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- - 1894 - - SHE ASKS $4,000,000 (Sophy Crevier)
Source: Duluth News-Tribune (MN) Tuesday, January 23, 1894; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Sophy Crevier Claims to Be Commodore Kittson's Wife.
McLeod County Woman Claims All Children But Norman Are Illegitimate and He Her Son.

St. Paul. Jan. 22.-Probably the most sensational suit ever brought in the Minnesota capital was that begun today by the heirs of Sophy Crevier of McLeod county against the heirs of the late Norman W> Kittson for the $4,000,000 left by the latter upon the claim that Mrs. Crevier was the wife of Mr. Kittson and that all of the children of Mr. Kittson, 11 in number, are illegitimate with the exception of Norman Kittson, the oldest, now 51 years old.

The scene in the court room was intensely dramatic. The central figure was Father Savoux the pioneer priest of Minnesota now 80 years old. Beside him sat Charles Perry, brother of Sophy Crevier.

Sophy Crevier, or Sophy Perry, as she was when Commodore Kittson first knew her, was the mother of the commodore's oldest son, Norman Kittson, of this city it is alleged. If her claim as widow of commodore Kittson is established it will make illegitimate children of every one of Kittson's heirs living with the exception of Norman, who was the only heir present at the opening of the suit this morning. It is alleged that during the lifetime of Sophy Crevier, F. C. Jewett, one of the claimants, under a written contract with Sophy Crevier, happened to learn of her early alliance with Commodore Kittson through compiling a history of McLeod county. He informed her of her alleged right and obtained in common with Judge Brisbine a written contract calling for one half of the widow's third of the Kittson estate.

The claimants hold that a common law marriage existed between Sophy Perry and Norman W. Kittson and that all other marriages contracted by either party afterward were illegal. The Kittsons, on the contrary, claim that this union was merely a liaison and that the claimants have no legal right to any portion of the Kittson estate.

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