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1883 Pensioners on the Roll 

Transcribed by: Mamre Wilson

Certificate # Name of Pensioner P.O. Address Cause for Pension Mo.Rate Orig.Date
Sturdevant, Fletcher F. Cedarville w.l. hip & loss part r. ind. fin  $6.00
Hand, Asa C. East Chain Lakes father $8.00 Apr., 1880
Hazelton, Rebecca East Chain Lakes mother $8.00
Young, Elizabeth East Chain Lakes widow 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1879
85,655 Sisson, Eli East Chain Lakes g.s.w. left arm  $2.00 Jan., 1869
40,350 Hendricks, Thos. C. East Chain Lakes g.s.w. left arm $8.00
166,707 Barden, Albert East Chain Lakes injury to abdomen $10.00 Apr., 1880
Mather, Sarah A. East Chain Lakes $8.00
Bird, Wm. J. Fairmont wd.l. knee  $5.00
Houghtaling, Abram Fairmont wd.l. leg  $6.00
Ford, Robert J. Fairmont rheum  $4.00
Fuller, Judson W. Fairmont wd. of abdomen & dis. Lungs $6.00 Nov., 1877
Frazier, Jerome Fairmont loss l. leg  $24.00
Foster, Ezra H. Fairmont frac. ribs & inj. to abdomen $10.00
Foucher, Alison Fairmont dis. of lungs  $8.00 May, 1880
Johnson, Wm. H. Fairmont dis. of lungs  $6.00
Kendall, Gad Fairmont chr. diarr  $4.00 Mar., 1881
Rice, Henry W. Fairmont dis. lungs, result of measles  $8.00 Apr., 1882
Berry, Edwin Fairmont chr. diarr  $4.00 Mar., 1882
Everett, James H. Fairmont wd. r. leg  $12.75
Sackett, Dudley P. Fairmont chr. catarrh  $2.00 Feb., 1882
Swearingen, Wm. H. Fairmont sunstroke & resulting nervous preostration $18.00 Oct., 1880
Stewart, James Fairmont wd. r. arm  $2.00
Whitney, Thoop B. Fairmont wd. r. hip  $2.00
32,472 Stinchfield, Lorenzo M. Horicon wd. r. ankle $14.00
92,852 Moats, Perry Monroe wd. r. leg  $2.66-2/3
Bird, Ann Nashville Centre widow $8.00 Mar., 1880
23,192 Litchfield, Albert Nashville Centre wd. l. arm $6.00
Hinton, John M. Nashville Centre chr. rheum., res.dis.of heart  $18.00 Apr., 1878
Town, Abraham R. North Star rheumatism  $4.00 Jan., 1882
Measor, John Sherburne fracture of tibia from wd  $8.00
Farmer, James P. Sherburne wd. l. hand 
Call, Stephen F. Sherburne total blindness $72.00
Bassett, Wm. O. Sherburne wd. r. forearm  $4.00 Mar., 1879
Mellwain, Charlotte Tenhassen widow $8.00
Hubbard, Wm. Tenhassen malarial poison'g, dis.spleen result'g dis. lungs, l eye & dis. abdomianl viscera $4.00 Aug., 1882
Gould, John W. Tenhassen inj. to abd. & dis. of liver  $8.00 Apr., 1882
Jennings, Daniel Tenhassen fracture l. thigh  $8.00
Alton, Daniel D. Tenhassen wd. r. thigh  $4.00
Remyan, Henry H. Tenhassen w. r. leg, r. knee, res. in varicose veins $8.00 Mar., 1879
Wilson, Hugh C. Tenhassen wd. l. hand with loss part middle finger  $4.00 Jan., 1882
Clark, Hiram Tenhassen chr. diarr. resulting disease of abdominal viscera $6.00 Nov., 1880
Decker, Artemus L.M. Tenhassen w.l. knee, res. vari. Veins $8.00
Watkins, Malinda Welcome mother $8.00

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