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County Information

Founded March 1, 1856
Named for Martin McLeod, an early fur trader
Seat Glencoe
Largest city Hutchinson

* Biscay * Brownton * Glencoe * Hutchinson * Lester Prairie * Plato
* Silver Lake * Stewart * Winsted

* Acoma Township * Bergen Township * Collins Township * Glencoe Township
* Hale Township * Hassan Valley Township * Helen Township * Hutchinson Township
* Lynn Township * Penn Township * Rich Valley Township * Round Grove Township
* Sumter Township * Winsted Township

* Fernando * Sherman * Sumter

Online Data

County Records

Death Records

Miscellaneous Data

Wills/Probate Records

Website Updates:

OBITS: Mrs. William Burton, Henry Engelmann, A. F. Stockman, Milton Brelje, Maurice Olson, Margaret Fuller, Kari Olson, Eva Elnore Chapman, William E. Burton, Henry Stock, Edward Litzau
MARRIAGES: Templin-Miller, Rieger-Huntington, Rieger-Sorum, Higgins-Bergmann, Lambert-Kumler
CHURCHES: News - 1913-Western Ministerial Conference at Plato
NEWS-PEOPLE: A. L. Radke, William Cairncross, Fadden Brothers, C. V. Hoffman, Paul Hetrich, Gertrude Bergman, Emma Wegner, Simon and Anderson Niccum, William Mathews, Henry Bergman, Louis Bandemer, John Kerstner-Prostitutes Run Out of Town
NEWS-CELEBRATIONS: 1910-Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Radke
NEWS-VISIT: Visit-Mrs. Kempel, Mrs. D. Bergman, Mrs. W. E. Burton, Fred Bauermeister, D. Bergman, Ed Stilli, Detriech Stoeckman, Almond Zimmer. Relocate-Kimbel, Gruenhager, Kropper, Grushager, Gerke
NEWS-FIRE: 1896-Half of Plato Burned
NEWS-CRIME: 1902-Bold Bank Holdup
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1904-Award Winning Butter
SCHOOLS: 1903-New School to be built

NEWS-CRIME: Traugolt Strausbert-Charged with theft; Henry F. Rannow - Pleads Guilty to Bigamy

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