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Acoma Cemetery 445447N 0942619W  
Bear Creek Cemetery 445144N 0941249W  
Bergan Township Cemetery 444918N 0940410W  
Bohemian Cemetery 445329N 0941430W  
Church of God Cemetery 445135N 0940112W  
Draeger Cemetery 444055N 0942318W  
Emmanuel Cemetery 444515N 0941741W  
Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 445513N 0942743W  
Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery 445510N 0942731W  
Evangelical Cemetery 445030N 0941648W  
Getchell Cemetery 444738N 0941451W  
Glencoe Catholic Cemetery 444606N 0940708W  
Hillcrest Cemetery 444539N 0940946W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 445801N 0940306W  
Immanuel Cemetery 443938N 0941931W  
Immanuel Cemetery 444344N 0942101W  
Koniska Cemetery 445040N 0941313W  
Lake Marion Cemetery 444610N 0942254W  
Lester Prairie City Cemetery 445253N 0940305W  
Lutheran Cemetery 445030N 0940340W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 444358N 0942031W  
Oakland Cemetery 445245N 0942209W  
Old Holy Trinity Cemetery 445530N 0940611W  
Peace Cemetery 445452N 0942416W  
Round Grove Cemetery 444300N 0942940W  
Saint Adelbert's Catholic Cemetery 445415N 0941140W  
Saint Anastasia Cemetery 445515N 0942208W  
Saint Boniface Cemetery 444235N 0942838W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 444733N 0940225W  
Saint John's Cemetery 444840N 0941736W  
St. Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery     Biscay, Minnesota
Saint Joseph Cemetery 445359N 0941309W  
Saint Matthew's Cemetery 443847N 0941911W  
Saint Matthew's Cemetery 443908N 0942730W  
Saint Mortens Cemetery 444936N 0942410W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 444604N 0940159W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 445250N 0940308W  
Saint Peter Cemetery 445302N 0940306W  
Streich Cemetery 444302N 0942120W  
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery 445050N 0940315W  
Township Cemetery 444918N 0940417W  
Trinity Cemetery 445017N 0942612W  
Zion Cemetery 445123N 0942603W  

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