties

Apr 2010: Schouweiler Biography

Aug 2009: obit for Gajeski

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