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Source: History of Martin County by Wm. H. Budd, published by The Independent, 1897, Fairmont, Minn.; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

PAGE - 18
The first camp meeting held in the county was held at Tuttle's Grove and lasted a week. It was a sort of a union meeting of the several religious denomination and resulted in great good. There had previously been a lack of church organization, and new countries need churches as well as the older ones. The people took an active part in the conducting of the meetings, but they were much annoyed by the mosquitoes.

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The commissioners met in session June 2nd, 1862, all present. A. C. Dunn was allowed $15 for acting as county attorney in the case of the State versus Morse. The contract for building the County house was let to W. W. Carrington, for the sum of $200. Mr. Carrington hauled the lumber from Shelbyville, and let the contract for the work to W. H. Budd. The sills, floor, joist and rafters were cut in the grove and hewed by hand. This is the building that was used for twenty years for county offices and court purposes, also used for holding public meetings. In it was held the first Sabbath school of the county. It was also used, at the time of the establishing of a fort her, by the officers and men. This building is now standing in fair condition southeast of the present court house, and was sold by the commissioners on the completion of the present building to A. L. Ward who reports the roof and sides, and the plastering to be in good condition, and that he believes the builders did an honest job. There were a number of preachers in the county by this time and on the completion of this building they would take turns in holding meetings every Sunday. The church rules and regulations were held somewhat loose at this time, the hand of fellowship and good will was extended alike to the Presbyterian, Baptist or Methodist.

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In the summer of 1864 the first Sunday School was established in the county. It was held in the old courthouse. The children came from long distances and all the members of different churches then acted as one, there were no divisions. Baptists, Methodists, Congregationalists, Presbyterians all worshiping at the same altar.

PAGE - 105
Rev. Adam Simpson took charge of the Congregational church here and took an active part in getting their church building built. Our English friends had already this year built the Episcopal church which was the first church building in Fairmont.

- - 1909 - - REV. RICHARD WATT
Source: The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL) November 9, 1909; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
- Rev. Richard Watt, pastor of the Congregational church, left yesterday for Ceylon, Minn., where he will perform a marriage ceremony for one of his former parishioners. He has also been requested to remain in Ceylon over Sunday and to occupy the pulpit of the Congregational church of the city at that time. On his return home next week he will spend a day or two with a friend at Albert Lea, Minn.

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