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Martin County Minnesota 
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Source: History of Martin County by Wm. H. Budd, published by The Independent, 1897, Fairmont, Minn.; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

In October, 1857, the north half of section 8, town 102, range 30, was surveyed for a town site by the Des Moines and Watonwan Land Company, and was called Fairmount (afterwards by petition changed to Fairmont). The same company had located several town sites for speculative purposes, the law then allowing parties who wanted to establish town sites to hold a section of land by having a house built on each quarter section. This house was to represent store, blacksmith shop, hotel and carpenter shop. This company wanted some houses built and tried to negotiate with the writer for building the same. Having heard before of town site speculators we agreed with them that we would build one house, and if that was paid for we would build the others. E. B. Hall, A. L. Sharpe and myself built the first house on the town site. The building of this house was not paid for, and there were no more built. This company surveyed and made a plat of Fairmont, which has since been copied by Deputy Surveyor Sawyer, but was void as they never required any title to the land.

In the fall of 1857 Gov. S. Medary appointed I. S. Fisher, A. L. Sharpe and Wm. H. Budd as commissioners to organize the county of Martin and locate the county seat. These parties met December 16th, 1857, and organized the county and established the county seat of Martin County at Fairmont. I. S. Fisher was made chairman of the board of commissioners, E. Cook Smith register of deeds and clerk of the board of county commissioners, B. C. Hinkle, treasurer; Isaac A. Lewis, sheriff. There were no appointments made of probate judge or clerk of court. The commissioners had their first meeting January 4th, 1858, when they completed the list of officers, but most of them failed to qualify, salaries too small for an object, no salaries being paid for the first two years.

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