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Source: GNIS
May not be a complete list

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional
Barvel Cemetery 434458N 0942851W  
Calkins Farm Cemetery 433200N 0941901W  
Calvary Cemetery 433804N 0942742W  
Cedar Hill Cemetery 434620N 0944632W  
Cedar Lake Cemetery 434752N 0944355W  
Cedar Lutheran Cemetery 434817N 0944853W  
Center Chain Cemetery 433121N 0942655W  
Center Creek Cemetery 434236N 0941656W  
Elm Creek Cemetery 434306N 0944404W  
Emmanuel Cemetery 434211N 0943728W  
Fairview Memorial Park Cemetery 434040N 0942832W  
First Lutheran Cemetery 434518N 0944547W  
Half Moon Cemetery 433520N 0943306W  
Holy Family Catholic Cemetery 433327N 0942238W  
Horicon Cemetery 434551N 0942729W  
Immanuel Cemetery 434205N 0942933W  
Lake Belt Cemetery 433207N 0944028W  
Lake Fremont Cemetery 433409N 0944630W  
Lakeside Cemetery 433938N 0942827W  
Lone Cedar Cemetery 433700N 0944253W  
Nashville Cemetery 434933N 0941826W  
North Star Cemetery 434536N 0943421W  
Oakwood Cemetery 433340N 0942235W  
Pleasant Prairie Cemetery 433603N 0942050W  
Rose Lake Cemetery 433817N 0942125W  
Saint James Cemetery 434536N 0942433W  
Saint Lukes Cemetery 433911N 0944248W  
Saint Olaf Cemetery 435045N 0944626W  
Saint Paul's Evangelical Cemetery 434026N 0943721W  
Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 433340N 0943223W  
Sherburne City Cemetery 433844N 0944340W  
Teitje Farm Cemetery 433158N 0943230W  
Tenhassen Cemetery 433146N 0943517W  
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery 434026N 0943716W  
True Farm Cemetery 434600N 0942351W  
Waverly Lutheran Cemetery 434816N 0943622W  
Welcome Cemetery 434000N 0943830W  
Westford Cemetery 434958N 0942240W  
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 434353N 0943249W  

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