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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Transcribed by Glenda Stevens

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original
Abbott, Geo Glencoe bronchitis $2.00 Oct., 1880
Albrecht, John N. Glencoe g. s. w. of head & l. shoulder $4.00 Dec., 1882
Alcox, Isaac H. Hutchinson chr. diarrhea $8.00 July, 1881
Allen, Benj. F. Glencoe chr. diarrhea $4.00 Dec., 1882
Allen, Chas. W. Stewart lung dis. & rheumatism $6.00 Mar., 1881
Baker, Margarett Hutchinson widow $8.00
29,249 Canine, Elizabeth Stewart widow 1812 $8.00 May, 1880
165,373 Childs, Pary Glencoe g. s. w. rt. arm $4.00 Mar., 1880
Chindblorm, Carl J. Winsted Lake father $8.00
Churchill, Mary P. Glencoe mother $8.00
Degree, Eli Stewart loss of ring finger $3.00
Dickinson, Jos. S. Brownton g. s. w. right forearm $2.00 June, 1880
Drake, Edmond P. Silver Lake minor of $14.00 Mar., 1880
Durfee, Peter Glencoe surv. 1812 $8.00 July, 1878
Edeburn, Elizabeth Glencoe mother $8.00
Ellsworth, Mary Glencoe mother $8.00
28,360 Fifer, Margarett Hutchinson widow $8.00 Aug., 1864
Ford, Fayette E. Glencoe chr. diarrhea $4.00 Dec., 1882
Ford, John Brownton chr. rheu. & heart dis $18.00 Jan., 1880
Foster, Jas. S. Glencoe inj. of back $4.00 Oct., 1882
Geoghigan, Peter Winsted Lake ophthalmia $12.00
Getchell, Wm. W. Glencoe chr. diar. & dis. of abd. vis. $8.00 Oct., 1881
Gunderson, Dorthea Brush Prairie widow $8.00 Mar., 1880
Hanes, George M. Hutchinson dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00 Mar., 1878
Harrison, Zimri Glencoe shell-wound of head $2.00 June, 1882
Hart, James Winsted Lake wound of right hand $18.00
Hemerick, Michael Winsted Lake loss of right index finger $3.00
Hogen, Cail Sumter g. s. w. l. elbow $6.00
Hopper, Andrew Glencoe chr. rheumatism & heart dis $12.00 June, 1881
Houck, Elijah Stewart g. s. w. right thigh $6.00 Oct., 1880
House, Joseph L. Hutchinson disease of eyes $4.00
Ives, Warren J. Hutchinson g. s. w. right shoulder $8.00
Jackson, Ambrose F. Stewart wd. of head $8.00
Johnson, Jacob Glencoe father $8.00 Apr., 1882
Jones, Mary Ann Glencoe widow $8.00 June, 1881
Keefer, Louis Brownton shell-wound of head $18.00
Kesner, John M. Brownton injury to abdomen $12.00 May, 1881
Kisner, Electa Brownton widow $8.00
Lennox, William Hutchinson loss left thigh $24.00
Loring, Edwin K. Brownton chr. diarr. and dis. of abd. vis. $6.00 May, 1881
Losch, Aug Glencoe g. s. w. left leg $6.00
Martin, Catherine A. Glencoe mother $8.00 June, 1880
Matthias, Julius H. Glencoe gravel and strangury $8.00 Feb., 1880
May, William Winsted Lake lung dis., inj. to abdomen $8.00 Sept., 1882
McCormick, Jas. H. Winsted Lake g. s. w. left leg $6.00
McDougal, Mary Glencoe mother $8.00
McDowell, Samuel Hutchinson necrosis of leg $4.00
Meniken, Michael Plato dis. of liver $6.00 May, 1882
Miller, Ernst L. F. Winsted Lake wd. of r. thigh, inj. of r. eye $12.00
Newcomb, Wm. P. Glencoe wd. right shoulder $8.00
Padden, Simeon Stewart disease of eyes $8.00
Pench, Elizabeth Winsted Lake widow $8.00
Pettijohn, Clarissa Winsted Lake mother $8.00
Reed, Axel H. Glencoe loss right arm $24.00
Reener, Felix Hutchinson inj. of thumb & fingers $8.00
Richardson, Jas Glencoe dis. of lungs & dis. of abd. vis. $16.00 July, 1880
Roberts, Henry C. Hutchinson g. s. w. r. shoulder $6.00
Schermon, Catharina Winsted Lake mother $8.00
Schroeder, Henry Hutchinson lung disease $8.00 Dec., 1879
Schultz, August Winsted Lake chronic rheumatism $6.00 Oct., 1880
Tallon, Edward Glencoe loss r. arm $24.00
Thoney, Mathias Glencoe wound left wrist $7.50
Troxee, Charles P. Silver Lake g. s. w. l. thigh $3.00
Van Beek, Elizabeth Glencoe widow $12.00
Van Buck, August Glencoe child $12.00 Jan., 1882
Vannest, Susan A. Hutchinson mother $8.00 Jan., 1882
Walford, Daniel Hutchinson g. s. w. thigh & inj. to ab $2.00
Weaver, Elijah Bergen g. s. w. right shoulder $1.00 June, 1877
Wiehl, Matthew J. Glencoe chr. diar. & dis. of abd. vis $8.00 Oct., 1882

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